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Pasta Maker by Delonghi,buy it or not?

by drobbia 13 years ago

Thinking of getting the PM 1000 model - on amazon for 166.00 - have you tried it? would you buy it again?

Thirsty bamboo cutting board - how much oil?

by xnyorkr 13 years ago

Ok, I have a gorgeous bamboo cutting board, and I bought mineral oil. As soon as I wipe it on, whooosh, it's swallowed up. I did this about five times already. That wood seems to never be satisf...

Home knife sharpening - best (and most reasonable) sharpener?

by fatstern 13 years ago

I have a few knives that i get (professionally) sharpened here and again, but they dont hold their blades all that well. have a wustoff clasic santoku and a henkels chef's knife of good quality. ...

Pots & Pans Registry Advice

by shachi 13 years ago

While I love to cook, I've never had a set of **nice** pots and pans - more just a mix and match of things I've found here and there. Now that I'm getting married, I'd like to register for a set o...

choosing a stand mixer, need advice

by the word yes 13 years ago

i'm looking to purchase a stand mixer and have narrowed down my choices to kitchenaid and viking. in researching both, i've been reading about big problems with each. with the kitchenaid artisa...


by zswp 14 years ago

I usually make a lb. but sometimes up to 2 lbs. What do you suggest is a good size pot?? I currently use a 6 qt. for the lb but I feel like I need more? Should I use two different sizes if I'm b...

Le Creuset at Costco!

by kcchan 13 years ago

I just went to the Costco in Merrillville, IN and found the 8-qt oval Le Creuset French oven for $160!!! It was an impulse buy, but at that price, I just had to get it. They offered it in the red...

Spaetzle maker uses?

by apilston 14 years ago

When I wasn't looking, my mother-in-law managed to give us a spaetzle maker this Christmas. We make spaetzle approximately once every 3-4 years. We try to eschew "uni-taskers" (small kitchen), so...

Silicone Cookware

by ambrose 13 years ago

I was trying to get some information on a silicone egg poacher I'd heard about and found a great article in the New York Times about silicone cookware in general. I don't think you can access it o...

Food allergies and stoneware

by chowser 13 years ago

I know a few people with nut allergies. I was going to bake some oatmeal walnut bread on a pizza stone but then thought the nut oils might get into the porous stone and anything I baked on it afte...

2 small pits in newly arrived enameled dutch oven

by Comolongo 13 years ago

My 5 qt Lodge Enamel Dutch oven just came in from Amazon today. Upon inspecting the inside of the dutch oven, I found 2 small pits on the inner wall. I was wondering, are these 2 pits acceptable? I...

Henckels cookware

by fancycook1 13 years ago

Anyone tried Henckels new Clad cookware?

How to Clean Hard Anodized Cookware's Exterior

by mikhash 13 years ago

Having problems cleaning newly received gift of Calphalon,contemporary non-stick cookware with hard anodized exterior. While many posts seems to be in regards to cleaning the non-stick interior sur...

I'm hoping you can help me..... pizza/foccacia

by sunfyer 13 years ago

This is going to sound very very silly, but stay with me... I used to work in the bakery department of a grocery store where we made foccacia bread on a daily basis...when makign the foccacia we wo...

Which cooking vessel do you seem to reach for the most?

by xnyorkr 13 years ago

I bought a Calphalon anodized something a few months ago and am finding that I use it every single day. It has about a 12" diameter and is shaped like a saute or fry pan, but has really high walls...

Cuisinart Chef's Classic

by RunBe4UFly 13 years ago

Does anyone have technical data for this cookware? How thick is the aluminum disc bottom? Is it any good? Thanks

care of aluminium cake tins

by Pete S 13 years ago

I have some cake tins I bought from Williams Sonoma a few years back. I believe they are heavy guage aluminium (they are not non stick). Recently, I have noticed that the surface seems to have beco...

Is it a flipper or a spatula at your house?

by ns538bmk 14 years ago

I've always called the thing you flip pancakes with a spatula, but if I'm flipping, maybe it's a flipper? And the rubber scraper on a stick, is that a spatula (too)? What do you call these at you...

How should I use my large mortar and pestle?

by thunderbug84 13 years ago

My best friend got me a large stone mortar and pestle recently. I really love it, but I'd like to learn more ways to use it. Right now I really only use it for mashing garlic and spices. Its very h...

Convection oven

by Monica 13 years ago

My brother in law who is a chef recommended of using a convection oven over a regular oven. He claims that the food cooks much faster and it helps retain moister in food. Do you guys agree? I do...

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