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Please share of your knowledge of Chinesefood and where to find them (an open invitation for discussion)

by J Bolton 17 years ago

According to a Chinese friend, Chinese cuisine is divided into 16 different major cuisines. Cantonese cuisine Shanghainese cuisine Fujianese cuisine Shandongnesecuisine Sichuanese (Szechuanese)...

20%???? What's the deal with tipping?

by Tom Hall 17 years ago

I see that 20% is the becoming the new "standard" for tippng when it used to be 15%. What is going on here? Will it keep creeping up? No one I know is getting a pay raise of 33% (the increase to...

Dining Etiquette Question

by Jesuki1 17 years ago

My date and I went out to eat at Union Square Cafe. Having heard great things about it, we were really looking forward to a leisurely, delicious, quiet meal. We got there and were seated next to...

Take-Out and Delivery Tipping

by galleygirl 17 years ago

Somewhere buried in a thread about wine tipping on the LA board, the question of Takeout tipping came up...I NEVER know what to do about 1) Tipping when I pick up take-out (I usually don't) 2)...

Ethical Question About Tipping

by mattylip 17 years ago

[Note: I posted this on the Pennsylvania Board earlier today. It was suggested that I post it here for a wider response.] On Saturday night, I went out with my wife and her brother and mother to...

First Ever NYC Chowhound Fundraising Dinner! RSVP Now!

by Abbylovi 17 years ago

I am pleased to announce the first ever New York Chowhound Fundraiser event! This event, co-organized by Eric Eto, Dennison and I will take place at the Funky Broome on Saturday, February 2nd at ...

1st Ever New York Area Chowhound Fundraiser! RSVP NOW!

by Abbylovi 17 years ago

Greetings Tristate Chowhounds. The Manhattan and Outerborough Chowhounds want to meet you! I am pleased to announce the first ever New York Chowhound Fundraiser event. This event, co-organized ...

Last call for RSVP's - DDC Cuban/ Colombian dinner @ Tierra Colombiana 10/22/01

by Katie Benes 17 years ago

Hi everyone: Predictably, I have gotten quite a few last minute RSVP's for dinner at Tierra Colombiana on Monday 10/22/01. But there's still lots of room if you'd like to join us! Pleae check o...

ketchup bottle etiquette

by craig 18 years ago

Does this bother anyone else? You're at a restaurant, and some slob takes a used knife and pokes it down a bottle of ketchup, as if no one else has to use the bottle next. Also, I'm not a fan of re...

tipping in bars

by Stevens 18 years ago

What is the rule of thumb for tipping when you order a drink at a bar? Or do you tip at all? There are three circumstances I can think of: 1. a drink at the bar counter 2. for when you sit dow...

more kudos for LINEN

by roberta l. 18 years ago

I sincerely hope that anyone who can afford to go to LINEN in Tucson, Az. will avail themselves of the opportunity. This place is just amazing! Yesterday I was there for lunch and was simply thrill...

Chowhound Etiquette

by Dave Feldman 22 years ago

Alpha-- Just wondering. Are you encouraging unsolicited restaurant reports from beta chowhounds? If so, should they be posted under geographical logcations (e.g., "Manhattan") or might it be ap...

Bar etiquette--what to do when you get a bad drink?

by Karl 18 years ago

So I was at a bar the other day (in the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle) and ordered a Patron Silver & Cointreau margarita. The bartender mixed the tequila & Cointreau...then added Rose's lime juice and...

Chowhounding Rules of Thumb--Tipping

by Jim Leff 18 years ago

Some rules of thumb and tips re: tipping: Double the sales tax in most states to calculate tip. Tip waiters who help you with takeout...they're not on significant salary regardless of how they'...

Tipping on delivery

by Lisa Z 18 years ago

Along the lines of the tipping in expensive places conversation, what do people tip delivery guys? Do you adjust based on the cost of the meal? I usually tip the same amout regardless of cost, b...

C. R. O. T. - Foreign Tipping

by Andy P. 18 years ago

When in Japan, don't tip, especially in restaurants. The service charge is built into the price of the menu item. If you do make the mistake (as I've done), of leaving a tip for a waiter/waitres...

tipping like a pro...when its on the house

by steve drucker 19 years ago

Whenever something is comped (wine, dessert, drinks at the table, etc), leave that amount+ tip in addition to the 20% on the check. That's what restaurant pro's do. As chowhounds, we are pro's to...

Tipping Advice?

by Elaine 19 years ago

I have a question that's been plaguing my ignorant self for years: When you eat at a fancy restaurant and the wine steward/sommelier helps you choose a wine, are you supposed to tip him separately ...

Tipping in Buffets

by Ind 19 years ago

What is the rule about tipping at buffets. Do you tip the usual 15-20 percent, or are there other rules? The most a waiter has done for me at a buffet is to place a pitcher of water at my table. ...

Chopstick etiquette--was this wrong?

by Sue 19 years ago

I just had a delicious lunch at Cho Dang Gol, a Korean restaurant on W 35th St. specializing in tofu. Ordered the Kim-Chi Cham Doo-Boo, a casserole of tofu and broth served with various kim-chi and...

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