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Pork Chop recipe swap

by rkn 14 years ago

I love bone in pork chops and have a great recipe for one. Take rye bread crumbs and toast in olive oil with fresh, chopped sage and garlic. Salt and pepper pork chops and sear both sides in...


by Shmingrid 14 years ago

Just received a big bag of kale from someone's garden. Any favorite recipes out there? How do I transform the stuff from bitter and chewy to tender and savory? I'm thinking of maybe trying a colcan...

Need fool-proof yeast rolls, possibly to make in advance?

by danna 14 years ago

I've signed up for "bread" for x-mas eve dinner and Christmas lunch. Last year I made Parker House Rolls per Martha Stewart recipe. They were pretty good, not divine. This year in MS, there is ...

help help help cake for 70!

by annab 14 years ago

Am throwing a party with 3 other people in Jan, and just found out that while venue is doing food, they won't be doing the cakes. I am NOT a cake expert at all - must be at least 10 years since las...

Mousse cake on cover of Dec. Bon Appetit or other ideas?

by danna 14 years ago

...at least I think it was the Dec. BA. Anyone made it? It looks nice, but the recipe seems a bit unusual to me. I want to do a mousse cake, or something similarly glamorous. It will be sittin...

Pulled Pork Pulled Em In!

by Chuck 14 years ago

Made this for the first time ...A XMas neighborhood party for 50 people. A special thanks to Hound Kevin (12/15 post) for sharing his recipe and cooking tips. I made a paste rather than a comple...

ISO: vegetarian cookbook rec

by Smokey 14 years ago

I never buy myself cookbooks, because if I did I would have hundreds. So, I usually give those in search of gift-ideas-for-smokey the names of a couple of cookbooks I would like. The gift-ideas-f...

Fondue meal

by DB 14 years ago

I'm making fondue (both cheese and chocolate) and I'm wondering what else to serve with it. I would also love any recipes for either and ideas for what to dip. Thanks!

Microplanes - Careful Now

by constanela 14 years ago

Watchout, all you amateur gourmets! I was busy grating ginger last night when I slipped and microplaned a substantial amount of knuckle. Ye-owch! I had no idea these things had such a bite. Nex...

storage of nuts

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 14 years ago

I over-bought walnuts for my holiday baking and I've got a pound of pieces. The instructions on the bag stay to store them in an air-tight container and keep them in the fridge. Does that sound o...

crab-stuffed mushrooms

by bryan 14 years ago

Does anyone have a simple recipe for this? Am thinking about them as an x-mas appetizer. TIA

Shun Santoku knife - scales on blade(Granton-like) or not ? r/o

by shoppingfor 14 years ago

I am on the market for a Shun knife and I notice the posts below, which were helpful. I saw on Amazon that there is the one with the scales on the blade and one without. What is the purpose of the ...

How to Store Olive Oil?

by LB 14 years ago

I was wondering how people store their olive oil. I usually keep mine at room temperature, but also read somewhere that it's better to keep the bottle in the fridge, and keep smaller amounts at roo...

Recipe for Ha Gau wrap

by Mark C 14 years ago

Wanted to see if anyone has a recipe for the wrap used in Ha Gau (Dim Sum shrimp roll(?)).

Pulled pork

by Celeste 14 years ago

Hi, in following up to a subplot involving pulled pork from the cooking for a crowd thread below... I'm looking for an oven-based (I don't have a BBQ) recipe for pulled pork. Any recipes/pointers?

How can I use my dried apricots?

by Kerri 14 years ago

I have a 1 lb bag of dried apricots from Trader Joe's. Nice to snack on, but it's more than I need for that. I could use some ideas on how to use them up on some good dishes. What can I make?

panini maker

by fatcat 14 years ago

I just got a panini maker for a gift. Wondering if there are any unique recipes out there. Already have ideas for the basics--prosciutto and mozzarella; reubens; ham and swiss; etc. But looking for...

lemon semi freddo recipe??????????

by JoAnn 14 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for lemon semi freddo to serve on Christmas Eve. Thought it would be a lucious ending to a crab-fest. Thanks.

Lemon tart recipe?

by Nyleve 14 years ago

Am I mistaken or was has someone recently posted a recipe (or a link to a recipe) for a really exceptional lemon tart? If so, would you please point me to it? And if not, does anyone have one they'...

Another Asian Vegetable Question

by Fort Point 14 years ago

In our Asian market has appeared 1 to 2 inch brown and beige kind of tulip bulb shaped (with a stem) vegetable. I asked a customer what it was, but she did not know. She then asked one of the clerk...