Holiday desserts are a big deal. The perfect one will look beautiful and taste delicious, but won't require you to have ten stoves and four arms to beat, mix, pulp, and whisk. It will impress your friends and family, complement the main course, and leave people satisfied but not disgustingly full or on an unmanageable sugar high. Congratulations to our winner, reneelkaslasy!

And the winners are ...

Holiday Cranberry Cheesecake Swirl Recipe

 By reneelkaslasy

We're confident that this cheesecake represents the best of the bunch and is entirely deserving of the grand prize. It's beautiful, tasty, and impressive. It got the most votes and the thumbs-up from our editorial staff.

CHOW editors say ...

Not too sweet ... in a good way.
Tastes balanced, sort of tart, and not excessively sweet.
I'm always a sucker for cheesecake, so I'm choosing this as my number one.

Double Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie Sandwiches Recipe

 By reubensandperrier

These festive cookies will make everyone smile. The chocolate cookies are the true winner here (our editors felt that the candy cane frosting was too sweet).

CHOW editors say ...

An Oreo cookie on
Why did they put that frosting on there? Those cookies were actually good before that.
Chocolate and peppermint is such a classic holiday combination.

Sweet Potato Pumpkin Upside Down Cake Recipe

 By tsboyd

As tsboyd said, "it takes traditional holiday ingredients and flavors and turns them literally upside down!" Judges were split on this one, some saying that it was perfect, others quibbling about the amount of butter and the texture.

CHOW editors say ...

Nice deep caramelized
flavor, with chewy and cakey texture.
I like the spice blend, and it's pretty to look at.
If it didn't have cranberries
I wouldn't like it at all. Too
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This contest ended on Friday, November 06, 2009, 4PM PST.