6 Unique Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron
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6 Unique Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron

I love waffles! Every year, I bake up big batches of them for parties and for my son's birthday. But, my waffle iron isn't just used for waffles. There are so many other things that can be made in this handy appliance.  

Are omelets your breakfast pleasure? Camille from Growing Up Gabel keeps cut up vegetables on hand for her family's daily fare. She uses red, yellow, and green bell peppers for a colorful and healthy waffled omelet! However, she advises us to use whatever vegetables we like or any leftovers cut into small pieces and added to the eggs. Her hint for success is to check the waffle iron regularly to get the doneness you want; the timing will be different than making a traditional waffle. Camille tops theirs with more vegetables and cheese before serving.

If you are you a fan of sweet potato fries, you will want to try curry sweet potato hash brown waffles from blogger Sheri at Fearless Dining. This savory and different waffle treat was a big hit with Sheri’s kids. She suggests topping the waffles with sour cream and chives. Apples would also be fantastic on these!

That idea reminds me to tell you about my own waffle iron recipe: one minute waffle iron baked apples

These super simple slices dusted with cinnamon and sugar are a healthy treat either for home or in a lunchbox. They are a popular item from my kitchen.

Another great idea suitable as either a side or main dish comes from Sarah at Snixykitchen. Sarah and her husband had just bought a house and were in the throes of packing and awaiting a baby when she made spaghetti squash fritters with dill sauce in her waffle iron. She says, “They’re crispy on the outside, tender and moist on the inside, and booming with flavor. The refreshing dill sauce (or dip) makes them hard to put down.”

My final don’t miss waffle iron offerings come from Kate Ramos at Holajalapeno. First, she shares a recipe which could give sandwiches a whole new meaning. She uses her waffle iron, bread, and Abuelita Mexican chocolate to make Mexican hot chocolate waffle iron sandwiches. Mmmm!!

Kate also gives us a true dessert offering, her Chocolate Dipped Churros Ice Cream Sandwiches, made by toasting flatbread dusted with cinnamon sugar in her waffle iron -instant churros! Kate mentions many ways to serve them at this point, but concentrates on filling them with ice cream and dipping the cooled results in any kind of chocolate. Don’t say she has no sense of humor when she then reminds us we can wrap any leftovers in plastic wrap and freeze them.

It must be time now to heat up my waffle iron and get ready for dinner!

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