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11 Moonshine Cocktails That Are Worth the Trip to Atlanta
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11 Moonshine Cocktails That Are Worth the Trip to Atlanta

Karen Resta
almost 4 years ago

Atlanta is sophisticated. The best of the South is here in terms of food, drink, chefs, and hospitality, but Atlanta also remembers its heritage, even when it comes to booze. You don’t have to look far to meet someone whose Pappy has a still somewhere in the back of the house that’s been passed down through generations. But in today’s world, moonshine isn’t just staying down on the farm, it’s moved right into the city. And it’s making itself both comfortable and attractive in the many fabulous craft cocktails created by a new generation of artisan mixologists. We’ve handpicked 11 of the most unique moonshine cocktails in Atlanta. You’ll want to try these for yourself—and not just because you’re interested in history, either!

1. White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails

In this elegant space, Southern cuisine and cocktails enter the global world head-on with technical excellence and fine dining charm. Moonshine’s featured in the cocktail “Who's Got the Moonshine (Margarita)” created from Troy & Son's Platinum Heirloom Moonshine, agave nectar, lemon, lime, and Grand Marnier.

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2. Smoke Ring

Head over to Castleberry’s chic Smoke Ring for Brunswick Stew, Barbecued Lamb Belly, and the “Bootlegger’s Companion” made from Midnight moon strawberry shine, Sprite, and lemonade.

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3. Six Feet Under Atlanta

The rooftop bar at Six Feet Under Atlanta has had the honor of being named one of Travel & Leisure magazine’s Top 30 American Outdoor Bars. That, along with their motto: “Don’t be selfish, share your shellfish,” would be reason enough to stop by for a drink, but then there’s this: Every time you order a cocktail from their “For Whom The Belle Tolls Signature Charity Cocktail Line,” Belle Isle Moonshine, in partnership with The Giving Kitchen, gives a donation to charity. Try the Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine and ginger beer with a peppered cayenne salted rim and...a spicy lemon lollipop!

4. Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

Good food, fun atmosphere ,and live music, right in the middle of downtown Atlanta is what Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint is all about. It’s one of the places people first head when they’re ready to imbibe a Moonshine Cocktail like the “Down South”, a blend of Firefly peach moonshine, sweet tea, cranberry juice and lemonade.

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5. Old Vinings Inn

Old Vinings Inn is the genteel kind of place that’s perfect for an anniversary dinner, family celebration, or when your parents visit you at college and want to take you somewhere nice. Arrive with your suit jackets, knee-length dresses in floral prints, and good Southern manners. Then everybody can sit down and have some moonshine! Try the “Bonnie Blue,” composed of blueberry-infused moonshine, Cointreau, and a splash of ginger ale.

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6. Pitty Pats Porch

Arrive hungry because at Pitty Pats Porch, it’s always like Sunday Supper. Don’t be shy, have a drink. “Moonshiner’s Punch” is just waiting for you. They say “Georgia moonshine and fruit punch will keep you jumpin’.”

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7. Twisted Soul Cookhouse and Pours

Award-winning Chef Deborah VanTrece has created a place where both Atlantans and destination diners can enjoy an “elevated dining experience.” The chef’s technical skills show in each dish on the menu, and the cocktail experience is also distinct and delicious. Chef Deborah’s wife created the “Watermelon Moonshine” cocktail, and it matches everything on the menu perfectly. The restaurant has received both the “Atlanta Business League Award for Creative Style” and is also included in the “Best of Gay Atlanta.”

8. Twin Smoker’s BBQ

This place has some serious BBQ going on. Match it with their Moonshine Sour, a mix of Troy and Sons Platinum, lemonade, and peach schnapps.

9. Edgewood Speakeasy

To get into this speakeasy, you have to enter through a bookshelf in a pizzeria. No, really. Edgewood Speakeasy is a really cool place with events like LitAtlanta and Jazz on Edgewood. It’s tiny, so don’t plan on going with a huge crowd. And of course, moonshine is right at home here. Ask the bartender for his best moonshine drink and see what happens.

10. DBA Barbecue

If you can stop drooling over their food long enough to focus on beverage, DBA Barbecue has a great selection of house-specialty moonshine cocktails. Just ask the bartender!

11. Vortex

Vortex is an interesting place. In an attempt to keep the good times rolling, the owners declared The Vortex an ”idiot-free zone” when they opened, and have remained committed to this policy ever since. “Our goal has always been to foster an atmosphere of fun and mutual respect,” their website reads. They also claim to make the “best damn burgers” in town. But be forewarned, there’s a four-and-a-half-foot tall wooden penis as décor at the bar, which they call the #dickofdestiny. Of course they have a moonshine cocktail. It’s the “Dirty Dog,” a blend of Bird Dog Peppermint Moonshine and Whynatte Latte. Enter the Vortex, please, through the skull’s mouth.

The Vortex
White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails
Old Vinings Inn
DBA Barbecue
Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House
Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint

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