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Happy National Brandied Fruit Day!

One great way to preserve fall fruit? Soak it in brandy.

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Best non-stick pots and pans?

by emilyh 13 years ago

I'm registering and want to make the right decision! I've heard good things about Calphalon and Anolon's higher-end ...


Anne in SF commented 13 years ago

black lentil recipes?

by Kelly Migliaccio 13 years ago

Hi there! I was in Traders Joes yesterday and picked up a package of black lentils (24 oz). They seem to be much sm...


p.j. commented 13 years ago

Looking for lost recipe

by Ka 13 years ago

I used to make a hamburger casserole with pork n beans, hamburger, worcestershire, ketchup mixed together then topped...


Ka commented 13 years ago

Cast iron skillet smokin' me out house and home

by ADK 13 years ago

I have a cast iron skillet (made by Lodge). Initially, I seasoned it (baked it with bacon fat -- couldn't get a hold...


JRL commented 13 years ago

London issue of Gourmet

by pug 13 years ago

I saw the London issue of Gourmet at Borders and quickly flipped through it; It actually seemed kind of blah so I did...


Jane Hathaway commented 13 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Baking question: adjusting times for a 3" deep cake pan?

by KB 13 years ago

Hi all, I'm planning to make the Chocolate Stout Cake recipe (Epicurious, Bon Appetit, Sept. 2002) for the second t...

Cooks Illustrated dessert books.

by quest 13 years ago

Do 'Baking Illustrated' and 'The Dessert Bible' have a lot of repeats? Does anyone have both?


poopytrail commented 13 years ago

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chicken alfredo

by Coralee 13 years ago

Does anyone have a super delicious and simple recipe for preparation tonight..I had a dinner party and have lots of l...

The Trouble with Cheesecake

by P. 13 years ago

My trouble with cheesecake is I want to do a few things I've never tried for a cheesecake for someone's birthday. ...


P. commented 13 years ago

Egg /Tuna Salad Quandary

by Amy 13 years ago

I read the suggestions on this board and am floored by the taste and sophistication of the people writing and respond...


Robert commented 13 years ago

No Guilt - oil based cakes

by Yenni 13 years ago

I find that my favorite cakes are made with oil, the guilt comes with using butter. Do you have any great recipes?


foodfirst commented 13 years ago

Peeling pearl onions

by LisaM 13 years ago

I hope that someone has a "trick" for peeling pearl onions that is fairly quick and easy. I'm putting them in a beef...


LisaM commented 13 years ago

Flo Braker's Simple Art of Perfect Baking opinions?

by Smokey 13 years ago

I'm considering buying this, but can't get it from my local library to check it out. I've seen her name mentioned on...


Sir Gawain commented 13 years ago

best way to roast tomatoes?

by annaP 13 years ago

I have a bag of ripe, red tomatoes (not plum; medium round-shape)and I want to roast them to really bring out their f...


doc commented 13 years ago

pasta at home...

by a 13 years ago

I was considering buying the pasta attachment for our kitchenaid. Any thoughts. We have two very young girls and...


Kitchenette commented 13 years ago

spaetzle or german side??

by Redbone 13 years ago

Friend is having potluck. She is making wienershnitzel. I am to bring a starch. Shall I make spaetzle? Would they...


Candy commented 13 years ago

Casserole/One dish meals

by Sharon S. 13 years ago

I have searched the board and could not find recipes for someone who likes to cook one big meal, fairly easy, on Sun...


jill commented 13 years ago

Cooks Illustrated

by john66661 13 years ago

Just bought Cook's Illustrated "1000 Best Recipes". I am not so familiar with their magazine. Are all recipes in thei...


JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester) commented 13 years ago

Stick Blender

by sku 13 years ago

Is a stick blender (or food processor, whatever they're called) worth having and which is the best one? Thanks.


Jeff W commented 13 years ago

need chocolate cake receipe with fruit fillings

by Trill 13 years ago

i'm looking for a tried and loved chocolate cake receipe. i saw some discussions about raspberry choco cake down bel...


krissywats commented 13 years ago