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Boska Cheese Curler (bought in Rotterdam)

by 2chefkitchen 8 days ago

Cheese Curler: What types of cheese can you use with a cheese curler?

Melanie Wong commented 7 days ago

Best way to enjoy brie

by sunshinedrop 11 years ago

I have always wanted to try brie, and there was a chunk of it on sale at my grocery store, so I bought it. Now I jus...


Tempest9 commented 8 days ago

Gorgonzola Dolce and Stilton - What kind of bread?

by cloudship 9 days ago

Need a last minute, no cook, no heating or refrigeration required pot-luck dish for Friday. I was thinking I would st...

Melanie Wong commented 9 days ago

Care of burrata

by Fuffy 16 days ago

Is freshness crucial with burrata and can one freeze it?


MikeG commented 15 days ago

Shropshire Blue

by theomordha 1 month ago

I am looking for Shropshire Blue in the San Francisco Bay Area. Does anyone know where it can be found?


Khotso98 commented 1 month ago

Orange bits around deli sliced cheese -- safe?

by StephanD 2 months ago

Sorry if this is an amateur question, but I rarely buy diff deli cheeses & don't know if it's common. I'm in NY and o...


lucciano commented 1 month ago

What is a Substitute for Gruyere Cheese?

by MadelynBaker2004 11 months ago

I am trying out a recipe and I have no idea what Gruyere Cheese is. The recipe calls for about 5 1/4 cups of it and I...


lucciano commented 1 month ago

Do you eat the skin on Brie?

by Fromage-Inept 15 years ago

Or should I say... is it proper (knowing that many on here will eat anything)? I've noticed at buffet-type events w...

sunshine842 commented 1 month ago

Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream?

by jennbook 1 year ago

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese mixed with sour cream. My mom eats it; my grandmother ate it. My husband ...


gutreactions commented 2 months ago

Quark Cheese

by MDK 2 months ago

Is it to be found anywhere in the Metro Detroit area? It's the best used in baking in Aruba. I saw the older posts ...

coney with everything commented 2 months ago

Goat cheese haters?

by HelloTiffy 10 years ago

Hi everyone, first time poster. I was just curious about how many members find goat cheese (or maybe another food) co...


samlewes commented 2 months ago

Port Salut

by saxie 2 months ago

Amazingly, i'm an old old cheese hand and yet never tried port salut till this summer. it looks highly processed and ...


Ptipois commented 2 months ago

Blue Cottage Cheese

by Bryan Harrell 14 years ago

I love blue cheese, but factors like price, fat and salt limit my consumption. However, from a few months ago, I trie...


willtell commented 3 months ago

Harbison cheese, from Jasper Hill

by pauliface 5 years ago

I tried a new cheese last night that was terrific: Harbison cheese, from Jasper Hill. This was recommended to me at...

Melanie Wong commented 3 months ago

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St. Géric triple créme blue cheese

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

A week ago I did a quick grab and run from the pre-cut cheese section at Berkeley's Market Hall Foods on 4th Street. ...

Kraft Old English Cheese

by vvv03 10 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for Kraft Old English Cheese. I have never heard of this and chances are I'm not finding ...


therabbit commented 3 months ago

Which of these Cabot Cheddar cheeses is the sharpest?

by helou 5 years ago

I was at Sam's Club today and they have the following cheeses, all "Premium Naturally Aged Cheddar" and all the same ...


medlar commented 3 months ago

Keeping Feta Fresh

by jasmine 11 years ago

Help! I just bought some fresh feta and am not sure how to keep it fresh. Currently, it's in water - do I keep it i...


sunnyskies12 commented 4 months ago

I Don't Like Cheese - Am I Alone?

by Yaxpac 7 years ago

If I tell people that i don't like cheese they look at me like i am crazy. I can handle mozzarella on pizza or minim...


Barb_Snow commented 4 months ago

bizarre cheese-mouth reaction

by messycook 13 years ago

The weirdest thing happened the other day....I ate a bite of some appelenzer (spelling?) and my mouth almost instantl...

fldhkybnva commented 4 months ago