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Stable whipped cream

by Another question 15 years ago

What's the easiest and least taste-intrusive way to stabilize whipped cream? Not for a hot summer day, just so it won't collapse while waiting for dessert at an upcoming potluck? Thanks again.

Prime Rib Question

by Billy 15 years ago

I understand that a Prime Rib Roast cut from the back end, which consists of ribs 9-12 (also called "the first four ribs" for some reason) contains the largest part of the eye muscle and is the mos...

Buffalo wings

by RUBulldog 15 years ago

Anybody have suggestions on how to make homemade buffalo wings? What kind of hot sauce do you use? Do you just put the wings into hot oil? Or do they get some batter? How hot should the oil be?...

Lemon cake recipe?

by Questions Questions 15 years ago

Can anybody point me in the direction of a simple but good lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting? I'm just a pretty-handy-in-the-kitchen husband wanting to make my wife a requested B-Day cake...

steamed lobster

by coll 15 years ago

I make whole Maine lobsters every Christmas Eve (along with the other fish dishes) and was thinking to steam instead of boil. I've done it before, but sometimes it comes out better than others. I w...

Chocolate to use for Buche de Noel

by Nancy 15 years ago

Thanks for all the positive replies to my buche de noel question below. My next question is which brand of chocolate to use for the cake and the ganache? Thanks again.

paella for christmas

by ton casmo 15 years ago

i'm going to make a big dish of paella for christmas- any suggestions for good and interesting side dishes?

Beef for Christmas...now what??

by Meils 15 years ago

We are going to do beef tenderloin for 18 and need some sides and do not want anything creamed or yorkshire pudding. In the past, we have done lamb and had roasted root vegetables, which has been n...

Steamed Black Bean Spareribs recipe?

by Mark C 15 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for steamed black bean spareribs? I am talking about the type you eat at dim sum restaurants. They are different compared to when you order "family style". Usuall...

Blini for a crowd

by Carmen 15 years ago

I am trying to find a recipe for a large quantity of blini, but I can only find one that yields 36-40 3-inch blini. I am making gravlax from an almost 4 lb. salmon. Can I just double the recipe? ...

Leftover Rib Eye Roast -- Ideas Anyone?

by Kirk 15 years ago

I have two bones (about four pounds!) of leftover, rare, bone-in rib eye roast. Any ideas for creative uses for dinner? I was thinking about beef stroganoff, but I am open to other ideas.

Deep Fried Mar's bar

by RUBulldog 15 years ago

Does anybody have a recipe for the batter? Also has anybody deep fried the three types of snicker bars? Regular, crunchy, and almonds.

recommendations for everyday yeast breads

by theconiglio 15 years ago

since last summer, i've been making the household bread rather than buying it. i know it sounds labor intensive but it's not, and in this house homemade bread has proven itself far superior to the...

country ham -- how long at room temp is safe?

by john clark 15 years ago

I am planning an open-house day involving a country ham. My lizard-brain vaguely remembers a rule that foods become dangerous after forty minutes between forty and one hundred and forty degrees fa...

A recipe that I am following uses cherry tomatoes and r/o

by learner 15 years ago

asks for 1 1/2 cups of cherry tomatoes. How do you measure 1 1/2 cups of cherry tomatoes? Do you use that liquid measure cup or those stainless steel dry measure scoops or convert cup to a scale me...

Sandwich du Jour

by Kirk 15 years ago

GLOBAL TUNA Toasted Russian Rye Bread Can of Tuna Guys' White Albacore approx. 3 Tbsp Mayonnaise (full strength, Sir Gawain) approx. 3 Tbsp Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (gives the sandwich about thr...

Help. Has anybody baked with Benecol?

by kiwi 15 years ago

I want to make the pear cake, but wondered if anyone knows if I'd need to make any adjustments for the above, or if I should forget about it. Thanks.

Mario Batali "Holiday Food" Recipes?

by mish 15 years ago

Does anyone have a favorite recipe from this cookbook? Last year on christmas eve we made the grilled lobster (yum!) but would like to try something new this year? Anyone have any favorites??

Quick meals after work outs

by swanee 15 years ago

Hello! Ok, so I work out after work 3-4 times a week. Because of that, I don't get home until 8 at the earliest. I am usually hungry but am too tired to cook so I'll have a piece of cheese and a...