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There's nothing in the fridge!

by Naomi 15 years ago

It's snowing, and I'm lazy, but hungry... What are your favorite recipes to make when you haven't shopped all week, but you do have a few staples laying around?

BBQ Appetivers and sides

by jacq 15 years ago

Having a BBQ with 125 people. Menu includes pulled pork, hams, hots, cucumber/tomato salad, and salt potatoes. Looking for something that is easy to make in advance. Thought about wings, slaw, a...

Maya Biamal"s Simmer Sauces Suck!

by Shoeman 15 years ago

Say that ten times fast. I much awaited the arrival of the these sauces from such an acclaimed Indian chef. It has been hyped in the papers and listed in Savor as one of the top 100 food items. ...

food sticks to fry basket

by Phyllis K 15 years ago

Food sticks to the basket of the aluminum stove-top deep fryer that I'm using. It is quite old. Any helpful hints (other than to throw it out).

Maine shrimp is here - recipes?

by Ollypay 15 years ago

Maine shrimp (in shell) is selling for as low as $1.35 a pound in the mid-coast area. It doesn't have the typical shrimp flavor, but is a sweet, delicate, small bit of meat and I never know what t...

How to make Greek style yogurt?

by James G 15 years ago

Is there a way to make Greek style yogurt at home while I wait for Total brand yogurt to make its way back to the DC market? I am starting to suffer from withdrawal!


by Billy 15 years ago

This facinating fireplace rotisserie appeared in both this month's Saveur and Gourmet magazines. It's a MUST have in my book. However, I am a little skeptical. Do you think a common home firepl...

Pistachio paste in the UK?

by zuriga 15 years ago

Has anyone ever found this in the UK? Thanks for any help.

refitting my gas stove?

by mingerspice 15 years ago

Does anyone know how/whether I can refit one of my gas stove's burners with something that will give me higher heat for chinese wok cooking? I rent my place, and the gay stove came with the apartme...

The spicey smells of "street meat"

by Meils 15 years ago

Here in NYC, as the weather has gotten colder, I have increasingly noticed the delicious smells coming from the food carts cooking meat. Every day when I walk past, I catch a whiff and in that brie...

Genealogy of the much-discussed pear tart

by km 15 years ago

I remember reading a couple of posts (including the one linked below) that mention that the pear tart recipe galleygirl so kindly shared with us is very similar to one that originally appeared in t...

how long does all-clad stainless cookware last?

by jonathan 15 years ago

i'm thinking about purchasing some all-clad stainless cookware (fry pans, saucepans, etc) my questions is, do these things really last a life time? or is 5 years a better estimation of how long t...

couscousiers in LA

by ks 15 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas about where to find a reasonably priced couscousier in Los Angeles? I'm not interested in the $89.00 gorgeous ones at Sur La Table - something cheaper! It doesn't look ...

Burn's supper

by edinaeats 15 years ago

Anyone preparing one Tuesday night?

Le Creuset matte black exterior?

by slowcook 15 years ago

I'm purchasing a LC dutch oven soon and was considering the matte black exterior. Any reason not to?

Carbohydrate Wielding Vegetables

by rudeboy 15 years ago

I have recently changed my diet to cut back on certain things (a la paleodiet) - I'm not looking for recipes, per se, but those vegetables that are naturally high in carbs. I do want the carbs, but...

ghee in pie crusts?

by pecan pie wife 15 years ago

I was watching a Good Eats episode about lemon cream pie, and AB was talking about lard and butter in crusts and the reasons why lard + butter = best crust. (The reasons are higher melting point a...

Science behind Tunnel of Fudge Cake

by Jujubee 15 years ago

During a segment on NPR about the bundt cake pan, they mentioned the Tunnel of Fudge cake that won the Pillsbury Bake Off many years ago. Does anyone know the science behind this cake? I looked a...

hosting a "Fireside Chat" cocktail party - need hot appetizer & drink ideas please!

by kimchee 15 years ago

Hosting a small gathering (15-20 people) with the winter theme of "Fireside Chat" this weekend. Making smores. Need some more ideas for bite-size warm snacks (mini quiches? grilled kabobs? fond...

dessert sans oven? help!

by Jenn 15 years ago

I'm having guests for a bouillabaise (sp) on Sat., and our oven isn't working. What should I make for dessert? We have the stovetop. I've thought of crepes, but ideally the food will be somethin...