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fattiness of cheese

by basil 19 years ago

not looking for a big discussion on recommendations. i would appreciate a quick pointer on the HEALTH aspects. not much of a cheese eater, but in recent forays, I've realized I enjoy creamy mushy...

Neals Yard cheeses

by e.d. 19 years ago

A while back someone gave me a taste of Neals (is there supposed to be an apostrophe?) Yard Cashel blue cheese and it was incredible--creamy, rich, flavorful. So recently, when confronted with a bi...

crotin poivre fromage

by michaelA 19 years ago

Does anyone know a cheese called "crotin poivre"? I think it's a sheep's milk cheese and I'm trying to get more info about it. Also does anyone know a good cheese supplier?

Say Cheese

by Ma Kulit 19 years ago

Here in Seattle, we get a San Diego brand of packaged mozzarella Precious. It comes in two [front label] types -- regular and low-fat. Imagine my surprise when I examined the nutrition labels and...

Spray cheese??

by Charlene Leonard 19 years ago

I am almost too embarrassed to post this because the idea of cheese which is sprayed out a can sounds vile to me but a friend of mind adores it and if anyone knows where I can find it will be a 'ho...

Yak Cheese

by Josh Mittleman 19 years ago

A couple days ago, I had lunch with Jonathan White and then tasted some of his cheese. Most notable was his Tibetan yak's milk cheese: very rich-textured, very mild, but extremely complex and flav...

Epoisses news - translation help, please

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

This appears to be a notice of recall for the leading producer of Epoisses cheese which has been discussed on these boards many times. Perhaps someone who understands French can tell us if this is...

Humboldt Fog cheese question

by Leslie T. 19 years ago

I feel guilty even asking a question regarding food this week, and have earlier posted prayers and good wishes on other boards. I bought a wedge of humboldt fog goat cheese maybe 5 or 6 days ago....

Tibetan Yak Cheese Photo Essay

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Awesome photo essay on yak cheesemaking in Tibet, by Jonathan White (formerly head of Egg Farm Dairy) via link below. Link: http://www.cowsoutside.com/yak_cheese.html

Favorite Cheeses

by Leslie T. 19 years ago

I love trying new cheeses and would love to hear a few of your very favorite cheeses to try. Thanks!

proper way to store cheese

by magnolia 19 years ago

I grew up in NYC where everything went immediately into the fridge, no matter what, or would risk attracting you-know-whats. When we served French or faux-French cheese such as Port Salut, Brie, St...

what cheese to bring from holland?

by Mary Shaposhnik 19 years ago

Am in Amsterdam, and want to know what cheese I should bring home. Any particular types/styles that are harder to find in the US and I should seek out here, e.g., really aged Edam, something else?...

Help my mother create a cheese plate

by Mark K 19 years ago

My sister just brought my second nephew into the world last Thursday. My folks will be hosting the Brice at their home in NJ this upcoming Friday. Mom is looking for some help in selecting inter...

Baltic cheese

by Allan Evans 19 years ago

Like an apparition, unsuspected at first, I tasted a package of cheese curds bought from the Amish stand at the Union Square Greenmarket on Saturday. They are familiar and usually chewy, like indus...

your favorite cheese

by andy huse 20 years ago

yes, cheese. I've recently been exposed to a bunch of new imported varieties at a local gourmet/wine store. I've tried some wonderful hard and soft asiago, a great creamy Taleggio, an intriguing ...

Vacherin - eat the rind?

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

. . . more cheese stuff. I received an early Christmas present when friends just back from Paris left a message that I had a 5-day window to come over for dinner. The cheese lady in Paris said t...

Ode on the Mammoth Cheese

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

What follows is one of the worst poems ever written, as compiled in "Very Bad Poetry," by Kathryn Petras and her brother Ross. "Ode on the Mammoth Cheese Weighing Over 7,000 Pounds" ...

Kracher Grand Cru blue cheese (was Vienna...)

by Melanie Wong 20 years ago

Tex, I couldn’t find the US importer info, but since you’ll be in Austria, here’s the local contact. The individual cheeses are about 1.25 kg. Kracher Grand Cru For information, in Berglandmilch...

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