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What to Buy to Celebrate?

by kaleokahu 20 days ago

I'm in a celebratory mood today, and am--aptly-- willing to indulge myself a bit with something new and better. Maybe a 46cm pan? Maybe something made in Canonsburg? Suggestions appreciated. ...

Thousands of 'scratches' on Mauviel M'250C stainless surface

by AFiller 21 days ago

I've just bought a Mauviel M'250C saucepan from Amazon, and on the inside of the stainless steel lining there are thousands of what seem like tiny scratches. These 'scratches' are on virtually eve...

I'm bitten by the artisan J-knife bug - please recommend euro stores

by CHSeifert 22 days ago

So I can feel I'm getting more and more excited over some of these Japanese artisan knives and I will probably buy a few knives in 2020/2021 - so I'm looking for advice on which stores in Europe yo...

Carbon steel knives - maintenance and awareness?

by CHSeifert 25 days ago

I'm thinking of adding two Kramer Carbon steel knives to my collection. The 8" chefs knife and the 7" santoku more precisely. But can I have these two knives hanging on my thermo beach magnetic...

Solait yogurt maker

by waywardsmile 13 years ago

i recently came across one of these but don't know exactly what to do with it. it's just 2 pieces of plastic that hold a jar, unless i'm missing something. i'd like to make yogurt and other cultu...

Best hand cheese grater (Japanese copper?)

by josemartinlopez 1 month ago

What do people like for hand (not rotary or box) cheese graters here, I couldn't find any old threads on these? And are copper graters better than stainless steel, and are the flat Japanese ones go...

Are you Non-Stick Free?

by mobiledynamics 29 days ago

For the last few years, I've contemplated eliminating NS if possible. I have a small and a large. Small is for eggs and breakfast stuff. Large is for fish, or the starchy stuff. I don't think an...

Portable induction help?

by Sear101 1 month ago

Very perplexed. I’m about to lose my gas range and have to replace it with portable electric burners. I’m leaning towards induction but have never used it before. I’m mostly worried about my ...

Splurging on a Wooden Spoon and Turner

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

In the utensil crock, are three 12 inch standard olivewood spoons (all Berard ) and I have 1 -extra large- ones that are probably Beech. These are my dailys. A bunch more scattered in the - extras...

ISO Stainless Steel Balti dishes around Vancouver

by berga_mot 2 months ago

Has anyone seen these stainless steel shallow bowls w/ handles? i have found the larger serving size on S Main, but i'm looking for the individual, 5" (ish) in diameter. thanks very much for any le...

Vitamix 5300 - Disappointed

by maccrogenoff 30 days ago

I finally ponied up for a Vitamix 5300. I've used it once and I'm disappointed. First, I was surprised (and not in a good way) that the instructions state that you may not add ingredients unless...

How do you clean your non-stick?

by Eiron 28 days ago

From recent discussions it appears that many of us have experienced non-stick pans that don't retain their non-stick properties. When I was a kid I remember seeing a n/s pan demonstration in a depa...

Reconditioning Rubber Knife Handles

by eclecticsynergy 1 month ago

I have two nice little Kershaw knives with soft rubberized grips and blades by Shun. This series wasn't made for long so I can't simply replace them. Anyway, after six years they are feeling a bit ...

If you had to own only 1 CS pan

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

I have ZERO. Have tried 2 DeBuyers in the past. Never was a fan.... Sold them.... With all this yakkking about CS pans recently, if one was to own only one 11" CS frying pan. Which would it be. ...

OT: Etsy for you Kitchen Needs

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

Just OT but do you guys Etsy in the world of cookware/kitchen. I have dabbled in Etsy for alot of baby kids stuff - 1st year baby necktie, custom onsies, stickers for birthday grab bags --- well yo...

Looking for a new bread knife: anyone using a Mac?

by damiano 1 month ago

So, with all the attention given to knives on the cookware board recently, I thought let's chime in with my dilemma. Currently I have a cheapo Nogent bread knife. But I'm realising now that I actua...

Dishwasher Under $1,000.00?

by zackly 4 months ago

My seven year old GE Profile dishwasher is starting to make noises and is not cleaning well so it might be on the way out. I haven't seen any dishwasher discussions here recently so I'm posting thi...

the Shanghai wok thread (e-woks, the Cen Brothers and Mr Tao)

by stcavish 5 years ago

right, i've just been through the 568 comments on this thread about hand-hammered woks and other things: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/834821?page=9 and am starting a new topic to offer so...

2 mm baumalu pans worth retinning?

by cloudsofviolet 1 month ago

I have a 1.95 mm baumalu pan that will need to be retinned at some point. I'm wondering if its worth the $$ of re tinning. Is the performance difference between these baumalu and mauviel, falk grea...