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WHY is a dishwasher bad for my Calphalon???

by xavier 13 years ago

I understand that Calphalon anodized aluminum pots should not go in the dishwasher. Since a houseguest unknowingly put one of my in a few years ago, I've seen firsthand how it turns white. What I d...

Need input regarding the Dualit 2+2 Slice toaster with the sandwich basket

by Janet from Richmond 13 years ago

My husband is terrible to shop for but he has a thing for toasters and much to his frustration has not been able to find one he loves. Our anniversary is coming up and I'm considering getting him ...

Pots and Pans Recommendations for Re-Equipping a Kitchen

by omotosando 13 years ago

After a long hiatus of doing little in the kitchen other than heating water for tea, scrambling eggs and nuking pre-made frozen dinners, I have started cooking again. Since I am re-equipping my ...

Proving cast iron pans

by grahampage 13 years ago

This works! Place salt in pan to cover base and heat. Turn out in sink: hissing shoulld be heard. Care to wipe using dry wipe, as very hot. Film oil on pan, and leave to cool. What is the science ...

Bosch Mixer

by Redbone 13 years ago

I'm thinking of asking Santa for a mixer. Have heard that Kitchenaid gears wear out, and am thinking of a Bosch--mostly for pizza dough and bread, but a few cakes and cookies. Anyone have any exp...

Le Creuset's New Satin Finish Saute Pans

by robotcoupe 13 years ago

I've always loved every piece of LC I've ever tried so figured I couldn't go wrong with this new line. Wrong! Sticking, poor browning, forget about saucemaking, but most of all, anything I cook lea...

New Staub--am I about to buy the wrong size?

blue room
by blue room 13 years ago

Here's my plan: instead of one 4 qt. oven, I buy two 2 qt. ovens. I save $25. Since I cook for just two, I can make 2 completely different dinners, avoiding SAME leftovers for days. (One for free...

Rice cooker recs

by goodeatsinadive 13 years ago

My wife mentioned recently that she'd like to have a rice cooker. Although we both cook, I have no idea what to look for, nor what they cost. All recs regarding brands/types and prices are apprec...

Sabatier Carbone Steel.

Ernie Diamond
by Ernie Diamond 13 years ago

Is the "Sabatier Au Carbonne" truely a carbon steel knife? I bought one last night without doing my homework and I'm now worried that I'm getting a knife that isn't the true carbon steel I was look...

aluminum pans

by robinanne221 13 years ago

I have some aluminum pans that belonged to my mother. They have wooden handles which are no longer secure and spin around. Any suggestions as to how to fix? Where to fix? many thanks

Cuisinart fine grater disc

by christy319 13 years ago

Does anyone have this? Cuisinart says it is ideal for nuts, parmesan, and coconut, but I want to know if it works well for potatoes. Sometimes I like to make certain types of potato pancakes with t...

Sources for Cookie Tins and Such

by sivyaleah 13 years ago

The thread about baking for the holidays got me thinking - where does everyone get their supplies for packaging and shipping their cookies from? Specifically, I'm looking for a source for attracti...

bundt pans

by hana 13 years ago

if a recipe calls for a "fluted" pan (and the picture shows a bundt type cake) and you don't have one, what could you use instead? and i thank you all.

Food Processor/Blender Combo

by Problem Child 13 years ago

I'm looking for a food processor/Blender combo for occassional (not heavy) use. The only one I've seen is the Cuisine Art duet. Does anyone have any experience with this appliance and if you woul...

Looking to buy a kadai?

by meathad 13 years ago

Any suggestions of companies that sell kadais? Websites?

Alton Brown Shun Knives by Kershaw

by The_Bayou 13 years ago

I am curious to hear people's thoughts on these knives. I have not tried them but would like to.

Shopping for pots & pans

by MrsT 13 years ago

Any suggestions on what brands to buy under $200?

How do I clean my cookware?

by sasha1 13 years ago

Almost each pot, pan, and cookie sheet I have - certainly the stainless steel ones, have lots of brown, greasy, sticky muck on the sides and in the corners. It has built up over a period of time, ...

Critical Kitchen Gadgets

by lemonfaire 13 years ago

Do you have a kitchen gadget that you can't do without?

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