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Fish Tacos

by velorutionary 13 years ago

Was thinking of making some fish tacos for dinner. Anyone have any good recipes? Thanks


jerusha commented 13 years ago

what cut of meat to use for texas style chili?

by J.Kim 13 years ago

what's the best cut of meat to use when making texas style chili (no beans) TIA


Greg Spence commented 13 years ago

Broccoli Stems

by nikki 13 years ago

How do you prepare and cook broccoli stems? Any favorite "recipes"?


Sonia commented 13 years ago

Cooked Chicken Safety

by Jambalaya 13 years ago

In prepping for a tapas party in a couple weeks I was checking the recipe I had for chicken empanadas. Since I will ...


Mr Opportunistic commented 13 years ago

What happened to my cookies?

by alliknight 13 years ago

I made a batch of cookies last night using a recipe I've made before, with terrific results (Cooks Illustrated thick ...


ChefElias commented 13 years ago

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Galleygirl's Brownies

by valerie 13 years ago

Just wanted to report that I made Galleygirl's brownies for my Super Bowl guests last night. They were delicious! A...

Almond Roca Cookie Bars

by kc girl 13 years ago

I found this product (see link) on it's own display case in the local grocery store, brought some home, and everbody ...


jill commented 13 years ago

garlic powder

by naomi 13 years ago

Is there ever a good reason to use garlic powder rather than fresh garlic? I always see recipes that call for garlic...


cf commented 13 years ago

Nut butter and Jelly...

by Mar a 13 years ago

I'm suffering from a severe failure of imagination! I love PB & grape jelly sandwiches -on raisin WW bread. In order ...


two commented 13 years ago

Seeking a Great Jambalaya Recipe

by Murray 13 years ago

Because the ones that I have are just "meh." Are there any goodies out there? Thanks in advance!


Murray commented 13 years ago

Dan-T's Rasberry Chipotle Grilling Sauce

by Susan 13 years ago

I live in Virginia. Does anyone know where I might be able to find this sauce. A friend brought it from Oklahoma an...


Dsummers commented 13 years ago

Leftover BBQ pork ribs

by tbear 13 years ago

I have a couple pounds of leftover BQQ ribs from the festivities last night. Any good ideas for what to make of them...


Jambalaya commented 13 years ago

What kind of onions does Marcella use?

by Kristine 13 years ago

Yes it's me, the one with the Marcella Hazan fixation. The previous post about white vs. yellow onions has brought up...


MikeG commented 13 years ago

Lunch for a group - 2 days in a row!

by anne emry 13 years ago

I am hosting a retreat for a non-profit board, and have been asked to put together "sandwiches" for lunch for both da...


Anne Emry commented 13 years ago

cooking kohlrabi

by shameless 13 years ago

I am cooking Kohlrabi for the first time and I am trying to figure out what to do with it. Does it need to be cooke...


Eldon Kreider commented 13 years ago

what can i do with these blood orange peels?

by wow i'm a dog 13 years ago

i cut in half and squeezed about a dozen blood oranges this morning and would like to know what i can do with the lit...


danna commented 13 years ago

Tapioca pudding disappointment- please help

by Joette 13 years ago

I just bought a fuzzy logic rice cooker and set out to make tapioca pudding in it on the Porridge cycle. I used th...


Boris commented 13 years ago

baking artichokes

by Sandra W. 13 years ago

Has anyone ever baked an artichoke? Do I drizzle oil over it first? How long do I bake it? Any thoughts?


Shiro Miso commented 13 years ago

short ribs? why would I buy them and how to prepare?

by hbgrrl 13 years ago

I hear alot about these bad babies, and see they're on sale at the local market. Is it worth the 2.99/lb? Thanks ...


Donata Lewandowski Guerra commented 13 years ago

Oyster Stew

by swanee 13 years ago

I have such a craving for this. I got a recipe for it off allrecipes.com which seems pretty easy. I don't have a lo...


Pat Hammond commented 13 years ago