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Cheese experts: Mac 'n Goat Cheese

by bj 17 years ago

I am trying to re-create a Tom Valenti Macaroni and Goat Cheese - any suggestions on the best type of Goat Cheese to use for this dish? I was thinking of using a Garrotxa but am wondering if it mi...

Favorite cream cheese stand-in

by Buttercup 17 years ago

We consume a lot of whipped cream cheese in our house. I would like to find a lower-fat substitute, but not a reduced-fat cream cheese. We have tried a bunch of these, including the Tofutti version...

Bleu d'Auvergne -- raw or cooked?

by yumyum 17 years ago

I just tucked into some tasty stinky Bleu d'Auvergne and am puzzled by the big red sticker on the chunk that says RAW MILK -- the price/weight label also says it's "raw milk cheese imported from Fr...

Parmesan cheese

by sue 17 years ago

I just bought a fairly large chunk of fresh parmesan, which I plan to grate myself. My question is, should i grate just what I need, and freeze the rest? Should I grate all of it, and freeze the gr...

fontina cheese

by Stacey 17 years ago

I am having trouble finding Fontina Cheese where I live. I need it for a recipe that I would like to try. Can someone tell what other cheese resembles or is close to it. Thanks

Does cheese ever REALLY go bad?

by Denise K. 19 years ago

I was at a friend's house, and she left some cheese sitting out, I don't remember what kind (maybe mozzarella?) and I rushed to put it back in the fridge so it didn't spoil. She insisted that chee...

Has anyone ever successfully frozen gorgonzola cheese?

by IHTJ 17 years ago

I currently have way too much gorgonzola cheese and would love to freeze some for later. Has anyone ever had success with this or ever even tried? If so, what is the best method, how long will it...

Cheese Ripening

by Aunt Bea 17 years ago

Forgive my ignorance but how does one tell when a cheese is "ripe"? I assume that different cheeses ripen at different times and there is much to this scientific process. But, can I tell from loo...

Swedish Goat Cheese

by ciaogina 17 years ago

A Swedish friend of mine was having a Swedish Goat Cheese sandwich which was carmel in color and thinly sliced rather than the American or for that matter French goat cheese. I had a small taste b...

Everything you wanted to know about Mexican cheese

by Stanley Stephan 17 years ago

I found this nice article on Mexican cheeses. At the end it has some other links. The link to the Cacique Cheese company at the end is wonderful. If you don't read the article, here's the web site ...

Cabot Cottage Cheese

by Pat Hammond 17 years ago

At Trader Joe's I saw a container of Cabot cottage cheese with "new" on the lid. I bought some. Man, this stuff tastes like brine. On the back in the nutrition section it says that each serving...

Has anyone here ever tried casu marzu?

by Mark Lee 17 years ago

Reading thru the most recent Saveur issue, I came across the cover story on Sardinia, and while most of the dishes looked pretty damn good, the one called casu marzu ("rotten cheese") basically tur...

Book on Cheeses

by Audra 17 years ago

Looking for a fabulous book on different types of cheeses- to give as a gift. Any suggestions?

The 'big name' cheeses, Epoisses, Saint Marcellin...

by Captain Falkenberg 18 years ago

Are these cheese made by more than one producer. If so does any one know the name of the best producer of these cheeses? Also how can I tell when they are 'perfectly ripe' thank you

Winter cheese, Spring cheese. Do "seasons" matter? How do you know when a cheese is great?

by Mar a 18 years ago

I'm relatively new to cheese mania, and kind of obsessed with finding good artisanal, farmhouse cheeses. Usually I go to the store, try some, and get a kind I never got before. I am generally quite...

Epoisses and other banned cheeses

by Tom Meg 18 years ago

A specific question followed by a more general one: Can any cheese maven tell me how to tell if the Epoisses cheese I recently saw in a cheese shop in the US is the raw milk or the pasteurized ve...

Out of the ordinary cheeses

by Howard-2 18 years ago

What are your favorite cheeses that are not the usual fare, but also, not impossible to find? Some of my favorites are: 1. any ripened (brie-type) cheese made with goat's milk. Goat's milk ...

What is considered a true brie?

by kz 18 years ago

what is a true brie? what about the ripening period? how do imports (stabilized bries) differ? i keep hearing stories that raw milk bries are sometimes seen sold in stores, but i'm dubious as raw...

Fromage Blanc

by Ron 18 years ago

Does anyone know what fomage blanc is? It tastes like sour cream. Is it used the same way? Does it have the same fat content?

fattiness of cheese

by basil 19 years ago

not looking for a big discussion on recommendations. i would appreciate a quick pointer on the HEALTH aspects. not much of a cheese eater, but in recent forays, I've realized I enjoy creamy mushy...

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