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How to Make the Miratin Cocktail

A while ago I was judging the Swedish Elit Art of Martini cocktail competition finals here in Stockholm, and while all competitors performed very well and had created great cocktails - one really stood out from the rest. Young bartender Joakim Karlström, working at Pharmarium in Stockholm, had combined premium vodka with some intriguing elements for an elegant and unusual twist of the vodka Martini. Here's how to make the winning cocktail at home:

1,5 oz Stolichnaya Elit
1 oz Umeshu
2-3 dashes grapefruit/chamomile tincture
Grapefruit zest

Using two shaker tins, fill one of them with all of the ingredients as well as ice, and put a hawthorne strainer on top. Then carefully throw the ingredients between the tins until properly diluted and chilled. Strain into a cocktail glass garnished with Himalayan salt on the rim and a chamomile flower on the stem. Twist grapefruit zest over the glass, discard.

Grapefruit/chamomile tincture
Put zest of one grapefruit and some chamomile flowers into 7 oz Stolichnaya Elit and let steep for 24 hours. Strain into dash bottle.

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