15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Daily Food Inspiration 
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15 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Daily Food Inspiration 


There are so many places to get great ideas for new recipes to try out. Cookbooks, food blogs, and The Food Network, to name a few. I often utilize these, but for me, the greatest source of Inspiration is Instagram.  It's such a great way to browse an endless amount of beautifully styled and sometimes over the top recipes, and ultimately, to get your own creativity flowing.  

Whether you're into baking, cocktails, burgers, or perhaps you just want a little bit of everything, there is surely an Instagram account that's got you covered.  In no particular order, I want to share 15 Instagram accounts that I follow and that provide me with my own cooking inspiration.  Do yourselves a favour and follow along as well! Here we go:

1. @cookingwithcocktailrings 

@cookingwithcocktailrings, run by Kylie, is always cooking up super fresh and bright recipes.  Her delicious creations will have you scrolling for days. 

To find Kylie's recipes, check out her blog here

2. @husbandsthatcook

Ryan and Adam are the guys behind @husbandsthatcook and they are constantly sharing amazing recipes with detailed how-to guides.  I'm not the only one that thinks these guys are good, they were even recently nominated for a Saveur Blog Award.  

Check out their blog here for their award worthy recipes 

3. @fsadeghin

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If you are into @munchies, Farideh's Instagram is a great page to follow.  It's cool to see a little bit of what goes on behind the scenes and to get sneak peaks of what the amazing team at Munchies is up to.  

4. @rachaviva

Rachel cooks up some chef worthy meals on regular basis.  She photographs and styles them beautifully on her signature white marble backdrop.  From homemade poptarts to chili cheese fries, Rachel's got a little bit for anybody's tastes.  

5. @southernfatty

Phillip, also known as @southerfatty is a Nashville native cooking up some real Southern Classics.  Check out his channel for some amazing close up shots of drool worthy food.

Find @southernfatty's recipes on his blog here

6. @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s

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Christine, the mastermind behind @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s is known for going big or going home. Her latest project involved coming up with some over the top and fully committed Halloween themed cocktails. Safe to say, she'll have you "craving" her food.

Check out Christine's recipes on her blog here

7. @thefeedfeed

@thefeedfeed is an amazing crowd sourced website that features 1000s of recipes. They have a different feed for every type of cuisine from pasta, to burgers, to eggs, to pumpkins.  If you can dream it, they have a feed for it.  

Check out @thefeedfeed here

8. @apartment_bartender

Elliot aka The Apartment bartender takes drink photography to the next level.  He describes himself as "a semi-decent home bartender" but if you ask me, he rivals many professionals.  I'd be surprised if he's not running his own bar one day.

Check out his recipes here

9. @amandafrederickson

Amanda is a pro in the kitchen cooking up everything from weeknight pastas to over the top pies.  Amanda is also known for her straightforward and easy to follow video recipes.

For some of her recipes and videos, check out her blog here

10. @simplybeautifuleating 

I don't consider myself much of a baker, but when I do need to bake something, @simplybeautifuleating is my go to stop for inspiration.  Debi bakes up beautiful tarts, cakes, pies, cookies, or whatever other baking creations you can dream up.  

Check out her recipes here

11. @dennistheprescott 

An Instagram follow list really wouldn't be complete without @dennistheprescott.  Dennis is constantly making me hungry with his over the top comfort classics and his stunning sushi platters. 

Get some of Dennis's recipes here

12. @snackigillum 

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Jackie knowns how to whip up a mean brunch.  Her pancakes are some of the best I've ever seen.  Follow her and make your breakfast dreams come true.

13. @foodsofjane

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Janey is a self proclaimed "noodle child" and if her Instagram is any sort of indication, I don't doubt it. There's no way that you could love noodles as much as @foodsofjane does, but if you love them as much as I do, you should give her a follow.  

Get Janey's recipes here

14. @realfoodbydad

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Matt, the man behind @realfoodbydad has got to be dad of the year.  He's constantly cooking up amazing meals not only for his kids, but with them.  I'm sure that everybody wishes their dad could cook like Matt does.

Check out Matt's family friendly recipes here

15. @danseidman

This might be a little biased since this is my own Instagram account, but I thought I should Include it as it's the culmination of all of the previous inspiration.  My Instagram is filled with burgers, tacos, fried chicken, and lots of carbs. Every once in a while, something a little more healthy pops up so there is something for everyone.

For some of my recipes, check out my blog here

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