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Fried chicken and peach pie may sound like clichés, but they're just two comfort food staples that the city does best. But no matter what type of cuisine your craving, you'll find it in Atlanta where everything served up with a side of Southern hospitality.

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The Latest in Atlanta

Order Like a Regular at This 90-Year-Old Fast Food Spot

We traveled to The Varsity to find out the must-have items and how to use their famous lingo to place your order.

This Atlanta Fried Chicken Is Served with a Side of History

by Ella Buchan | This unassuming American diner was the unofficial headquarters of the civil rights movement in Atlanta. The kitchen...

Don't Judge a Road by Its Adult Video Stores: Cheshire Bridge Is a Food Lover's Paradise

by Frances Katz | Cheshire Bridge Road is an urban planning nightmare. It’s a confused strip of gas stations, storage facilities, smoke shops, adult video stores, and...

Can the South’s Meat and Threes Bring Our Country Together?

by Karen Resta | Many Americans now live in a long winter of discontent during the tenure of President Donald Trump. The United States is so highly divided in the political...

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Eat: Explore in Atlanta

A Tuscan-American Love Story: How Cooking and Dancing Brought This Atlanta Couple Together

by Sucheta Rawal | An American girl travels to Italy, meets a charming Italian man, gets married, and together they live happily ever after. It sounds like a cliché love...

A History of Soul Food and Atlanta's Most Renowned Spots

by Makeda Waterman | Other than Southern hospitality, Atlanta conjures up thoughts of good ‘ol soul food . It is cuisine with a culture in the African-American community...

Braised Rabbit with Garlic Caramel Sauce and Risotto

Often overlooked, rabbit is a delectable, mild meat that makes a nice change from chicken, especially when braised so it stays tender. Here, it's paired...

This Ugly Atlanta Food Court Has One of the South’s Best Restaurants

by Lia Picard | Atlanta’s food scene is popping with chefs gaining national recognition for their craft and a renewed interest in Southern cuisine, though the restaurant...

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Returning to Atlanta for a Weekend

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Hi all, I'm returning to Atlanta for a weekend. I haven't been back for about 5 years. My old favorites were JCT Kitchen, Antico... View full discussion ›

Narrow Down my Atlanta Restaurant List

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Please help me narrow down my list of Atlanta restaurants based on the following: • Weeknight, business dinner (7 - 8pm) for... View full discussion ›

Atlanta restaurants near Hilton

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I will be at a conference in Atlanta for the next few days, staying at the Hilton Atlanta. The conference itself is at the world... View full discussion ›

Drink: Explore Cocktails and Beverages in Atlanta

This Downtown Atlanta Sushi Restaurant Is the Modern-Day ‘Cheers’

by Malika Bowling | People still wanna go where everybody knows their name. #AD1# #AD1# “Cheers,” the wildly popular television show from the 1980s called...

11 Moonshine Cocktails That Are Worth the Trip to Atlanta

by Karen Resta | #AD1# #AD1# Atlanta is sophisticated. The best of the South is here in terms of food, drink, chefs, and hospitality, but Atlanta also remembers...


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