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The Best 5 Internationally-Inspired Dishes Made in LA
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The Best 5 Internationally-Inspired Dishes Made in LA

Liana Lau
over 2 years ago

Los Angeles is a spellbinding culinary adventure, waiting to be explored. A true cultural melting pot, where the heart of the city cultivates amongst daydreamers, romantics, visionaries, and idealists, the City of Dreams. There is more than meets the eye, beneath the surface of this urban landscape. A chow adventure, to pursuit depths of flavor by peeling away the skin, discovering nuances, and breaking the mold of cuisines. Los Angeles, a love affair to remember.


Petty Cash Taqueria pettycashtaqueria.com

Los Angeles is notorious for tacos. With a population of more than ten million people, rest assure, ten million handcrafted tacos are consumed on a weekly basis. Petty Cash Taqueria specializes in constructing tacos without boundaries, using fresh handmade tortillas with every dish. Tacos are not the only showstoppers, roasted cauliflower nachos, hamachi ceviche, seasonal quesadillas, and “the bomb” fresh guacamole topped with uni and served with chicharrones are just a couple additions to broaden your horizon. Petty Cash offers ten versions of taco, ranging from poultry, pork, beef, seafood, and vegetarian. But the gold medal is presented to only one, the Charcoal Grilled Octopus taco. This masterpiece is built over a masa tortilla and crisp melted jack cheese, upon layers of octopus, peanuts, chile de árbol, pickled onions, and topped with avocado slices, and finessed with olive oil. The arrangement is crucial as you experience every component as its own entity and then, fireworks, as the fusion is created with every bit. To speak plainly, its like Frida Kahlo painting in your mouth.

Get Bbul 3189 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. 90006

Korean BBQ is an Angelenos obsession from all walks of life. Within 2.7 square miles, AYCE (All-you-can-eat) BBQs, fried chicken, Korean soup and stews, cold noodle houses, are waiting to be discovered on every block in every plaza. Koreatown is a magical place, with aromatic scents of charred meat everywhere you turn, along with the hustle of bustle of rambunctious karaoke bars on every corner. A gem called Get Bbul (translation: Tidal Plains) sparkles like a diamond in the shadows. The name itself, justifies the barbecue seafood insanity to be discovered. Hold on to your starfish, because the selection will keep you coming back for more! The combos ranges from small medium to large - banchan (complimentary dishes) fresh sweet clams, open buttered scallops and mussels, fresh shrimps and oysters, marinated spicy octopus and enoki, all over a charcoal grill, beachside.

Alimento alimentola.com

An Italian love affair has emerged on the streets of Silver Lake Boulevard. Alimento translates to “food” and to no ones surprise, the simplicity of name says it all. Alimento boarders the traditional and nuances of Italian cuisine creating a rare art form. The ambience is alluring with tables in close proximity transferring you to an Italian family gathering, where food is life. The Tortellini in Brodo “al contrario” is the predominant lead in this orchestrated symphony, with the spotlight on and heads turning each time the dish makes an entrance. Seven decadent morsels appear before you, each filled with hot broth, glazed with a parmesan diced mortadella sauce, lightly dusted with parmesan shavings, with pasta cooked to perfection. Bellissimo.

Meals by Genet mealsbygenetla.com

Located in Fairfax District, Little Ethiopia stretches over a block span filled with Ethiopian restaurants, antique shops, and Hansen’s Cakes. Enlighten your daily vocabulary with injera, fir-fir, wat, tibs, music to my ears. Genet encapsulates simple and robust flavors throughout every dish, with an outstanding injera, a perfectly moist spongy flatbread, with proper sour tones. Stepping into Genet's replicates the sensation of visiting dear friends with its intimate table setting, a spectrum of colors within the vegetarian injera shines as the centerpiece, with their alluring signature dish of Dorowot (spicy chicken stew), Kitfo (steak tartare), and lamb stew. With all hands on deck, it is time to taste the rainbow.

Guelaguetza ilovemole.com

Oaxacan cuisine is known for their gastronomic flair of varietal moles, tlayudas (oaxacan pizza), and the infamous chapulines (grasshoppers). Opening its doors in 1994, Guelaguetza unveiled their recipe of liquid gold in chocolate mole form. Nestled on the outskirts of Koreatown, a conundrum is composed through the senses where locale is adrift, sounds of music serenade throughout the night, smells of grilled tasajo (thinly sliced steak) and cecina (marinated pork) wafting candidly, along with sweet tones of mole brewing afar. When seated, a hypnotizing plate of coloradito mole and queso fresco chips will steal your heart away. With the wide selection, must haves are Tlayada Ezpozate, Tacos de Barbacoa de Chivo, Costilla de Puerco Enchilada, and of course any dish served with their 7 mole varietals. For the full tasting experience, the Botana Oaxaqueña (assortment of grilled meats-serves 6) will lead you into the right direction! Of course, a house-made Michelada is well deserved to quench your thirst. If cervezas are not to your liking, never fear. With the largest Mezcal selection is Los Angeles, let the Mezcal sommeliers lead the way. 

Petty Cash Taqueria & Bar
Meals By Genet
Guelaguetza Restaurante
Get Bbul

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