RiceBox in DTLA launches New Father's Day menu
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RiceBox in DTLA launches New Father's Day menu

RiceBox Launches New Father’s Day Menu. Limited Time ONLY!

RiceBox has redefined Cantonese BBQ classics! Growing up in fast-pace, bustling 1990s Hong Kong, Lydia was often at the family restaurant, living and breathing Cantonese BBQ. With classics like Siu Yuk, Char Siu and Roast Duck, she would often ask for Silky Char Siu Egg for dinner, personally prepared by her father or grandfather.

“Not classically trained but the restaurant is where I spent my days. Every day after school I would be at the restaurant. I would be watching my father and grandfather and I will never forget the love and dedication they had for the restaurant.”

Fast forward 25 years, Lydia still spends her days at a restaurant. But now, it is hers and her husband Leo’s (who has taken on the duties of cooking her grandfather’s BBQ recipe and the Silky Char Siu Egg for her). Through this casual and modern setting, Lydia is fulfilling her dreams of sharing her grandfather’s and father’s BBQ recipes with the masses.

As tribute to these important men in Lydia’s life, RiceBox will celebrate Father’s Day with four “Silky Egg” menu items. During the month of June, the “Silky Egg” series will be available for a limited time! The Silky Egg with rice is delectable by itself, but adding the BBQ toppings elevate the dish to perfection. Menu items include:

- Silky Egg Chicken

- Silky Egg Curry Beef

- Silky Egg Char Siu

- Silky Egg Porchetta

In addition to the special occasion, Silky Egg series, RiceBox is introducing a permanent option for vegetarians: the Impossible Meat Dumplings. Instead of ground beef or pork, the filling will use Impossible Meat, a plant based protein. Dumplings in Chinese culture are a staple and the pleasant memories of Lydia helping her father and grandfather wrap dumplings made this addition to the menu an obvious choice.

Another obvious menu addition is Roast Duck, which completes the classic trinity of a Cantonese BBQ restaurant (Siu Yuk, Char Siu, Siu Ngap). RiceBox sources its Free Range Peking Ducks from Mary’s Farm, to ensure the highest quality. Roast Duck will initially be offered on Saturdays only due to the long production process required. They hope to scale up and offer Roast Duck daily as soon as possible.

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