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Happy National Baklava Day!

Fennel seed and lemon-honey syrup dress up this Middle Eastern sweet with layers of flaky, crisp phyllo and toasted nuts.

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Help: Ques. re Hazan's milk-braised pork loin

by Beatlehound 13 years ago

Hi everyone. We're having a dinner party tonight, and I'm about to begin making the above. The recipe calls for a 2...

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Avocado Margarita

by quentin 13 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for this?

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Grilled/Barbecued Beef Tongue

by JugglerDave 13 years ago

Hi, Now that it's grilling season in the Northeast, I'd like to try a barbecued/grilled beef tongue. We've never g...

Best way to cook shad fillets?

by Mar a 13 years ago

Citarella (Manhattan NY) is selling shad fillets again. Spring is here! But I've never cooked shad. I'm not brave eno...


JoanN commented 13 years ago

Stirring Rice

by Lanyboy 13 years ago

Many packages of rice instruct you "add to boiling weter and stir once". Why? What will happen to my rice if I do? ...


MikeG commented 13 years ago

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Another savoury McCann's oatmeal recipe

by peppermint pate 13 years ago

Yesterday morning, I had a bit of leftover oatmeal but I was in the mood for a more savoury breakfast. So I poached a...


by helenb 13 years ago

If a short rib braise calls for 1 cup of port and two cups of red wine reduced by half - do i have to use port. i do...


Karl S. commented 13 years ago

Aargh, root vegetables

by beaneater 13 years ago

Hi, I have an overabundance of rutabagas and turnips. I've roasted the rutabagas with good success, but I'm wondering...


plum commented 13 years ago

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Tip for leftover corned beef...

by embelina 13 years ago

As a person who doesn't eat that much meat, facing a fridge full of leftover corned beef is not something I often do....

Can I do anything exciting with pre-made turkey burgers?

by Joanne 13 years ago

Can anyone suggest anything that may spark up my pre-made turkey burgers? They are quite bland. I bought them pre-m...


bibi rose commented 13 years ago

Does anyone have a simple (small amount) marmalade recipe?

by nooodles 13 years ago

I bought too many Valencia oranges last week, and yesterday I came into possession of a bag of rather small blood ora...


John commented 13 years ago

Pie Crusts and Puff pastry

by Curtis 13 years ago

I've recently started to try my hand at making puff pastry dough and in my first attempt I learned several very valua...


LindaMc commented 13 years ago

help me impress my in-laws...

by tangxiaodi 13 years ago

we were casually talking about food, and cooking and I accidently mentioned that I can cook a roast lamb that is to d...


Cyndy commented 13 years ago

Rippin' hot skillets/fry pans

by the(jello)sound 13 years ago

I've always wondered about this and would love to hear about your insight/experiences. On several cooking shows and i...


Ilaine commented 13 years ago

keeping lemon curd

by agrodolce 13 years ago

Is there a way to keep lemon curd once made, w/o refrigeration until opened? I've seen jars of it in stores, but don...


Caitlin McGrath commented 13 years ago

Low Budget Fundraiser for 200 people

by Gordon Strause 14 years ago

In a month I'm chairing an alumni and friends fundraiser for a service corps called City Year. The alumni for this pr...


Gordon Strause commented 13 years ago

How long is it safe to marinate meat?

by phastphil 13 years ago

I bought some lamb for stewing on Sunday. Immediately put it in a marinade (90% wine). It's been in the fridge ever...


tee commented 13 years ago

Orange for chocolate dipped

by vicki_vale 13 years ago

Hello hounds! I'm looking for tips for preparing orange peels to be covered with dark chocolate. Any preference fo...


dixieday commented 13 years ago

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Spring lamb a la Grecque?

by Ilaine 13 years ago

In my ideal world, the recipe would approximate the roasted lamb and accompanying herbs served at the New Orleans Gre...