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Canning Equipment: What brand should I buy?

by ponocat 13 years ago

I see a couple of different brands of canning pots and accessories on the Web, such as on Amazon.com. I can't tell what they perform like. Some are a bit more expensive, but I can't tell what you...

Really fun ice cream gadget!

Katie Nell
by Katie Nell 13 years ago

I saw this in the L.L. Bean catalog the other day, and thought it looked like so much fun! It would be a lot of fun to take on a camping trip or something like it, I think! Thought some of you wi...

Silicone Easy Lid

by Candy 13 years ago

I was in Sur la Table with another CH poster and she pointed out these silicone lids. I bought one that is 10.5" diameter for $13.95. I plopped it on a bowl when I got home and wow, It sealed itsel...

Why does some restaurant food come out/stay hotter than my home cooking? Technique? Pans?

by Cinnamon 13 years ago

Say fish or lamb - or almost anything. Do some restaurants finish at very high heat very briefly using a particular kind of pan? What are the primary things that get an item to your table still *ho...

Mr. Bento

by lcd 13 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with this portable stacking meal set? Does it work well? Does it leak? Can it keep hot foods hot, while keeping room-temp foods cooler? What about keeping foods cris...

cast iron pan size

by ktown378 13 years ago

alright, so i'm in the market to purchase a cast iron skillet. it's going to be used for 2 people. should i go with a 10" or get a 12" just in case? any suggestions are welcome. TIA one more q...

sauce pan or saucier?

by ktown378 13 years ago

hey guys, i greatly appreciate all the replies to my cast iron question. got another one for you though. i'm looking for a 3 qt sauce pan or saucier. which do you prefer? or do you own both?...

de-rusting a copper pot?

by ndl 13 years ago

so, my mom recently let me take a lovely copper pot from her basement. but it is pretty rusty. the good thing is that the rust is mostly on the top of the lid so it should be salvageable. i'd love ...

Jim Leff's CHOW Tour

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 13 years ago

The Big Dog has been on the road searching out the best chow around the country. Now there's a fancy report on his tour up and running - it's got maps and graphics and navigation to go with all the...

Oxo Salad Spinner or Herb Spinner

by mabziegurl 13 years ago

I live by myself, well recently my brother moved in. I've been wanting a salad spinner forever now, however I keep thinking its way too big. I'm also thinking I don't need it since its really jus...

Recommendations for food processor?

by AnjLM 13 years ago

I'm looking to buy a food processor to use for making sauces and pastry dough. Any recommendations on brand, size, and model? Thanks!

How to keep tomato based sauces from staining plastic wear?

by mamamia 13 years ago

It goes like this: I have leftovers. I put them in the Rubbermaid/Ziplock style containers. I take them to work and heat them in the microwave for lunch. I have permanently stained bowls and ...

Steak Knives?

by bvmay1 13 years ago

I'm looking to buy high quality steak knives. I checked out Crate and Barrel's website and feel overwhelmed by the choices. Any recommendations? It doesn't have to be from Crate and Barrel. I l...

Le Creuset in SF Bay area

Non Cognomina
by Non Cognomina 13 years ago

I'm looking to purchase some Le Creuset but don't want to pay the prices at Williams-Sonoma or Sur Le Table. I've tried Cookin' on Divisadero in SF, and Sign of the Bear on the square in Sonoma, b...

Looking for an electric appliance to boil water

by EclecticEater 13 years ago

I bought an AeroPress Coffee Maker, love it, but it requires water between 165 - 175 degrees. Anyone know of an electric kettle that can be set for a specific temperature so I don't have to measur...

Oven proof strainer

by kimeetee 13 years ago

Will this come in handy? If I purchase one, am I being suckered into buying something simply because it's on sale? It looks heavy and doesn't seem that practical for using on an every day basis.

Cleaned up rusty cast iron... now what?

by maillard 13 years ago

I inherited a rusty cast iron grill pan from a friend. I wasn't able to scrub off the rust, so I asked my mom to stick it in her oven next time she ran the self-clean cycle (I have an ancient oven...

Cuisinart Juicer-the real deal

by howboy 13 years ago

I gave in. After years of squeezing my morniing OJ by hand, I bought a Cusiniart Juicer yesterday. Gotta tell ya, gets more juice out of the fruit and it has a neat "fountain" attachment (well desi...

Air fryer?

by piccola 13 years ago

Just read something about restaurants using machines that fry with air. How does that work??? Does it taste as good? And, if yes, where can I get one?

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