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Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream?

by jennbook 1 year ago

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese mixed with sour cream. My mom eats it; my grandmother ate it. My husband ...

nannygoat commented 2 days ago

Fromage fort too hard

by kaysheh 8 days ago

I tried making fromage fort with hard cheese and some butter. After refrigeration it's now crumbly and too hard to sp...

Melanie Wong commented 8 days ago


Why cant americans make cheese ?

by stevenjf 10 years ago

I am a brit and i have just returned from Manhattan on what was a really wonderful trip with super food. One thing...


cheeseisheaven commented 9 days ago

Looking for Turkish/Iraqi Cheese

by burgeoningfoodie 19 days ago

Looking for a cheese called Kaymak (K-eye-mak) that I saw on a show that is usually made from the water buffalo in Tu...

TerryG commented 12 days ago

How to upgrade Pimento Cheese

by ferusprocella 1 month ago

I work at a grocery store in the south east. The other day, we were sampling this amazing pimento cheese. I've always...


Madrid commented 15 days ago

goat cheese allergy

by newmarket2 2 years ago

I have a problem with chevre and I have never met a single other person with a similar problem. I LOVE chevre so whe...


Kari23 commented 17 days ago

Red Witch (Rote Hexe) cheese, anyone?

by nofunlatte 23 days ago

I tried some of this at a cheese shop in Muskegon, MI (The Cheese Lady) the other week. I think I'm in love! I'd neve...

nofunlatte commented 17 days ago

Something peculiar about this Morbier cheese

by Howard_2 6 months ago

Cheese under false pretenses? I need some opinions about this situation regarding Morbier cheese from Murray's Che...


Lesliepbg commented 20 days ago

Cheese Be the first to comment

Cheshire cheese

by Kenellen 20 days ago

Finally found a source in San Francisco. Andronico's, 1200 Irving, is once again stocking Cheshire cheese from Ford ...

What to do with hard aged goat cheese

by j123jam 24 days ago

I was recently in Paris and I wanted to bring home cheese, but soft cheeses were a no-go in part because I was going ...

babette feasts commented 24 days ago

Storing Feta Cheese???

by Phoebe 6 years ago

I purchased Feta from an online source and it was not sent in a brine. How do I store it properly? Googled it and fou...


ced1106 commented 1 month ago

mail order cheese?

by Thor 13 years ago

I gotten some from NYC-area dairies that ship, and also tried Zingerman's, which I wasn't too impressed with. Does ...


PoetVictoria commented 1 month ago

I Don't Like Cheese - Am I Alone?

by Yaxpac 6 years ago

If I tell people that i don't like cheese they look at me like i am crazy. I can handle mozzarella on pizza or minim...


pokegoober commented 1 month ago

Halfway-there cheese

by BangorDin 1 month ago

Which cheese would be closest to half cheese, half butter, in flavor? Thanks!

babette feasts commented 1 month ago

Help me find the world's best cheddar cheese spread!

by girlwonder88 7 years ago

(Not sure if this is the right place to post this question; please redirect if you need to). I'm addicted to good ...


Cheesehead1 commented 2 months ago

How to keep cheese in refrig from being moldy?

by luuuu 10 years ago

No matter how tight the ziplock bag I put the cheese into, some of them (cheddar, mozzarella, blue cheese) still go m...


Duhglus commented 2 months ago

French cheese bucket list

by zerodosage 2 months ago

Hi all, I am in Paris for one month, and would like to sample as many different types of cheese as possible. The s...

hychka commented 2 months ago

Best store bought mozzarella for caprese

by letsindulge 2 years ago

Normally a few national brands (that slip my mind at the moment). What is your "go to"? How do you feel about using b...

jen kalb commented 2 months ago

Brie with brown discoloration - safe?

by blueartemis4 3 months ago

I just opened this Brie. The sell-by date is not until some time in late May. It has some brown discoloration over mu...


blueartemis4 commented 2 months ago


by taras1949a 3 months ago

Does a finer cheese cloth or straining bag make for a creamier ricotta?


taras1949a commented 2 months ago

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