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Slicers: Borner vs. Benriner

by dippedberry 11 years ago

I'm shopping around for a mandoline-type slicer and I have pretty much heard such great things about the Super Benrin...


MikeG commented 11 years ago

Mango Pitter

by Dave Feldman 12 years ago

The Wednesday New York Times featured an Oxo device that de-pitted mangoes, not dissimilar from contraptions that sep...


HillJ commented 11 years ago

Help me not to hate my cast iron cookware

by cook2day 11 years ago

I was just reading posts about cast iron cookware. I bought three skillets of varying sizes and have used them about...

280 Ninth commented 11 years ago

need new roasting pan

by cake 11 years ago

What is the best roasting pan to get? Need one for roasting rib roast or turkey or filet mignon, etc. What are the pr...


Kagey commented 11 years ago

Uneven Stove

by diverx99 11 years ago

The gas range in my apartment is not installed levelly. This is a major hassle when trying to bake or even to fry on...


Kelli2006 commented 11 years ago

Cuisinart Food Processor -7 cup model. True that it leaks?

by gtrekker2003 11 years ago

Hi! I was reading some reviews on the 7-cup cuisinart food processor and some customers complained of leaks. I was...


noeldottir commented 11 years ago

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Need a food grinder?

by stevieBcanyon 11 years ago

I was out shopping, today, needing a replacement for my smoker that has gone to heaven. In checking out items at t...

Necessary Knives [ Split from Ontario ]

by pimentdespelette 11 years ago

[[ Note: This discussion split from Ontario at: -- The Chowhound Team]] ...


ChrisTwellman commented 11 years ago

selecting a knife roll

by wowimadog 11 years ago

any advice on how to select a knife roll? thanks.

PBSF commented 11 years ago

dutch ovens: round, oval, enameled, non

by BKchompchomp 11 years ago

A basic basic question from me. What is the difference between round and oval dutch ovens? I'm about to start some ...


ChrisTwellman commented 11 years ago

Knife transport?

by maillard 11 years ago

I want to bring my knives to be sharpened. I will drop them off and get them the next week. How should I bring them...

Karl S commented 11 years ago

Miele Dishwasher Owners -- Are you happy?

by liu 11 years ago

I have purchased a Miele dishwasher. Since it needs to be ordered, I still have some room to change my MODEL. I order...

liu commented 11 years ago

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Recomendations for a New Stand alone Electric Range

by Hart50 11 years ago

Hi all, I'm a couple of years away from renovating my kitchen and unfortuately I have an old coil electric range tha...

Dutch vs. French ovens

by Chocolatechipkt 11 years ago

Is there a difference between the two? I noticed Le Creuset has French ovens, so is this their name for a Dutch oven?

Chocolatechipkt commented 11 years ago

Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill

by sharont 11 years ago

Hello all, need some help please. I would like to buy a Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill or Unicorn Magnum 6" Pepp...


sharont commented 11 years ago

Storing flour in the Gulf South

by JGrey 11 years ago

After growing up in the midwest, where bread keeps on the counter for a week and you never refrigerate potatoes or on...


rainey commented 11 years ago

Rotisserie for Weber Silver B Grill

by EclecticEater 11 years ago

I have had my Weber for over a year, use it a lot. Recently bought an E-Z Que basket rotisserie for it and have been...


Winemark commented 11 years ago

How long does a steel last?

by jpolk 11 years ago

I have a honing steel which is probably 10 yrs old. I use it every time I take out my knives. Is there a limit on how...


jpolk commented 11 years ago

Home canning supplies source

by toodie jane 11 years ago

Looking for illustrations to use in a post, I found this site. Good prices for the whole set-up. Lots of parts if you...

toodie jane commented 11 years ago

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electric wall oven and gas or electric cooktops

by Tonto 11 years ago

I have to replace an existing wall oven any suggestions. The cook top is crrently electric, but I would like to conve...

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