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Donvier yourt maker...any good?

by howboy 13 years ago

I'm thinking about buying one and wonder if anyone has any experience with this...also, does it eat up electricity making the yogurt expensive to make?

Looking for a food mill

by JessWil 13 years ago

Hi, I bought a food mill last summer, about $50, can't remember the brand, but it was hand-crank with stainless mesh "strainer," and it was terrible!! Hardly worked at all. I should've brought it...

Zojirushi rice cookers [split from L.A. board]

by jenn 13 years ago

[The Chowhound Team moved this discussion from its original location on the Los Angeles board. For those interested in where to find a rice cooker in L.A., please click here: http://www.chowhound.c...


by sel 13 years ago

Although I have a selection of good quality European style knives, I have wanted to try a Santoku Japanese knife for quite a while. The Japanese Woodworker store is on my list as is The Wok Shop (f...

Pepper Grinder

by gtrekker2003 13 years ago

Can anybody recommend a good middle-of-the-line brand pepper grinder that will grind coarsely? gtrekker2003

Where to buy a smaller grid to put on top of bbq grill?

by annb 13 years ago

the grid thing on mine is too big (things fall through) and i want to just place another metal thingy on top...what is it called and where to purchase? like home depot or walmart, etc.? preferrably...

Thermomix - The new Cuisinart?

by yayadave 13 years ago

I just read this and thought chowhounders might be interested. It's the newest do everything machine. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/pp/06201/707008.stm

Santoku Knives

by shopgirl 13 years ago

Looking to buy a santoku knife. Have my eye on a Henckels Twin Signature gran 7" santoku knife. Or should I buy from a restaurant supply such as foodservicedirect.com? They carry Dexter Russell....

Recommendation for good candy thermometer?

by AppleSister 13 years ago

I'm not interested in making really elaborate, difficult desserts, but I do want to make custard-based ice cream right, and was thinking I should invest in a candy thermometer. I'd appreciate any ...

Cleaning stainless steel

by dimples 13 years ago

What is the best way to clean stainless steel appliances?

Henkels Pans?

by Candy 13 years ago

Anyone succumbed? I have Mag pro and Calphalon on which the annodization is wearing off despite only using only wood or plastic high degree resistant spatulas they are going to ruin and in some cas...

Simple gadget for vegetable strips/julienne

by applehome 13 years ago

Here's a $14.95 simple device that does a great job at julienne and long strips. I've been using it to make daikon and carrot strips for pickling - works great! http://www.shopping.cutlery.com/...

Caring for cast iron grill [moved from Home Cooking]

by Frolic 13 years ago

After years of using a Weber kettle grill, I just upgraded to a Char Griller. It looks like a big improvement (adjustable coals, built in thermometer, optional smoke box, and cast iron grates). ...

Equipping a college apartment kitchen

by dimsumgirl 13 years ago

My daughter is moving into her first apartment. She is a student at UC Berkeley. What should I buy to start off her new kitchen?

Replacing my microwave/convection oven

by kittyfood 13 years ago

I have a faithful combination microwave/convection oven that has given me great service for over 10 years. Now that we're remodeling the kitchen in our new house and buying new appliances, it's ti...

Toaster Oven Recommendation?

by chuck s 13 years ago

Need to replace my twenty year old Black and Decker toaster oven. I'm not crazy about toaster ovens but I would miss the convenience of one. Is there one that you would recommend that does a dece...

Le Creuset Sale -- Limited Colors, but Very Good Discount

by Nancy Berry 13 years ago

I just received a flyer from the Le Creuset Outlet Stores that announced an August sale on three colors -- Blue, Soleil Yellow and Indigo Blue. If you purchase 6 pieces (lids count separately as on...

Anyone have experince with Fisher & Paykel refigerators?

by brooklynmasala 13 years ago

I am looking into buying a new fridge and since I live in a small apt. I am looking at the 17.3 cubic ft. size. Anyone have experience with Fisher & Paykel refrigerators?

Best Ice Cream Makers

by jonnyhunter 13 years ago

I'm looking to get a good semi industrial ice cream maker. I want something that has a built in compressor and can make quite a bit an hour. I don't want the cuisnart ice cream maker with a compres...


by Fleur 13 years ago

I am looking to buy some LE CREUSET COOKWARE in Flame. I need some suggestions as to where to find the best prices. TIA

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