Beef Short Rib from Butifarra

Beef Short Rib from Butifarra

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Beef Short Rib from Butifarra

Fresh on the blossoming London grub scene is Butifarra. Now, I've been lucky enough to spend 1 month living in the mountains of Cusco, Peru, so this place brought back a few fond memories: the ‘chicha morada' (a sweet, spiced juice made from purple sweetcorn), the friendly staff and ceviche all seemed to add up and I was by no means disappointed...



My first bap, I think?! The bread wasn’t the best I’ve munched on but it was certainly not the worst. It was faintly stale but you know what, that didn’t phase me, it kinda worked and I couldn’t tell you why - perhaps because it had a pleasing crumb. But huzzah, it was toasted! Top marks for that attention to detail, chaps.



Outstanding. As you know, I’m usually not a huge fan of mayo but these guys have created a sweet potato mayo, crazy, I know! No idea how they make it but blimey was it the tits. Next was a delicious ‘salsa criolla’; now, I’d advise you all to make it and keep it in your fridge simply because it’s so, so good: red onion, white wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, pepper and coriander.. a perfect pickle for any sandwich. A butter head lettuce leaf was delicately positioned on the bottom bun to cradle the juicy beef short rib, which, by the way, was marinated marvellously. Honestly, a really enjoyable bite.



You’ve probably guessed it, too much mayo! Despite the mayo tasting like the dog’s bollocks, I found it was too plentiful and that resulted in it overpowering the star of the show: the beef. Masked like a giddy French maid waiting desperately to spread her wings and be courted by the town’s local lothario, the beef was let down; in other words, Casanova, aka the mayo, actually snuck off with her best mate, the salsa - the cheeky sod! I also think a better bread would have elevated this beauty to the upper echelons of the sarnie wall of fame.


Yum, yum, yum in my tum. I couldn’t advise you anymore to stop by, say hola and to wave that Peruvian flag, just like what hangs from my bedroom walls. Terrific!



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