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Looking for lambic fans.

Ernie Diamond
by Ernie Diamond 14 years ago

I'm rather proud to recognize that my taste in beer has been favoring more and more complex styles in recent years. From the early years wasted on rice-based swill (Budweiser, et al) to stouts and ...

Don't Be Bitter?

by Chinon00 14 years ago

The biggest change in the bar/restaurant scene in terms of beer in recent memory has been the introduction of Weiss bier and Wit bier. They’ve been widely available at many casual to upscale bars ...

Jim Leff's CHOW Tour

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 14 years ago

The Big Dog has been on the road searching out the best chow around the country. Now there's a fancy report on his tour up and running - it's got maps and graphics and navigation to go with all the...

ISO fresh hop ales in the Bay Area

by dolcetto 14 years ago

Did anyone read the recent article (link below) about ales made from freshly-picked hops. Really piqued my interest but have no idea where they would serve this. Available mostly on tap but breweri...

Help thy beginner

by rajbbhatt 14 years ago

I am a beginner at beers. I like things that are Ultra smooth and not bitter. Looking for sweeter things that you can just sip. I have like quadrapels (St. Bernardus). Anything else you might s...

Best Brew Pubs - Philly and Suburbs

by Chinon00 14 years ago

I am a huge fan of Slyfox Brewpub in Phoenixville (although it’s a 50 minute drive). I enjoy the freshness, variety and quality of their beer along with the crowd, which can be very pleasant. I a...

Chile beers

by Eat Well 14 years ago

I once had a New Mexican beer that was brewed with chiles, thought i was great. I regularly put a couple of shots of hot sauce in Mexican beers (got that from observing some Mexicans drink beer in ...

Stout for Dinner & Dessert!: SA Black Lager and B&J’s Black and Tan

by Dommy 14 years ago

Last week I found myself in a dire situation, I had no beer in the house and my brother was coming over for dinner and to help me out with a home network problem (And bro is a big booze hound as we...

Ipso Facto???

by hiliv 14 years ago

So I had this beer in a bar in San Francisco (Toronado I believe). I'm not a huge beer fanatic but this particular beer was fabulous. I believe it's Dutch. Does anyone know where I can find/orde...

Quilmes - Argentine lager

by english_knave 14 years ago

Does anybody know where I could obtain Quilmes in NYC or around the city.

Question about BEER -- how do you choose?

by tigger2 14 years ago

I have a question for all of you beer drinkers out there -- how do you categorize the beers that you drink, from good, better, best? For example, do you think: -- Domestic beer is good, importe...

Lambic--is it really that hard to find?

Non Cognomina
by Non Cognomina 14 years ago

On my way to visit a friend, I stopped by Trader Joe's in Napa to pick up a bottle of Lambic (that's where he usually gets it). But alas they were out of stock. I asked where else I might be able...

Beer Down Under

by MShapiro 14 years ago

So I'm going to Australia & New Zealand in a few weeks. A recent post asked where they can find Victoria Bitter in the U.S., so I assume it’s decent. Are there any other beers that I should try? ...

Beer Novice Here, Help A Gal Out!

by sivyaleah 14 years ago

I don't know a thing about beer - I'm a wine drinker. But, I know what I prefer. And what I prefer is Guinness. Yep, dark, heavy, smooth and thick bodied beer served icy cold. I do not like li...

Hitachino Nest beers

by MVNYC 14 years ago

On my recent trip to NYC I noticed that this beer seemed to be everywhere from French Bistros, to Japanese restauarants even at Per Se. I had the White Ale and was not impressed. It was alright b...

IPA tasting

by Wineman 14 years ago

Partipated in a tasting of American IPAs. Here are the ales tasted in the order of preference with some notes: Stoudt’s Double IPA Bottle conditioned 10% abv (Deep golden color very fragran...

Fleurette from Birrificio Italiano

by joypirate 14 years ago

Tried this last night and it's mighty tasty, if mighty large (definitely want to share this, as I did). Of the flavors, the rose petal and black pepper stand out the most. It should also mentio...

Review: Pomme Lambic, Hitachino's Nest, Caballero Aguila - Hurrah for Surfas!

by Dommy 14 years ago

I had to say, out of all the new boards, this is my favorite. I am a HUGE brew/booze hound and sadly haven't posted much because as one of my last posts here mentioned, I hadn't food a beer shop i...

Non-Alcoholic beers-unturned stones?

by Suburban Sandy 14 years ago

DH has had to stop consuming alcoholic beverages for health reasons and as a supportive spouse, I've mostly joined him. Anyone tried any really good N/A beers? Descriptions please. We've tried the ...

Grabbin' a six pack at the deli - what's your "safe" beer

by erikka 14 years ago

Quite often, in a pinch, I find myself buying a six pack of beer from the corner deli - usually something of the Sam Adams/Red Stripe/fairly commercial ilk (which, for Brooklyn includes some things...

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