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Has anyone heard of the herbs/spices asafetida or epazote?

by Joyce Goldstein 12 years ago

Do you know if either of them has a different (English) name? I live in Brooklyn, New York. Any suggestions of wher...


Herbcrafter4ever commented 4 months ago

Seeking great indian grocery near Park Slope/Ditmas

by ichichan 4 years ago

Well blow me down. Here I am in the middle of Bangladesh central and I can't find asafetida nor curry leaves. Anyone ...


Westminstress commented 6 months ago

Wow - advice needed...containing the power of hing (asafoetida)

by kobuta 8 months ago

I have not done much home Indian cooking, though I enjoy Indian food a lot. My sister yesterday gave me a bottle of ...


MikeG commented 8 months ago

Do U smell diff when u cook indian food?

by youareabunny 2 years ago

Sorry I couldn't come up with a more eloquent title. This post I am asking towards not just eaters of Indian food but...


Welshdog commented 11 months ago

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