The Honeymoon Expense That’s Pricier Than You Think: Food 
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The Honeymoon Expense That’s Pricier Than You Think: Food 

Rebecca Wright
over 1 year ago

After the wedding bells ring, it’s time to scoot off to some kind of oasis with your new beau or belle. Where you two go will vary based on your preferences -- Hawaii is the place of dreams for some, while for others it’s just cliché. You should make your honeymoon as amazing as you possibly can for you. Love beaches? Go for it. Prefer something a bit more secluded? All you. Looking for a ski vacation? You go girl. Ultimately, the honeymoon is for you guys, and you guys only.

Wherever you go though, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny so you better have your budget (and savings) set for your trip. It’s important to know generally what you’re going to spend so you don’t go financially overboard. We’ve all been there, where you get back from a trip and nervously check your credit card statement to see what damage you left for yourself. To avoid a situation like this for your honeymoon, pick your spot, create your budget, and don’t forget the cost of food and drinks! You’d be surprised how much this will cost you, but a new analysis will tell you exactly that for a handful of popular destinations.

To give fair warning to anyone planning a wedding and the happily-ever-after, here are some of the priciest honeymoon spots when it comes to food and drinks. (Spoiler: it’s around $1,000 for some of them.)

Sonoma, CA ($1,348)

Ah, wine country. Considering why honeymooners come to this spot, it’s not that shocking why the price of food and drinks is so costly. $1,348 for a week of fancy wine, cheese boards, and bread? I think I’d be willing to cut out my daily coffee run to save up for a trip like this.

Maui, HI ($966)

Chiché or not, Hawaii is pretty dang beautiful so it’s no surprise that many choose it as their destination. And for $966, you’ll cover a week’s worth of delicious Hawaiian food and cocktails. Pricey? Sure. Worth it? Definitely.

Lanai, HI ($966)

Lanai might be a less popular vacation spot than Maui, but it’s no less expensive for a week’s worth of food and drinks. It’ll put you back $966, but at least you’ll miss the Maui crowds.

Kauai, HI ($912)

Kauai is at the end of the tail of islands and boasts a beautiful landscape to explore. It’s also not cheap for meals at a whopping $912.

Honolulu - Oahu, HI ($912)

The big city of the little islands -- Honolulu. For the same cost as Kauai ($912), you’ll get a week’s worth of food and cocktails for you and your new spouse.

For anyone who has been to Hawaii, it won’t come as a surprise that its destinations have such pricey meals and drinks. It’s certainly not a place for a cheap date. If you want to go big on your honeymoon then one of these islands might be the perfect spot though. Plus, you’ll probably come home to plenty of registry gifts that’ll keep you from making big purchases for a little while… (here are some ideas for what to add, if you’re building your registry list).

Happy honeymooning!

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