Clusterfest Brings Sitcom Delicacies to Life
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Clusterfest Brings Sitcom Delicacies to Life

Chloe Catajan
12 months ago

Comedy Central hosted its second annual Clusterfest in San Francisco last weekend. Tucked away where San Francisco City Hall meets the Bill Graham Civic Center, the 3-day event successfully delivered jam-packed hours of live comedy and music. The line-up featured performances by Jon Stewart, Wu-Tang Clan, Trevor Noah, Third Eye Blind, and many more.

Adding to the novelty, Clusterfest turned a handful of television shows into a reality, bringing to life their sets, characters, and most thrillingly: food! Join us as we reminisce trying some of our favorite on-screen delicacies, as well as more festival highlights.

A frozen banana from Arrested Development

"There's always money in the banana stand."

This year, Clusterfest showed lots of love for fans of the TV series, Arrested Development. Actor David Cross, who plays Tobias, headlined a comedy set and participated in the live reading of Planes, Trains, & Automobiles. The festival also threw an impromptu Arrested Development parade, which ended up paying a huge homage to Tobias’ “Never Nude” tendency. In case you haven’t seen the episode, it involves cutoff shorts.

Equally exciting was the fully functioning Bluth’s Frozen Banana stand, a staple bit from the show. Countless festival-goers could be heard quoting the famed line, “There’s always money in the banana stand,” while waiting to try the delicacy themselves. For $4 a pop, fans could buy half a frozen banana on a stick -- plain or dipped in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or peanut butter. An extra 50 cents got you a generous dose of sprinkles or nuts. Evidently all the craze, the banana stand line always grew to a 15-minute wait or above; things only cleared up when the booth completely sold out in the middle of Day 3.

Bagged spaghetti from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

"What is your spaghetti policy here?"

Paddy’s Pub, the bar featured in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, made a return to Clusterfest this year. Used as a venue for karaoke and all festivities related to It’s Always Sunny…, Paddy’s also offered refreshments seen on the show. A popular order was the spaghetti in a Ziploc bag, a reference to season 6 episode 10, “King of the Rats.” It was when Dee attempts to go to the spa with Charlie, but all Charlie can focus on is eating his bagged spaghetti.

The meal came exactly up to par with Charlie’s preferences: spaghetti in a plastic bag with “vitamin balls” on top.

South Park County Fair eateries

Clusterfest expanded its South Park tribute for its 2018 installation, adding amusement park-style games and eateries from the fictitious town. Whether attendees were in the mood for pizza, pastries, or Mexican, the South Park County Fair had you covered. The selection with the most standout line consistently appeared to be Tweek Bros. (put together by local business Johnny Doughnuts). At Tweek Bros., fans caffeinated and satisfied their sweet tooth with its full espresso bar and doughnut options galore!

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