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What type of cheese is this? (brown/white rind, soft brie-like interior)

by nuritnurit 8 days ago

I asked my bf to go to a fromagerie and buy brie, and he came back with a brie-like cheese with a brown and white rind. It was saltier than brie. I've attached a pic of the rind - we had eaten most...

Cruelty Free Organic Cheeses

by phelana 10 years ago

I am a vegetarian eating dairy. Is there a cheese company that is cruelty free and organic please?

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Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream?

by jennbook 4 years ago

One of my favorite snacks is cottage cheese mixed with sour cream. My mom eats it; my grandmother ate it. My husband thinks it's utterly disgusting, and has never heard of anyone but us eating the ...

French Consumers Urged to Eat More Cheese

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 21 days ago

" . . . Consumers in France have been spending more on staples and pre-packaged cheese during the COVID-19 crisis, and have shunned many traditional cheeses from smaller makers, according to the Ce...

Cheese o'Clock guided virtual tastings with Janet Fletcher & Laura Werlin

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 27 days ago

A four-part series of guided virtual tastings of cheese with selected wines led by Janet Fletcher and Laura Werlin, two of the most knowledgeable cheese educators, to celebrate American Cheese Mont...

Reports on Ramini mozzarella di bufala?

by miss louella 6 years ago

Has anyone tried this? It's a relatively new ranch/creamery in Tomales (http://www.raminimozzarella.com/index.html). They don't sell retail but looks like they supply Pizzaria Delfina in SF. I lov...

Making Queso Fresco- How do i get different flavors?//peruvian vs mexican?

by lestblight 8 years ago

I am trying to make a version of Bolivian/Peruvian Queso Freso or Queso Blanco- I have found recipes like this http://www.cheesemaking.com/store/pg/52.html for queso fresco.. I am worrie...

Kraft Old English Cheese

by vvv03 12 years ago

I have a recipe that calls for Kraft Old English Cheese. I have never heard of this and chances are I'm not finding this in the cheese section at Zabars. Anyone know what this stuff is and what a ...

Cheese scalloped zucchini

by snuss 3 months ago

My recipe calls for Parmesan and Gruyere cheeses. Never used gruyere but researching it I’m seeing it’s a nutty Swiss tasting cheese. I absolutely cannot do Swiss Any ideas for a substitution? Th...

Franklin's Teleme Cheese is in trouble

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

" . . . Peluso’s troubles began when his creamery landlord experienced a series of financial blows in quick succession—'a perfect storm,' says Peluso. The landlord stopped repairing the creamery eq...

Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery | Sonoma County

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Sunday's almost-Spring mild temperature and blue skies inspired a drive to the Sonoma Coast. Lots of other people had the same idea and the tiny hamlet of Valley Ford was booming with visitors. Ope...

Goat cheese haters?

by HelloTiffy 12 years ago

Hi everyone, first time poster. I was just curious about how many members find goat cheese (or maybe another food) completely, extremely, ridiculously horrible. I am a big fan of all kinds of fo...

Raw milk for "pets" Minneapolis

by benjaminthom 4 months ago

Anyone know where in Minneapolis to find raw milk for "pets" (aka, cheese making)

Substitute for Feta?

by steph995 4 months ago

Hi, looking for suggestions for replacing the Feta in this ATK bean dip recipe. Just don't like any goats cheese. Thanks in advance! Sun-Dried Tomato and Feta White Bean Dip 1 (15-ounce) ca...

Sartori Reserve Merlot Bellavitano Cheese

by mushroomaffairs 5 months ago

I bought this cheese from Costco, it's absolutely delicious, reminiscent of a sweet parmigano and dry aged cheddar or swiss with the fruity wine note in the background. It's sharp, sweet, nutty an...

Cheese for Travel: HELP!

by mlomeli6 5 months ago

Hi and thank you in advance for any helpful answers! I am traveling in Europe and because I fly spaceA (on a military plane) I can bring back things like cheese! I recently went to Paris and was ...

German court forced to rule as cheese smell gets up woman's nose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

" . . . Ms Kragler says the smell of the cheese comes up through windows, staircases and even claims the smell comes through electric sockets. . . He also claims that the smell is actually fro...

Cheese curds in the Bay?

by walkie74 5 months ago

hey folks, I'm trying to find cheese curds to make poutine at home. Any idea where I can look?