The Food Heaven: Tokyo, Japan 

The thought of savoring all the delectable food in Japan is the main reason why we return to the Far East country again and again. As you may know, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has the most combined Michelin star among its restaurants compared to all other cities in the world. These restaurants are not only known for their food, but also for their exceptional service. Here, we decided to list our favorite restaurants from our recent trip, so that you can use it as a food guide in your next visit to Japan.

Let’s start with a bowl of ramen.


Shoyu ramen is among our favorite choice for a light broth ramen and Afuri excels in serving a refreshing broth made with locally raised chicken, seafood, vegetables and yuzu. Yuzu adds a refreshing taste to the ramen that no other ramen places offer. We highly recommend you try the Yuzu Shoyu Ramen here.

Tip: Personalize your ramen by specifying the amount of chi-yu – chicken oil – to add to your soup. Ask for “Tanrei” for a lighter broth or “Maroaji” for a thicker soup.

Address: 1 Chome-1-7 Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo 150 - 0013 Japan

Average Price: 8.50 USD / ¥980

Website: http://afuri.com/menu/

Asakusa Imahan

Asakusa Imahan has a long history of specializing in sukiyaki and shabu-shabu since 1985. They offer their exclusive Imahan Wagyu beef and secret Imahan sauces. They are one of the most famous restaurants of Asakusa. From the beginning to the end of the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu experience, you will be served by a lady in a kimono. They offer public dining area seating, as well as Japanese-style private room dining. We opted for the Finest Marbled Beef Sukiyaki Kaiseki that came with an appetizer, soup, sashimi, the Finest Marbled Beef and dessert!

Tip: Visit during lunch hours if you’re on a budget.

Address: 3-1-12, Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 111-0035

Average Price: 130 USD / ¥15,000

Website: http://www.asakusaimahan.co.jp/e_restaurant

Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara

If you want the ultimate yakiniku experience, Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara tops our list. This is the first yakinku omakase in the world, and Shokunin Kentaro Nakahara is the mastermind behind the delectable tasting menu that allows you to experience the perfect slices of meat. You can expect an unforgettable yakiniku experience with premium wagyu slices that are meticulously cut by the Shokunin Nakahara and cooked over the best binchō-tan charcoal. Don’t forget to pre-order the legendary Wagyu beef tongue because there are only a 100 of such beef tongues available in Tokyo each day and this restaurant is able to secure ten of them. So what are waiting for?

Tip: Remember to make your reservation on Pocket Concierge at least one month in advance to book the legendary Wagyu beef tongue dining package.

Address: GEMS Ichigaya 9F, Chiyoda 102-0085, Tokyo Prefecture

Average Price: 140 USD / ¥16,500

Website: http://sumibiyakinikunakahara.com/

Namaiki 生粋

Another great yakiniku experience can be had at Namaiki in Chiyoda that offers premier cuts by Shokunin Kuwahara. What really surprised us was the thought and detail that went into designing the tasting. They offered different sauces to go with different parts of the meat, as well as a thinly-cut rice ball to be wrapped around the perfectly cooked Wagyu beef. From the soup to the grilled meat to the shaved ice, we were truly glad that we made our visit there.

Tip: Make a reservation at least one month ahead and opt for the tasting menu.

Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, 6-14-7 Sotokanda 2F 101-0021

Average Price: 88 USD / ¥10,000

Tofu-ya Ukai

Located in the heart of Tokyo, at the foot of the Tokyo Tower, you will find yourself in a samurai-era residence with beautiful surroundings, where you can take photos before heading into your private dining room. Tofu-ya Ukai boasts 55 Zashiki-style rooms in total and each with a beautiful view of the inner garden. Tofu-ya Ukai is famous for its homemade tofu that is made fresh daily, as well as its nine-course lunch. My favorite is the Tosui-tofu, which is a block of fresh tofu with a thick soy milk broth. This restaurant will leave you feeling pampered by its service, food and culture.

Tip: Visit for lunch and expect to spend three hours relaxing, eating and taking lots of photos.

Address: 4-4-13 Shiba-koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011

Average Price: 45 USD / ¥5,000

Website: http://www.ukai.co.jp/english/shiba/

Ishikawa Brewery

Care for a sake brewery tour with sake tasting during your trip to Tokyo? Ishikawa Brewery in Fussa has been in operation since 1863 and has maintained its historical architecture. The tour starts with explanation of the sake-making process and its history. The highlight of the brewery is the brewery gate with a 400-year old tree and a 150m-deep well, which was the source of water for making sake. After the tour and sake tasting, you can buy some sakes to take home or stop by the soba restaurant for lunch.

