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MIU Silicone Baking Sheet Burned? Scared!

by JenniferLim 13 days ago

Hello, Last night I reheated some french fries on an MUI silicone baking sheet. The fries caught on fire inside the oven. I got them out in time before anything major happened (fire-wise, thank g...

Falk Copper Coeur Saucier or ... ?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 27 days ago

I'm looking for a small Saucier. I want something not overly large that has a rounded or curved transition to the side of the pan with a drip edge. I was thinking about an All-Clad or Le Creuset ...

The ‘What cookware is this chef using’ thread - chime in

by CHSeifert 4 months ago

I would like to start a thread where we all can discuss cookware and techniques used by professional chefs and amateur cooks in their kitchen. I would like to start by sharing this video with y...

Yet another rondeau (a more specific) question

by ceasar2k6 16 days ago

I read/skimmed through 10 or so threads in the last 3 years pertaining to rondeau's. I do have a specific question about it. My main use for these would be to make bolognese, meatballs (in large...

Best spatula for tin lining of copper pans?

by josemartinlopez 1 month ago

Hoping this isn't a stupid question but what is the best brand of silicone spatula for tin lining of copper pans? What are other utensils that are helpful for tin, and any other tips? I'm wonder...

What's a good pan for roasting veggies or potatoes in the oven?

by VFish 1 month ago

I have used a jelly roll pan quarter sheet lined with foil and have used a 26 cm saute pan, which may have left some salt marks because I seasoned the vegetables and the pan went in cold. I want s...

Premium cookware prices increasing with the loss of small B&M stores or pandemic supply issues?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 18 days ago

I started shopping for a small saucier and noticed lines like Cuisinart 'clad' stainless being somewhere between 50% and 100% more expensive then what I paid about a year ago. All-Clad also seems ...

Do You Cover Your Induction Cooker’s Glass?

by kaleokahu 24 days ago

As part of my ongoing induction testing of 32cm frypans (deBuyer Prima Matera, Demeyere Proline, and Fissler OP Serving Pan), I decided to frolic off into the realm of assessing the effect of placi...

Seeking advice on F. Dick sharpening steels

by damiano 17 days ago

I've been looking into sharpening steels and have now focused on the following two potential buys. 1) F. Dick Multicut - see https://www.chefknivestogo.com/fdicfincutfl.html 2) F. Dick Dickor...

KitchenAid ice cream attachment

by hollerhither 13 years ago

Just bought the ice cream maker attachment for the Artisan mixer (which is also new). Has anyone had trouble fitting the plastic piece (what the churn rests on) over the mixer housing? I seem to ...

Online Kitchen supply store with a gift registry for community kitchen?

by allig 17 days ago

HI all, I'm helping to set up my small rural community's commercial kitchen. We have all our major appliances but we need to do a funding campaign for pots/pans and a stand mixer. Rather than a ...

Should you baby expensive stainless pans with silicone utensils?

by kjonyou 20 days ago

I have used metal on metal for years, but my pans were mostly cheap. I am about to purchase some really high end stainless steel pots and pans and I don't want to ruin them. I know metal will not ...

Can deglazing damage your pan?

by Soop 11 years ago

A lot of people seem to use SS pans to deglaze. Will pouring room-temp wine into a hot pan cause undue stress? I have Hard anodised Aluminium and enamelled Cast iron.

ThunderWok Revisited

by GerryBrad 3 months ago

Hello Everyone, This is ThunderWok II, the ultimate experience in outdoor Asian cooking. I made a few improvements to this one. The new design features a deeper sink, wrist action swing faucet...

Waffle Maker

by BatmanRay 18 days ago

Has anyone recently bought a waffle maker they love? Need one for my kids

Fiskars All Steel VS Fissler Original Profi Braiser

by CHSeifert 18 days ago

I just saw that Fiskars make a rondeau type of cooking vessel in Stainless steel, 28 cm wide, 4,2 liter and a base of 7 mm It’s only available in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland),...

Dutch Oven Problem

by Dee14 20 days ago

I feel like an idiot! Got a Dutch Oven, put vegetable oil on the rim of lid and rim of bottom. Baked at temperature recommended. Got it out but let it sit to cool off. The lid WILL NOT come off...

Summer 2020 Cookware Deals

by jankdc 1 month ago

Since it is officially summer, I thought to start a new thread. There are still active deals in the Spring 2020 thread.

The Great Nanobond Question

by kaleokahu 25 days ago

So on another unrelated thread, the issues of the relative weights and thicknesses of Hestan's two triply clad offerings, Nanobond and Thermoclad came up. When both lines were new, I concluded tha...

All-Clad Pulling Back from Indies

by kaleokahu 20 days ago

If you're an independent cookware store--or you like to frequent them--this is bad news. Frankly, I don't buy the stated rationale. Also, note that Lagostina will no longer be filling any ord...