Museum of Ice Cream

Have you ever had a dream like this?

1. Swimming in a pool of ice cream sprinkles with 100 million sprinkles.

2. Walking into a Banana Split forest made of 10,000 bananas.

3. Sleeping on an oversized popsicle!

4. Kissing a giant gummy bear!

5. Sitting on a Melty Bench, swinging on Neopolitan.

6. Eating an Ice Cream sandwich made with two pancakes, mint macarons, and cookie dough.

Museum of Ice Cream - A place where you can eat, smell, and play.

All tickets are currently sold out, but additional tickets will be made available on 4/27.

Address: 2018 E 7TH PLACE LOS ANGELES CA 90021

Date: April 22-May 29

Price: $29

Photographer: Leo Yuan

About the Author

@HangryDiary are the sister-sister pairing of Jocelyn and Justine. Their passion for exploring new restaurants inspired them to become food bloggers after graduating from USC and UCLA, respectively. They were raised in Hong Kong but moved to Los Angeles to study. You can often find them eating at the hottest restaurants in town and taking an obscene amount of time to shoot that perfect angle.