Museum of Ice Cream
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Museum of Ice Cream

Have you ever had a dream like this?

1. Swimming in a pool of ice cream sprinkles with 100 million sprinkles.

2. Walking into a Banana Split forest made of 10,000 bananas.

3. Sleeping on an oversized popsicle!

4. Kissing a giant gummy bear!

5. Sitting on a Melty Bench, swinging on Neopolitan.

6. Eating an Ice Cream sandwich made with two pancakes, mint macarons, and cookie dough.

Museum of Ice Cream - A place where you can eat, smell, and play.

All tickets are currently sold out, but additional tickets will be made available on 4/27.

Address: 2018 E 7TH PLACE LOS ANGELES CA 90021

Date: April 22-May 29

Price: $29

Photographer: Leo Yuan


About the Author

Our passion for exploring new restaurants inspired us to launch the food account @hangrydiary on Instagram. We were raised in Hong Kong and moved to Los Angeles to continue our education. You can probably find us standing on chairs/sofas taking photos in the restaurants.