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Water Kettle

by coachof2 11 years ago

My calphalon kettle has died and they are no longer making them,,,, I need a new whistling kettle with stay cool han...


jcanncuk commented 11 years ago

Alternatives to Salad Spinners?

by D-NY 12 years ago

I'm joining a CSA this summer so I'll be eating--and washing--lots of salad greens. Right now I use the blot with pa...

SeaSide Tomato

SeaSide Tomato commented 11 years ago

How long do knives last?

by redchair 11 years ago

I received my knives -- mostly Wusthof -- 15 years ago as a wedding present. What is the life expectancy (for the kn...

Sam Fujisaka

Sam Fujisaka commented 11 years ago

Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

by Marion Morgenthal 12 years ago

I had pretty much decided on the Artisan ($239 on Amazon for cobalt blue), when I noticed a larger, more powerful (bu...

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

JK Grence the Cosmic Jester commented 11 years ago

cracked cast enamel pot

by Parrot Fish 11 years ago

I just moved and my large cast enamel Le Creuset casserole cracked in transit. I don't mean just the enamel, but the ...


RShea78 commented 11 years ago

Cleaning pasta maker

by chowser 11 years ago

I know you're supposed to just wipe it off with a towel but with the eggs and all in the dough, over time, I wonder i...


chowser commented 11 years ago

Pasta Machine recommendations?

by Ann 14 years ago

Can anyone rec. a good pasta machine? What should I look for? How much?


Josquin commented 11 years ago

Can you burn the seasoning off of cast iron?

by guruboy 11 years ago

I recently bought a Lodge Logic pre-seasoned cast iron griddle for use on my gas stove. After I use it, some areas o...


RShea78 commented 11 years ago

too much / too little / just right....

by fauchon 11 years ago

I have so many whisks! I hardly ever use 'em...why did I keep buying them? I don't have enough tongs! One of the...

Carb Lover

Carb Lover commented 11 years ago

Cleaning jelly roll pan used for roasting?

by DistrictDarling 11 years ago

I have a Chicago Metallic commercial aluminum jelly roll pan (rimmed baking sheet) that I use mostly for roasting thi...


aseroter commented 11 years ago

Meat Thermometers

by LPM 11 years ago

Can anyone recommend a reliable, reasonably-priced one? The cheapies at Target just aren't cutting it. Thanks. LPM


liveforfood commented 11 years ago

Poached egg gadget or appliance?

by BangorDin 11 years ago

Has anyone used an egg poacher of ANY kind that works well? I lose too much of the egg when I put it in hot water--v...


SanseiDesigns commented 11 years ago

Hard Anodized (sp?) vs Non-Stick

by xnyorkr 11 years ago

I'm a little confused about non-SS pans. I have some non-stick pans (Calphalon and All-Clad), and they clearly have ...


azhotdish commented 11 years ago

Traditionnal looking stainless cookware?

by ouimonsieur 11 years ago

Anybody knows of a brand of stainless steel cookware that looks like copper cookware. By that I mean none of that cur...


leanneabe commented 11 years ago

Recommendations for best Panini press/grill sandwich maker

by Flynn1 11 years ago

Help - I want to buy a panini maker to grill my own delicious sandwiches. Too many choices when I did a search on Goo...


clanlamond commented 11 years ago

Crockpots: The Good and The Bad

by blkorean777 11 years ago

i'm thinking about getting a crockpot because i went over to a friends the other day and her father fed me some kind ...


jzerocsk commented 11 years ago

Sur La table.

by FAL 11 years ago

Just want to give a kudo's for a real good cookware store. Sometimes this place may be a litte pricy. But it shines...


Leper commented 11 years ago

Toaster Oven Recs Needed

by sivyaleah 11 years ago

I've been against buying a toaster oven for years now. There are just 2 of us at home and we have no real need for o...


DebL commented 11 years ago


by jono37 11 years ago

Yes, I finally junked my 15-year old no-name chef's knife that recently produced a one-inch slice to my right index f...


raleighgurl commented 11 years ago

Cutting Boards

by skidaway 12 years ago

Can anyone advise brand names or types of cutting boards that will fit in the dishwasher and are kind to both ceramic...


misterbrucie commented 11 years ago

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