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by jono37 11 years ago

Yes, I finally junked my 15-year old no-name chef's knife that recently produced a one-inch slice to my right index f...


raleighgurl commented 11 years ago

Cutting Boards

by skidaway 12 years ago

Can anyone advise brand names or types of cutting boards that will fit in the dishwasher and are kind to both ceramic...


misterbrucie commented 11 years ago

LG French Door Fridge

by neighborguy 11 years ago

I am seriously considering this applicance. It looks to be the same model as the GE profile, but with different handl...


gridder commented 11 years ago

Cast Iron Seasoning and Cleaning

by FelafelBoy 11 years ago

Had a George Forman small grill that didn't get hot enough for my frozen turkey burgers and wound up steaming them. (...


fatfan commented 11 years ago

Cast iron problems

by annimal 11 years ago

Alright, I got a cast iron skillet from my mom a while ago, and I've been trying to get it seasoned and care for it p...


OldTimer commented 11 years ago

Pasta Making Machines

by bobdfc 11 years ago

This is my first post so forgive if off-topic. I would greatly appreciate some comments and reccomendations for my so...


OldTimer commented 11 years ago

Professional Gas Range...Help

by arizonagirl 11 years ago

I'm interested in purchasing a professional range. I'm thinking about either a wolf or a Viking. I was told by on...


jfood commented 11 years ago

Braun Tassimo v. Keurig K-60?

by themis 12 years ago

I'm in the market for a quality single-cup hot beverage machine and I've narrowed it down to these two choices. I'm ...


CrazyOne commented 11 years ago

Coal or gas for the outdoor grill

by Bill L 11 years ago

I have long been a propoent of using charcoal or woods for grilling/smoking meats on the outdoor grill, and take grea...


huruta commented 11 years ago

Where to purchase cutlery online

by Monica 11 years ago

I am looking for a good online store where I can buy a new set of knives at a good price. I recently bought a new se...


pastrytroll commented 11 years ago

Looking for bowls you could bake with

by Dio di Romanese 11 years ago

I need like 4-6 bowls that would be pliable for oven use, anyone know where I could finde some. Not big just enough f...


FlavoursGal commented 11 years ago

Don't hate me about my cast iron pans

by xnyorkr 11 years ago

I bought 3 in a yard sale about 25 years ago, Japanese, well well seasoned. But I am not supposed to cook with them ...


AnneInMpls commented 11 years ago

Possible to bond aluminum to my SS cookware?

by Grubbjunkie 11 years ago

Ok, have seen this mentioned but I did a search and come up with nothing. I have a set of four stainless steel pots a...


Grubbjunkie commented 11 years ago

Got any Tips for Polishing up an Old Stainless Steel Kettle?

by niki rothman 11 years ago

I was given a beautiful heavy stainless steel kettle as a wedding present (a very long time ago). It still works fine...


fauchon commented 11 years ago

"Reusable" cheese cloth?

by Addisonchef 11 years ago

Hopefully, this is considered a "cookware" question, wasn't sure where else to post it! Any one know of a good so...


niki rothman commented 11 years ago

cutting board - soap or blech?

by meimei 11 years ago

I just bought my 1st bamboo board. I've read on here both ways of cleaning it. Is onw way better than the other? Sinc...


andreas commented 11 years ago

Cookware dilemma need advice

by foodseek 11 years ago

I am hoping to purchase a standard cookware set which is stainless steel, "not" nonstick, but here is my problem I ne...


Buckethead commented 11 years ago

My next food processor: recommendations?

by misterbrucie 11 years ago

OK, so by the time I get my Mastercard paid off -- which should be fairly soon, IF I don't have to buy any more winte...


misterbrucie commented 11 years ago

Emeril's Pressure Cooker

by Babs 12 years ago

Emeril cooked with a pressure cooker the other night. It didn't look like any I had ever seen. Actually didn't seem...


alphafood commented 11 years ago

clad cookware

by wandak 11 years ago

After purchasing several le creuset pieces and loving them I now feel the need for non stick pans and have been looki...


MMRuth commented 11 years ago

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