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5 before 6 — NYC Barroom Blitz 

Yesterday was my birthday, and what better place to spend it than in NEW YORK CITY?! I love the gritty/gorgeous juxtaposition of the Lower East Side - and thought I'd challenge myself to having 5 cocktails in 6 hours. Yes, I humbly sacrifice my body for the art of drinking. Some sculpt theirs, I abuse mine again and again - then come back for more... It hurts so good, though.


ca. 12PM --- I arrive on the rickety China bus - sacrificing traveling in style for hotel room w/killer view (see above). I started my cocktail tour with a Matcha Bourbon Sour at Grey Lady. Excellent service by Mark (hand modeling below), drink - great as well. It features Woodford Reserve bourbon, Disaronno, Lemon, Orgeat, egg white, green tea matcha, red sea salt. Seriously guys, so savory with that salty finish - superb!

ca. 2PM Aka Kirishima Shochu at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya - at Sixty LES where I stayed the night (read ... recovered).  It features sweet potato, and has "elegant sweet finish." (Shochu is a Japanese spirit that may be distilled from potato, wheat, barley, or rice.  I adore Mizu shochu, which features barley and black rice) 

ca. 4PM -- Enter my good friend Maxyel - kind enough to hang with me!  I had the 8 Amaro Sazerac at Amor y Amargo - a revelation. Yes! Max (pictured) was very knowledgeable about all things bitter. Thank you, sir. 

ca. 5PM -- I had The Gap Theory at The Up and Up. Wow - I would come here every day if I lived in the Village. For the service, and the drinks! Mine was truly scrumptious. It features Plantation 3 star rum, pear brandy, pistachio orgeat, honey, lime juice, jalapeno, and cream. Can you taste it?  Hmmmmmmmm ... the memories. 

ca. 6pm -- Negroni Coffee Swizzle at Dante - something to wake me up and round out the alcohol consumption. Yum. Great bartender named Stacey - yes - girl power behind the bar! Drink features Del Maguey mezcal, Noilly Prat ambre, Meletti bitter, and cold brew.  Phew.  So smoky and spicy - perfect pick me up as my fifth (and final?...) cocktail. 

Bonus booze

ca. 7PM — Nonino digestif at Dante - I could always have Nonino and it never lasts long at my house. I don't even buy it anymore!  

ca. 8PM -- The Devil Made me Do it - Death and Co. drink encapsulates this entire escapade. Gah! How’d Maxyel and I do this?! Drink features Ron del Barrilito rum, El Dorado 8yr rum, Wyoming Whiskey, honey, Creme de Peche, and chili.  A complex, boozy finish to my adventurous day! I'd expect no less from the "new classics" drink masters at D&C. 


Grey Lady
Dante NYC

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