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lava stones on BBQ grills?

by mymymichl 11 years ago

I got a new BBQ grill last summer, but it did not come with ceramic or lava stones. The rep who answered the phone at...


jzerocsk commented 11 years ago

Microplane v. Zester

by NYChristopher 11 years ago

I have a stand-up grater, a mandoline, a decent set of knives and a zester that looks like this http://www.tabletool...


HillJ commented 11 years ago

Bacon and Cast Iron

by thedevilsam 11 years ago

I got a new cast-iron, pre-seasoned frying pan (a 12 inch Lodge). I was planning on making some bacon tomorrow mornin...


ttriche commented 11 years ago

Ikea ice cube trays [moved from General Topics]

by ii2big 11 years ago

These trays have printed on them "water only". So, would putting egg whites in these be hazardous? TIA

Carrie 218

Carrie 218 commented 11 years ago

Pots & Pans - best bang for the buck

by mangiatore 11 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm in the market for some new pots and pans as well as a set of knives. I just want something reliab...


RShea78 commented 11 years ago

Contemplating a blow torch; advice?

by nooodles 12 years ago

So I think I'm finally going to get a blow torch. Not one of those little hand held creme brulee torches from a gourm...


CHEF DAVID commented 11 years ago

What are the retirement rules for Caphalon?

by mmerino 11 years ago

I have had my set since around 1992 and its starting to change color on the bottom half, inside, where the food usual...


NickM commented 11 years ago

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Small Kitchen DIY Fixes

by Jacquilynne 11 years ago

Do you have a small kitchen that you tweaked to make work better? Would you like to share it with others? Visit "Smal...

Cutting boards?

by GrillNextDoor 11 years ago

Just got new knives-- my first good knives ever-- and I want to know which material cutting boards are best for keepi...


jcanncuk commented 11 years ago

TurboChef Combination Oven

by RBCal 11 years ago

From the NY Times WATCHING a three-and-a-half-pound chicken roast in 14 minutes, time loses all meaning. The skin tu...


Jimmy Buffet commented 11 years ago

Help..About to toss cast iron skillet!

by baseballfan 11 years ago

I have a new pre-seasoned Lodge cast iron skillet that is frustrating the heck out of me. No matter what I do, everyt...


mymymichl commented 11 years ago

Pasta maker dilemma

by fabkc 11 years ago

I just had by BDay so I got a lot of GC to Sur la Table. My boyfriend also accidentally got me the motor to the Impe...


mymymichl commented 11 years ago

Stock pot lid?

by JeremyEG 11 years ago

Hey everyone, I have one very large stockpot and I can't find the lid anywhere. Is this something that can be replac...


Candy commented 11 years ago

Had to have it...never used it

by lucyis 11 years ago

I just moved stuff around in the kitchen to make room for some new mixing bowls. I found some things I just had to ha...


Candy commented 11 years ago

Grinding Meat in KA Stand Mixer

by realitykraft 11 years ago

While we were grinding pounds and pounds of pork, I noticed metal filings coming of into the meat. I loosened the sc...


Candy commented 11 years ago

Finish Peeling Off Cast Iron

by jamesnomore 11 years ago

Advice please. I just cooked a batch of chili in my Dutch oven and now my finish is flaking off. I do not have any me...


AnneInMpls commented 11 years ago

Calphlon non-stick wears off?

by davidclo 11 years ago

I have a Calphlon non-stick 5 qt saute pan that's my everyday pan. I use it A LOT and I've had it for like 3 years. I...


coastie commented 11 years ago

Viking rangetop--sealed or unsealed

by baloo 11 years ago

I am in the beginning process of picking appliances for a new home and I was wondering if someone here could give me ...


Cecilbee commented 11 years ago

Can small food processors be used as a spice grinder?

by Comolongo 11 years ago

I have been having the need to grind some spices lately but since I don't want to get a unitasking coffee grinder jus...


MikeLM commented 11 years ago

My non-stick stuck

by xnyorkr 11 years ago

I used my 4-month-old Calph hard anodized chef pan with no oil or non-stick spray. My food melded to the pan. I boi...


ronla commented 11 years ago

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