Flights of fancy – America’s Best Airport Meals
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Flights of fancy – America’s Best Airport Meals

Alycia Gordan
almost 2 years ago

Does the thought of airport food set your taste buds tingling or make you want to glue your lips shut until you reach your destination? Chances are, you mostly think about the second option.

It’s fair to say that while airline food might have improved in terms of quality and consistency over the years, the common perception is that if you’re even slightly picky about what you consume, slim pickings are available when it comes to palatable pre-flight plates. Such foods are generally seen as being unsavory at best, horrible as a minimum.

But if you’re feeling underwhelmed about airport eateries on an upcoming trip, don’t despair, because with a bit of pre-planning you can usually locate something tasty to tide you over until you’re cozied up in your airplane seat chomping on the comestibles your carrier has provided.

If you’re ready for flights of fancy, here are a few of America’s best airport meals. Whenever you get the opportunity, make sure that you try them out for something surprising.


If your belly is rumbling as soon as you step on the JFK terminal concourse, head to Jikji Café at the food court pre-security area for a great treat. You definitely have many options available but this is one that you absolutely have to check out.

Opt for a hearty plate of Korean beef Bulgogi – a sumptuous stir-fried spicy dish featuring barbecued beef so tender that it practically slides off your fork and floats into your mouth. You will not find much Korean beef that is so tasty as here. Also, refreshments are plenty to consider. Choose something that is perfect for you.

Extra tip: find the full range of JFK restaurants on the official website – there’s something for everyone. You do not necessarily need to just stay at Jikji Café. Many other restaurants wait for you. Choose something that is really perfect for you based on what you want to eat.

Hartsfield-Jackson (Atlanta)

When it comes to high-end dining options, you’re in for a treat at Hartsfield-Jackson, and time-tested favorite eatery One Flew South is probably the pick of the bunch, according to countless visitors from all around the world.

Their menu is bulging with lip-smacking selections, but we can’t see past the jerk Cornish hen with rice and peas – the key line pan jus cuts through the spicy heat with a refreshing zing, while delicious plantain chips add a smattering of Jamaican authenticity. Few people experience Jamaican cuisine in the states. This might be where you can change that.

Extra tip: treat yourself to a massage at XpresSpa Hartsfield-Jackson for postprandial bliss – you won’t regret it. Relaxation is definitely something that you need to consider while you have time to kill waiting for your plane. Obviously, the spa is an option better suited for those with longer wait times until transportation arrives.

San Francisco

We can’t see past Mustards Bar and Grill in San Francisco International Airport – and in a crowded marketplace that includes the likes of Napa Farms Market and the SF Giants Clubhouse, that’s saying something. Surprising your taste pallets become a true adventure.

The menu is amazing, but to keep it simple (and stunning), order the baby back ribs and wash them down with an ice-cold beer – delicious! Obviously, many other menu options wait for you, should you want to try something fancier.

Extra tip: book SFO parking on Looking4.com and arrive in your own ride to avoid public transport-induced indigestion. It is always a lot better to use your very own vehicle. Riding on a bus or by train is never fun.

As this satisfying selection proves, with a little strategic planning, it’s possible to find a fine meal in your favorite US airport without resorting to a soggy sandwich washed down with fizzy soda. You do not even have to rely on what you normally eat at home as some dishes served are airport restaurants are just a whole lot better, cooked by renowned chefs with extreme care.

So if you’re a connoisseur, next time you’re traveling make time for some online reconnaissance work that lets you head straight for foodie heaven when you set foot in the terminal – that way you’ll already feel fully satisfied no matter what’s served up in-flight.

All foodies can be satisfied even in some of the remote airports. There is simply always something great to try and eat. Plan accordingly and you will surely find tasty opportunities. The internet allows you to so easily learn about incredible airport food options you never thought might have existed.

So ends our airport food recommendations list, but please share your own tips in the comments section – we can’t wait to hear from you! You might be able to help many different travelers with the knowledge you offer. Countless perfect airport food options exist. Help us all find them. 

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