5 Takes On a Classic Cheeseburger 
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5 Takes On a Classic Cheeseburger 

Daniel Seidman
Published almost 2 years ago

Grilling season may be winding down, but that doesn't mean you can't continue to enjoy making burgers at home.  In fact, I'm not even really a fan of grilling burgers.  The best way to make a burger is hands down in a pan or on a griddle, preferably cast iron.  Just make sure that pan is super hot, and you're good to go.

I've been known to indulge in a cheeseburger every once in a while so I thought I would share a few of my favorite takes on them.  They range from classic to a little bit more unique, but they all have one thing in common: cheese, and lots of it! 


This burger will definitely feel familiar to many.  It's got 2 patties and is topped with aged cheddar, pickles, onions, and tomatoes.  Can't forget that special sauce either.  


A Burger for breakfast is never a bad idea.  Especially when it's got candied bacon, Sriracha maple mayo, and a fried egg.  You know what they say. If it's got an egg on it, it counts as breakfast.


This burger kicks things up a notch.  It's for those all too frequent times where you can't choose between a burger or a fried chicken sandwich.  This burger is topped with buttermilk fried chicken, pepper jack cheese, pickles and lettuce. 


A burger that needs no introduction, it doesn't get more iconic than this.  This burger will definitely have you skipping the drive thru line. It's got 2 patties separated by a bun topped with cheese, shredded lettuce, pickles, and diced onion.  Most importantly it's doused in big mac sauce and served on a sesame seed bun 


Sometimes, you just want a classic cheeseburger. And other times, you just want to stuff your face.  This is what that burger is for.  3 patties layered with 3 slices of oozing cheese and pickles for greasy perfection.

If you aren't familiar with making burgers at home, or want a bit of information, don't worry, you can check out my burger tips here: http://thechefdan.com/5-tips-for-the-best-homemade-burgers/

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