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Reine de Saba nut substitute?

by Danny Gold 15 years ago

Has anyone substituted another nut(like pecans or walnuts) for the almonds in Reine de Saba cake? Any info will be welcome. Thanks Danny

steaming fish... in the microwave?

by mtyf 15 years ago

A little while ago I remember reading a post in which the poster extolled the advantages of steaming fish (asian-style, green onions, ginger, then heating up oil and soy sauce) in the microwave - I...

Toaster Ovens-Any Updates?

by chuck s 15 years ago

I know that this has been discussed before but not for a while and maybe the product has improved. What are the best toaster ovens that will do good job baking or heating small items, and more impo...

SmartWare-Anyone Used It?

by Betty Botox 15 years ago

I am very happy with the Miracle Knives that 'Chef Tony' advertised last year, but have not purchased any of his other items. His new 'SmartWare' (silicon) looks interesting. Has anyone purchased...

Help w/ fixing Black Bean Soup....too oniony

by Patrick 15 years ago

I made the black bean soup from Cook's Illustrated. It's really good except for an onion overtone because I didn't brown the onions enough. Stupid me, I forgot to taste it along the way. Bean sou...

What to make with Prime boneless beef short ribs?

by The Rogue 15 years ago

So I have 2 1/2 pounds of incredibly marbeled Prime boneless beef short ribs? I am thinking of making a carbonnade bbut wonder if anyone has any other suggestions? If I make a carbonnade I plan t...

ground chicken or turkey

by sandramr 15 years ago

Can ground chinken or turkey be substituted in any receipe calling for ground beef? Does anything have to be added to the ground poultry to add moisture as I believe they are leaner than ground beef?

Chicken in chili???

by Jellybelly 15 years ago

Okay okay, I had the best intentions of going out and buying some meat to make chili, but here it is, Superbowl sunday, no energy to go out and still wanting to make chili. Is it absolutely sacril...

Cookbook History

by schifrin 15 years ago

I read a little blurb about this site in this month's Gourmet mag. A cook could spend weeks here... -SS- Link: http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/cookbooks/

Start your griddles: Pancake Day is here!

by Chris VR 15 years ago

When I was studying in England in college, my dorm-mates turned me on to the tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They were all making what I think of as crepes, although the site below...

Lemon Cupcakes or other great cupcake recipes?

by jar 15 years ago

Hi - my aunt who is an amazing baker agreed to make cupcakes for my wedding. I think i remember seeing a lemon cupcake with lemon curd recipe somewhere. Has anyone seen this? Or any lemon cupcake o...

favorite roast chicken recipes. to brine or not to brine?

by thejulia 15 years ago

recently my friend and i experimented with several roast chicken methods. first, she made the chez panisse brine. then i made the bouchon brine. i preferred the bouchon, (i also stuffed it with man...

Fantastic Rub & Sauce combo for pork ribs!

by Fatemeh 15 years ago

I made baby back ribs this weekend, and had to share the recipe because they turned out SO well... I think you could easily use this rub & sauce for any type of ribs. Moroccan Spice Rub (apply ~8...

If my dish turns out too bitter....

by nikki 15 years ago

what can I do to balance the flavors? AND are there any sources out there, books articles whatever, that can teach me the art of balancing flavors and hence be able to fix mishaps like this...pleas...

Fish Tacos

by velorutionary 15 years ago

Was thinking of making some fish tacos for dinner. Anyone have any good recipes? Thanks

what cut of meat to use for texas style chili?

by J.Kim 15 years ago

what's the best cut of meat to use when making texas style chili (no beans) TIA

Broccoli Stems

by nikki 15 years ago

How do you prepare and cook broccoli stems? Any favorite "recipes"?

Cooked Chicken Safety

by Jambalaya 15 years ago

In prepping for a tapas party in a couple weeks I was checking the recipe I had for chicken empanadas. Since I will be doing several dishes I was looking for ways to make some of them ahead of tim...

What happened to my cookies?

by alliknight 15 years ago

I made a batch of cookies last night using a recipe I've made before, with terrific results (Cooks Illustrated thick and chewy chocolate chip cookies). But, they turned out terribly, and I can't f...

Galleygirl's Brownies

by valerie 15 years ago

Just wanted to report that I made Galleygirl's brownies for my Super Bowl guests last night. They were delicious! A big hit! I used Scharffen Berger chocolate instead of Hershey's. I made 2 ba...