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What things in your kitchen are a necessity to have multiples of? [moved from General Chowhounding board]

by QueenB 11 years ago

As I was getting veggies ready for a salad tonight, I realized I could really benefit from more than one peeler. I u...


johnb commented 11 years ago

chopsticks as cooking utensils

by ctl98 11 years ago

I keep several pairs of long plastic chopsticks together with all my cooking paraphernalia. They're so useful! I us...


neighborguy commented 11 years ago

I really need to find this spring

by Candy 11 years ago

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y75/cgrover/P1120002.jpg My Henkels poultry shears have a broken spring. I took a...


MikeLM commented 11 years ago

Best Electric Range?

by soypower 11 years ago

We are planning our remodel on our kitchen and it isn't feasible to install a gas range. Any advice on the best elec...


MikeLM commented 11 years ago

did I buy good cookware?

by tamhud4 11 years ago

I just bought a bunch of new things...on a splurge to replace some old cookware but I am having a little bit of buyer...


Magnapro commented 11 years ago

Silver plated flatware

by sethnanyc 11 years ago

My uncle gave us a set for our wedding that used to belong to my grandmother. For years we kept them in a box in a cl...


sethnanyc commented 11 years ago

Missing Foot on KA Food Processor

by gaiadi 11 years ago

I lost one of the rubber feet on the bottom of my food processor during a move. I've used it since and it works fine...


KRS commented 11 years ago

cracked enamel in Le Creuset dutch oven--safe to use?

by AppleSister 11 years ago

Despite all my care in using my beloved Le Creuset dutch oven (I even hid it from my sublettor), I had small cracks a...


Candy commented 11 years ago

do you need to season a wooden rolling pin?

by ctl98 11 years ago

like a wooden cutting board? or is a wipe-down with a damp cloth enough? do you wash it with soap ever? i ju...


ctl98 commented 11 years ago

First Kitchen

by Keely 13 years ago

moderators: I was not sure if I should post this in ‘not about food’ or here. Since I am looking for both food items ...


foiegras commented 11 years ago

Skillet versus saute pan - form feeds function?

by Seanchai 11 years ago

As I continue to get more comfortable in the kitchen, I'm thinking about upgrading my cookware from the old Farberwar...


Kelli2006 commented 11 years ago

New skillet makes horrible sound against burner--can I make it better?

by veryveryrosalind 11 years ago

I got a Cuisinart Chef's Classic hard-anodized nonstick 12-inch skillet for Christmas. I can't give a review of it y...


shanagain commented 11 years ago

Staub Enamel Cookware

by Homer J 13 years ago

Any one tried staub enamel cookware? QVC has a 5 qt. pot for $50 and I'm really tempted to buy... Link: http://www.q...


blondelle commented 11 years ago

Zyliss Jumbo garlic Press

by nissenpa 11 years ago

Recently read about the Zyliss Jumbo for large garlic cloves. Has anyone used this and is it worth buying. I use so...


beevod commented 11 years ago

Can I cook couscous in a stainless steel pot?...

by Displaced California Foodie 11 years ago

Will couscous stick to a stainless steel pot? Or will it stick? Any suggestions will be appreciated---I have no other...


Displaced California Foodie commented 11 years ago

Building a new house -- need recommendations for gas range

by southerncooking 11 years ago

I'm a semi-heavy duty home cook about to begin construction on a new house and need to make appliance selections now....


wak commented 11 years ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Cuisinart anodized aluminum stockpot

by panoz 11 years ago

I'm searching for a stockpot that I would be able to do a light saute or sweat of mirapoix, and if possible, browing ...

scared of silpat

by bigjeff 11 years ago

thinking about picking up a bunch of silicone stuff (mats, oven mitts, etc.) but just scared. can you all please alla...


ali patts commented 11 years ago

Chefmate Tri-ply 8pc. set

by dtsitouris 11 years ago

I am new to cooking and need all new pots and pans. I got an All-clad grill pan as a present and wanted a basic set ...


dtsitouris commented 11 years ago

Bialetti Cookware . . .?

by CindyJ 11 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with Bialetti cookware. I saw some non-stick pieces in the outlet sto...


autumn11 commented 11 years ago

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