Hong Kong Airlines Blasts Off To Los Angeles
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Hong Kong Airlines Blasts Off To Los Angeles

At the time of this review, I have already experienced multiple trips aboard Hong Kong Airlines. Let’s focus on items a passenger would care about the most aboard any flight. Personally for me; the most important items are: comfort, food, and service in that order.

How comfy is Hong Kong Airlines?

Red is the color of choice for anything Hong Kong and an airline representing the Pearl of the East is certainly using it for many of their decors. Red represents happiness, fortune, and protection. All of the business class seats are red colored and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. They also provide you with comfortable slippers, a well-designed amenity kit with signature items helping you get the much needed rest. The seat itself fully reclines so you can lay flat as you make the long journey across the Pacific. I had no trouble getting enough rest throughout and the amenity kit/seat combination really got the job done.

How about the F&B?

From the moment you step aboard the lovely service team serves a welcoming drink. From all the choices I have sampled the lemon tea is definitely my favorite. It relaxes me and mentally prepares me for the long journey ahead.

When meal time rolls around HKA offers an array of scrumptious items: from abalone tart to soup to Cha Siu Fried Rice to dessert. What really stands out is the signature Hong Kong items such as Cha Siu Fried Rice; a subtle reminder you are traveling to/from Hong Kong.

Make sure you are not too full from the Main Menu because the snacks are gems to discover. Dim Sum items such as Cha Siu Buns and dumplings are available to satisfy your dim sum craving. I wish I could keep ordering more because this is definitely the best quality dim sum I ever had 15,000 miles in the sky!

What makes the trip extra memorable?

The level of service offered on the flight.

The flight attendant actually put a blanket to tuck me in when I fell asleep and constantly checking up on guests to ensure they are comfortable. She even remembered I really enjoyed lemon tea and offered before I even popped the question. These small gestures are key to creating memorable experiences for guests.

All I can say is I can’t wait for my next trip with HKA!

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