Chocolate desserts. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? That's what we thought. We knew this was a tough one — chocolate isn't easy, and desserts aren't easy; witness the terror Top Chef contestants experience when they're faced with the task — but still, we were shocked at the results of this CHOW Food Fight. Few entries. Fewer good ones. Results that looked like "road kill" and tasted like "old shoe." We did, however, find three sweets worth sharing.

And the winners are ...

Chocolate Coca-Cola Cake

 By bakingbecca

It ain't pretty, but it's tasty. We were all astounded at how much we liked this intense, goopily frosted wonder — but no one wanted to brave a second helping.

CHOW editors say ...

The taste is surprisingly decent, but I still wish I'd never tried it.
I'm shocked that I like
The cake is so moist, the icing satisfyingly sweet. A little dab'll do ya.

Buttermilk Chocolate Cake

 By mwliechty

Readers preferred this one by a landslide (do we detect a little ballot stuffing?), and editors agreed that this was a pleasant — if not especially chocolaty — cake. We didn't test the buttermilk frosting, submitted as a reader recipe.

CHOW editors say ...

Easy to swallow.
Tastes like a really good banana bread. No clue where the chocolate is.
Would win for nondescript pound cake contest.

Inside-Out S'mores

 By kimcheesoup

Sweet, cute, and best served cold, these chocolate-coated, marshmallow-stuffed, jimmies-sprinkled graham crackers made us feel nostalgic.

CHOW editors say ...

It looks mass-produced for 7-Eleven, but I would definitely make a trip to buy some.
Brings back memories of Girl Scout camp.
Animal Crackers on
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This contest ended on Friday, June 13, 2008, 5PM PDT.