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Punniest cheese of the year?

by DonShirer 11 hours ago

Goat on a Hot Tin Roof !      Certainly a leading contender for the year's punniest cheese. In addition to a smooth...

Willoughby Washed Rind by Jasper Hill Creamery

by Melanie Wong 9 days ago

Last week I was served Willoughby, a washed rind by Jasper Hill, at a dinner party. My first encounter with this chee...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 8 days ago

Left queso melt out overnight. Safe to eat?

by dub612 28 days ago

I left an unopened container of store bought queso-melt out overnight (didn't see it at the bottom of the shopping ba...


acgold7 commented 27 days ago

Best use of swiss cheese

by Soop 10 years ago

I love emental, but I never know what sandwiches to put it in. Ham is the obvious choice, but I'm not a big ham fan....


RSwanson72 commented 1 month ago

Farmer's Cheese - what is it? And what to do with it?

by SamuelAt 9 years ago

I love cheese. When I am in the store, forget the the cookies, cakes, and sweets. I am tempted by the cheese aisle....


Shrinkrap commented 1 month ago

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Shaft's Ellie's Vintage 2 Year Reserve Bleu

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

Visiting Lodi last month, I stopped at Cheese Central to see if there might be any locally produced cheeses I should ...

government cheese

by zorgclyde 11 years ago

my mom's friend gave her one giant block of 'processed American cheese" - the kind government gives to seniors. And I...


Frenchflowers01 commented 2 months ago

Where to buy bulk curd cheese?

by me0kat 2 months ago

Anyone know close to the Montreal area if there is a cheese factory offering fresh curd cheese? (traditional fromag...


stak commented 2 months ago

White American Cheese - Boars Head or Land O' Lakes

by Woof Woof Woof 8 years ago

I am muchly over that American that comes in plastic rather buying strictly at the Deli now. But curious as to which ...


orborborb commented 2 months ago

DIY ricotta

by Fritz 2 months ago

has anyone experimented with DIY ricotta enough to know if the there is a discernible result depending on the "acid" ...


Fritz commented 2 months ago

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St. Albans... Soft and Cuddly

by DonShirer 2 months ago

Just had my first taste of St. Albans, a soft spreadable cow milk cheese from Vermont Creamery. Modeled after St. Ma...

What is a comparable cheese to Comte'?

by Angelina 10 years ago

I have been looking in my foodstore (Wegmans in NJ) and they never have it! Although they advirtise it, they still h...


benbenberi commented 2 months ago

I Don't Like Cheese - Am I Alone?

by Yaxpac 7 years ago

If I tell people that i don't like cheese they look at me like i am crazy. I can handle mozzarella on pizza or minim...


khoose_ commented 2 months ago

Left cheese out overnight; unsafe?

by aynrandgirl 10 years ago

I accidentally left some still factory-sealed cheese on the counter overnight rather than putting it in the refrigera...


sunshine842 commented 3 months ago

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Manistique by Zingerman's Creamery

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Manistique is a Jersey cow's milk, bloomy rind soft cheese. Zingerman's wraps it in Savoy cabbage leaves to ripen and...

I can't do goat cheese. Substitute?

by Susan627 9 years ago

I love any kind of cheese, the stinkier the better. But I just can't wrap my arms around chevre. I have tried all k...


jnhump commented 3 months ago

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Cave-aged Marisa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Last month I had tried this cave-aged sheeps milk cheese, Marisa, from Carr Valley in Wisconsin. Quite firm and almos...

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

by messycook 14 years ago

The weirdest thing happened the other day....I ate a bite of some appelenzer (spelling?) and my mouth almost instantl...


kpoor11 commented 3 months ago

Do YOU eat the rind on Brie?

by KOK 11 years ago

I've had Brie in the past and at the whole piece I was given and enjoyed it very much. I recently bought a $6 or so ...


loveyournoms commented 3 months ago