Tip: Getting to this brewery is easy, but requires an hour train ride. Book your free tour in advance via the website below.

Address: 1 Kumagawa, Fussa, Tokyo 197-0003

Website: http://www.tamajiman.com/english/

World’s Second Best Freshly Baked Melon-Pan Ice cream

Yes, that is actually the name of the melon-pan place! This is a very popular dessert spot that is usually thronged with customers! It offers freshly baked and soft melon bun served with your choice of ice cream (opt for green tea) or exclusive seasonal flavors (strawberry) inside. We had previously tried the chain location in Hong Kong, but we quickly realized that it was incomparable to this original one in Tokyo. It is said that because the founder’s teacher’s melon bun were the best, the founder decided to call his the second best. We are positively dying to go back for another one now.

Tip: Try the seasonal flavors!

Address: 1-15-9 Jinnamn | Iwase Bldg., Shibuya 150-0041

Average Price: 4 USD / ¥400

Website: http://melonpan-ice.com/


Shiroichi is located right next to the World’s Second Best Melon-Pan Ice Cream. They are famous for the sorbet-like, super tall raw milk ice cream. Shiroichi serves its raw milk ice cream in cones or cups.

Tip: Take photos quickly before it melts!

Address: 1-7-7, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ANDOS II Building 1F Shibuya 150-0041

Average Price: 3.50 USD / ¥390

Website: http://www.shiroichi.com/product.html

Mee’s Pancake

If you are searching for Japanese-style pancakes, Mee’s Pancake is the place to visit. The rich pancake with soft texture is my go-to choice every time we go there! Each pancake is prepared fresh when ordered, so expect to wait about 15 minutes. It was definitely entertaining to see how the pancake jiggled, too!

Tip: Try the seasonal pancakes!

Address: 23-3 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo

Average Price: 7.80 USD / ¥900

Website: http://www.meespancake.com/

Dinner at Hoshinoya Tokyo

My last meal at Hoshinoya Tokyo was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You have to book your meal package, along with the room, if you want to dine there. The reason for this is because they are a small, 10-table restaurant managed by the star chef, Noriyuki Hamada. Chef Hamada is known for his French-Japanese fusion cooking that is inspired by Japan’s four seasons. He uses typically undesirable parts of different produce as his ingredients to create his artistic dish. The presentation of each dish is an artistic feast for your eyes. My favorite is the Five Flavors of Delight, which is a starter that consists of the following five dishes: Tartar of Kohada, Oignon gratin soup, croquette of sardine and potatoes, boudin noir of Katsuo bonito, and lily's bulb manju filled with cream cheese and dried persimmon.

Tip: Book a room with the dining package

Address: 1 Chome-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0004日本

Average Price: 157 USD / ¥18,000

Website: http://www.hoshinoresorts.com/en/resortsandhotels/hoshinoya/tokyo.html


Hoshinoya Tokyo

If you want to experience Japanese culture and enjoy the comfort of renowned Japanese hospitality and service, Hoshinoya Tokyo is the perfect choice for a hotel in Tokyo. Hoshinoya Tokyo is one of the very few ryokans (inn) in Tokyo that offers onsen (hot spring) bath on the 17th floor. Once you step in through the entrance, a staff in a kimono will welcome you and request you to take off your shoes and store them nicely in a bamboo box. The staff will then check you in and get you ready to be pampered by their service. They have a service representative on each floor to assist the guests and they also provide free snacks, tea and drinks at the shared area – Ochanoma Lounge.

Address: 1 Chome-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0004日本

Price: Starting from 700 USD

Website: http://www.hoshinoresorts.com/en/resortsandhotels/hoshinoya/tokyo.html

Cerulean Tower

Cerulean Tower offers a gorgeous view of Shibuya and is one of the best places to see Shibuya Crossing from above. Its bar on the 40th floor has one of the best views of any hotel bars in Tokyo. It is close to Shibuya Station near Shibuya Mark City and is only 10-minute walk to the shopping mall.

Address: 1 Chome-9-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0004日本

Price: Starting from 250 USD

Website: https://www.ceruleantower-hotel.com/en/

Airline - JAL

Japan Airlines is one of the world’s premier carriers that provides excellent inflight meals as well as attentive service. What we really enjoyed were the meals at Premium Economy Class! They served unique snacks in between meals, such as the fried tonkatsu pork sandwich, which got us excited even before arriving at the food heaven, Tokyo. During the return flight, we were served the famous red bean bun as a snack. In regards to inflight meals, Japanese Airlines definitely nailed it and we consider it as one of the best choice among any airline we’ve been on. Overall, we were very pleased with the seats, meals and the services offered by JAL.


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