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Happy 4/20 (and National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day)!

Today is 4/20, no longer such a niche "holiday" with legalized recreational marijuana and high-end edibles on the rise. Find out more about making your own, and consider baking an upside down cake that will also bake you.

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Some Piedmontese Recipes

by Donata Lewandowski Guerra 13 years ago

I was reorganizing my recipe collection (a New Year's resolution), and thought I'd share some of my mother-in-law's r...


Reared on Home Cookin commented 13 years ago

easy rice pudding?

by edinaeats 13 years ago

I made rice pudding last nigth using whole grain brown rice and it took two hours- plus had to chill. anyone know o...


Emme commented 13 years ago

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Chicken pot pie without the pot

by applehome 13 years ago

I had a craving for chicken pot pie - we have a great place that does nothing but cpp right outside of Boston (Harrow...

lotus root - where to buy, how to use?

by naomi 13 years ago

There's probably an easy answer to this, but I've never seen lotus root in the store - where can I buy this? I'm not...


nooodles commented 13 years ago

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Need crockpot recipe for half turkey breast by tomorrow morning

by twinmommy 13 years ago

If anybody has any ideas I'd appreciate it. All I can find on the internet involve jars of gravy or cans of creamy s...

mango puree

by gp 13 years ago

Mango lassi, mango lassi, mango lassi.....they've been on my mind (can you tell?). So I went to my local Indian mar...


Amin (London Foodie) commented 13 years ago

Too Much Pulled Pork

by King Of Northern Blvd. 13 years ago

Ok, So I made a pulled pork (whole shoulder) for just my wife and I....Now I have (obviously) too much left over..Doe...


Wendy B commented 13 years ago

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Moghul Curry Recipes?

by Cyndy 13 years ago

We got a beautiful jar of moghul curry powder for Christmas. I have always made my own curry mix, so don't really kn...

Block Party Side Dish

by Hojo 13 years ago

Hey everyone. We are having the first annual block party in my court this weekend (I live in Florida) and I have bee...


berkleybabe commented 13 years ago

Ground Buffalo Meat --any ideas?

by islandgirl 13 years ago

I bought some organic bison/buffalo meat (ground) and now I need some ideas on how to cook it. I was thinking meatba...


Brenda commented 13 years ago

the way to a man's heart, right?

by elsie 13 years ago

I want to cook dinner for that special someone for valentine's day. I'm thinking "sexy comfort food that's not too co...


krissywats commented 13 years ago

What to do with lots of chicken sausage.

by foodiex2 13 years ago

Bought 4 packs of the pre-cooked chicken sausages, can't remember the brand name but Whole foods carries them as doe...


chilepm commented 13 years ago

Storing baked bread

by Sunshine Girl 13 years ago

So in a recently purchased bread book we received over the holidays, my BF and I have been baking up all sorts of loa...


muD commented 13 years ago

Campfire cookery

by Nyleve 13 years ago

I know, I know. It's the coldest freaking day of the winter and I'm looking for camping recipes. Well, I have my reas...


muD commented 13 years ago

Buttercream Frosting-Time Limit?

by Anna 'Boo' Carroll 13 years ago

If I were to make cupcakes today with buttercream frosting, how many days can I keep them out of the fridge without t...


Chris VR commented 13 years ago

beating eggs question

by A Fish Called Wanda 13 years ago

I found a recipe for biscotti from a dessert book that I like ("Save room for Dessert" by David Lebovitz). It says t...


Hungry Girl commented 13 years ago

digestive biscuits??

by edinaeats 13 years ago

I have a recipe from the UK for a chocolate fridge cake that calls for digestive bisuits? What are they??


Liz commented 13 years ago

Foods to make them go "Mmmmm-mmmm"

by Sunshine Girl 13 years ago

Always looking for ideas and recipes of dishes that always have that "Wow" factor. You know, those times that people ...


Sunshine Girl commented 13 years ago

Microwave "dulce de leche"?

by julesrules 13 years ago

Just reading some user comments on an epicurious recipe and someone suggested the microwave as an alternative to boil...


Amy G. commented 13 years ago