Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Dinners are Magical
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Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Dinners are Magical


Rooftop dinners are becoming more popular along with the growth of urban farming.

This particular dinner at Brooklyn Grange was Tomato Fest - all harvested from this roof.  The  West Village restaurateur Joseph Leonard did the cheffing.  The restaurant's founder Gabriel Stulman went to University of Wisconsin Madison with the Brooklyn Grange's head farmer & president Ben Flanner.

The rooftop dinners start with wine or, in this case, tomato sangria. Then we had the opportunity to explore the farm with the glorious views of NYC. The dinners are always served family style. This one started with cheeses, cured meats, pickled vegetables, bread. They served a variety of tomato dishes but I must say that what I really craved was a plate of fresh heirlooms with mozzarella and basil - and sadly that was not forthcoming. But one lovely surprise was being sent off into the night with a gift bag containing a homemade muffin and a jar of tomato jam (a Danny Meyer touch!).

I have been to another of their rooftop dinners - a crawfish feast - and it was fabulous, served on their rooftop farm in Long Island City, Queens.

Although Tomato Fest did not live up to expectations, I will be back. I have tickets to two more of their dinners at the Long Island City location.

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