Got Halloween Candy? Make Cupcakes!
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Got Halloween Candy? Make Cupcakes!

Between school Halloween parties, Trunk or Treat events, and Monday's trick or treating, the house will soon be filled with Halloween candy. Get creative and use your favorite candies to make these fantastic cupcakes (if you can sneak candy away from the rest of your family). 

M&Ms are a Halloween favorite of mine and I always encourage my son to grab them if there is a choice when he goes up to someone's porch. These mummy cupcakes from Donuts, Dresses and Dirt are an easy and adorable treat made with the candy.

If you want a vegan alternative, you can decorate your Mummy Cupcakes with raisins instead, along with substituting soy or almond milk and a vegan frosting. This recipe is simple enough for the children to help bake, and, shockingly, each cupcake is only 100 calories!

Turn leftover butterfinger candy into Fearless Dining's gluten-free pumpkin butterfinger cupcakes. Inspired by blogger Sandi Gartner’s having seen Butterfinger crumbles at the grocery, she thought they would be a yummy Halloween treat paired with pumpkin. Her children were more than a little skeptical of the combination at first, but ended up flipping for them.  

Are Snickers your go-to candy? Tracey from The Kitchen is my Playground thinks the only possible improvement to this candy is to use it in a delicious baked treat like her Snickers cupcakes.

Dream about chocolate cake filled with Snickers, frosted with caramel, and garnished with chopped Snickers and caramel drizzle. Are you still here, or are you in your sweet space? Who wants to EAT THESE NOW?

Have you finished that bag of Kit Kats yet? No? Try to save some for these cupcakes!

Raquel at Organized Island used a white cake mix and, with some special additions, came up with a Kit Kat cupcake. Enhanced with buttercream frosting (and what isn't?) and more Kit Kats, this is a stand-up cupcake (see picture).

Finally, I invite you to try my black licorice cupcakes.

Black licorice is a love it or hate it flavor. Even if you fall into the "hate it" category, I hope you’ll consider giving these black licorice cupcakes a try. Flavors taste different in different formats. Some people enjoy bananas, but can’t stand banana bread; others detest tomatoes and adore tomato sauce. Likewise, several anti-licorice tasters raved about my licorice cupcakes.

Did you know that black licorice is made using dark corn syrup, molasses, and anise extract? I used those same flavors to create my my black licorice cupcakes, and the cupcakes truly taste like a cupcake form of black licorice! Of course, I top them with the candy!

Happy Halloween!

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