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Clafouti Experimentations

by Enso 8 years ago

I'm playing around with a clafouti recipe to replace grains (flour) and milk (though other dairy is okay) and still achieve a texture that's pleasing to us. We also minimize our use of sugar/sweete...

Need recipes for no sugar-no salt-no cholesterol diet

by glebe 8 years ago

Have a friend who is on a no sugar,no salt and no cholesterol diet.Would love to cook him some delicious dishes but haven't had any experience in cooking with such a limited diet.Can anyone help me...

Some yummy low cal low fat things I have come across:

by oichick621 8 years ago

'So Delicious' dairy free minis ice cream sandwiches, 90 calories, 2 g fat...and YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and 'Mini Vitacake fudgy Chocolate', these are made by the same ppl that mak...

Best marinade for grilled chicken? - No gluten, soy, or dairy

Dave MP
by Dave MP 8 years ago

My normal marinade for grilled chicken calls for soy sauce, lemon juice, oil, and various spices. It's great and very simple, but I'm going to be cooking for someone who can't have any gluten, soy ...

Diabetic cookbooks?

by Kajikit 8 years ago

There are a bazillion on the market but I don't want to waste the money unless I know it's got recipes in it that DH might want to eat. I've got plenty of 'diet' cookbooks on the shelf (mostly unus...

What Percent of Protein in Nuts "Count"?

by jon44 8 years ago

I've read in various sources that only a certain percent of the protein in nuts and vegetables is absorbed by your body, even in the best of circumstances (something to do with it being bound up in...

How do I turn Ricotta cheese into a "zone" snack?

by jon44 8 years ago

Whey protein has a strong positive effect on my body and I'm starting to play with ricotta cheese as a natural way to get it. Does anyone have any suggestions for eating the stuff that results i...

Sugar in quick pickles

by firecooked 8 years ago

I often make a quick pickle (with various vegetables)... its 6 tablespoons of sugar, 2 1/2 teaspoons of salt, 1/2 cup of rice vinegar, 1 cup water to cover a 1 quart container of sliced veggies. Q...

Vegetarian, Gluten-free mains

by zaydia 8 years ago

Hello everyone, I'm interested in ideas for vegetarian, gluten-free mains that are NOT GF pasta with sauce. Also avoiding mushrooms, tofu, and bell peppers would be good. Everything I've been...

any experience with 1-2-3 gluten free biscuit mix?

by trolley 8 years ago

hi, bought a biscuit mix called 1-2-3 biscuit mix in hopes to make biscuits with cream for the holiday tomorrow. i know that some gluten free stuff does hold well over night but due to time cons...

Who eats low cal low fat??

by oichick621 8 years ago

Are there any good recipes on here for that?? Or do any of you have any good recipes to share??

Anybody doing Paleo?

by amazing grace 8 years ago

We are almost two weeks into it. Looking for new recipe's. Especially for a good Paleo bread that taste's more like a dinner bread. Thanks much

Calling All Dynamic Allergy-Friendly Bakers!

by Sprue 8 years ago

Hello, hello! I have a bit of a predicament. After almost two years of worsening autoimmune issues, a holistic doctor did various testing (although I'm still a little leery about all of this) and f...

Favorite regular cookbooks for a Primal diet?

by TigerLLO 8 years ago

I LOVE this new board! I am such a foodie, but I have found that my health is much better when I follow something between Mark Sisson's Primal and the Perfect Health Diet by the Jaminets. I suff...

Lactaid Ice Cream

by sherrib 8 years ago

I've snooped around my local supermarkets hoping to find some for my lactose intolerant daughter to try. I haven't been successful at finding it though. Before I go through more trouble to find i...

Dairy free, nut free low cal snack bars

by jujuthomas 8 years ago

I've been eating Fiber one 90 calorie snack bars (PB Oatmeal, yum) but after an allergy attack this weekend, I really need to cut back more on my dairy intake. It seems that all the F1 bars have da...

Introducing the new Best of Chowhound Home Cooking

Dave MP
by Dave MP 8 years ago

The Home Cooking Digest is now called "Best of Chowhound Home Cooking" - as always, the posts on this blog highlight great content from the Home Cooking, Vegetarian & Vegan, and Special Diets board...

Chowhound on a diet looking for salads, fish, whatever is low cal [split from New Jersey board]

by eleeper 8 years ago

[We've moved this discussion of healthy food at Chain restaurants from the thread at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/854014 -- The Chowhound Team ] Assuming you don't hate chains, I will sugge...

Gougeres with alternative flours?

by krissywats 8 years ago

Looking for thoughts on trying a gougeres recipe with brown rice flour or perhaps a combination of brown rice flour and tapioca starch? Any thoughts?

Suggestions for a fruit dish and a pastry for a church brunch that would be reasonable for diabetics

by laredo 8 years ago

I'm planning a brunch for 30 to 60 people which will take place at my church. We will be limited on helpers and somewhat limited on budget. I'm hoping to break even at $5.00 a ticket. Very t...

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