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Pasta machine rehab

by jmk 11 years ago

I have an old Atlas pasta machine. I would like to start making fresh pasta again, but the machine has been sitting o...


Candy commented 11 years ago

Brinkman All In One Outdoor Cooker

by Just Larry 11 years ago

Anyone else have one of these and have any success stories using it? My Smoked Chicken and Smoked London Broil were b...


BackyardChef (Matt in NYC) commented 11 years ago

New (to me) Product: The Food Loop

by Katie Nell 11 years ago

As someone who is constantly not being able to find anything in my kitchen to tie up a roast, etc., (think Bridget Jo...


Candy commented 11 years ago

Vintage Descoware

by galleygirl 11 years ago

Shockingly enough, my cooking-equipment ambivalent SO actually produced an old set, a set mind you, of 70's vintage D...


oakjoan commented 11 years ago

All-Clad pots help!

by pamd 11 years ago

So I left my lid (stainless) on the burner by accident & now it has a brownish tint. any tips for getting it back to ...


yayadave commented 11 years ago

Help! Is my new Le Crueset ruined??

by Ericka 11 years ago

My well meaning but ill advised brother chose to make popcorn in my brand new Le Creuset. The bottom is now all disco...


J commented 11 years ago

Great kitchen timer?

by dve westeberg 11 years ago

I have two kitchen timers and hate them both. I want big numbers, intuitive inteface, hour and minutes buttons, and I...


Janet commented 11 years ago

Coil that boils water/liquids

by Ora 11 years ago

Do they still sell the following applicance (I don't really know what to call, which might explan why I can't find it...


Ora commented 11 years ago

Vertical Roaster

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 11 years ago

Can anyone recommend a Vertical Roaster I can use in the oven to cook whole chickens?


Tatania commented 11 years ago

Help! I blackened my stainless-steel stockpot!

by heidipie 11 years ago

Oh no! I was steaming artichokes and forgot about them! And the pot boiled dry and is covered in black char on the bo...


heidipie commented 11 years ago

Interesting NYT article on non-stick pans

by MMRuth 11 years ago

Thought HCCH's might find this article from last week's Times interesting - comparing the non-stick properties of var...


Doug Weller commented 11 years ago

Indoor Grill Question

by Larry 11 years ago

Can anyone tell me if I can use one of those indoor grills that span 2 burners on a glasstop stove? Thank you!


pilotgirl210 commented 11 years ago

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More info on Swiss Diamond

by MMRuth 11 years ago

I posted way down so thought I'd put the link here ... Link:

Cookware Be the first to comment

Stove-top grill accessory?

by Dordogne 11 years ago

Joanne Weir uses a clever-looking stove-top accessory on her Cooking in the City show. It's placed atop gas burners,...

Gas burner from Taiwan

by Poot 11 years ago

I'm planning to buy a single counter-top gas burner in Taiwan—the sort used in Taiwanese homes every day—and bring it...


Poot commented 11 years ago

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Seasoned Skewers

by HappyBelly 11 years ago

Friend or Foe? I found some (Citrus Rosemary) to be delightful, but needed an exorcism to get the Honey Bourbon smell...

Bean Grinding automatic 4 cupper

by Big D 11 years ago

Greetings; For Fathers Day, I would like a reasonably priced bean grinding (perhaps roasting as well) programmable co...


D.Gresh commented 11 years ago

probe oven thermometer

by cheryl 11 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable oven thermometer? I want a digital unit with probe which you inser...


Tom commented 11 years ago

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