Please help me sort out a 4 day Montreal trip!

by poochiechow 15 days ago

My husband and I are heading to Montreal for a long weekend in a few weeks, and are really looking forward to the foo...


C70 commented 11 minutes ago


by foggybottom123 1 day ago

We are looking for a restaurant for birthday dinner walkable to the highline. No Asian or Mexican. $60 per person all...

thegforceny commented 12 minutes ago

Go to Comfort Food

by JanetJ 18 hours ago

Interested in what you go to for comfort food when you're not feeling up to par. Ours is cornstarch pudding served wa...


JanetJ commented 26 minutes ago

Clam Box: Dissent

by Science Chick 12 days ago

I adore whole belly fried clams. Surprisingly, after more than 20 years living in the Boston area, I still had never...

justbeingpolite commented 43 minutes ago

Sushi Sawada Alternatives? (Sushi in Tokyo)

by leduarte 2 months ago

Hello Chowhound Japan, Hope everyone is doing well; I want to thank everyone once again for the helpful suggestion...


leduarte commented 1 hour ago

Simple Cookbook for Single Man

by topher83187 22 hours ago

I'm a single man looking to expand my cooking horizons, I enjoy cooking but I don't not have a large budget to cook w...


jimplante commented 1 hour ago

King Taco: what's in that sauce?!!?! [moved from Los Angeles board]

by jms_5150 10 years ago

Savor the Flava. i've come close to mastering this sauce at home, but mine taste more like El Taurino aka hoover tac...


foodrebel commented 1 hour ago

The Whole Foods Challenge

by evansl 11 months ago

I have occasionally checked out Whole Foods, but invariably walk out with little or nothing because of their extremel...


trombasteve commented 1 hour ago

Help with potato dish

by leaf26 16 hours ago

I'm 20 and a mostly ordinary college student. I prefer working with convenient ingredients out of circumstance. I ...


leaf26 commented 1 hour ago

What to do with Saladmaster cookware?

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

Yes, I know this thing is a total scam. But a very kind soul gave me a Saladmaster skillet (with a cover) for Xmas...

kaleokahu commented 2 hours ago

Waterfront, child-friendly, near East Hampton

by suetibu 16 days ago

We are going to be spending a week in East Hampton at the end of summer. Looking for restaurants that are waterfront ...

coll commented 2 hours ago

Unique restaurants/dinner experience Boston

by bpe426 1 day ago

I'm looking for a unique restaurant or dining experience in the Boston or North Shore area. I want to take someone ou...


Bmorse commented 2 hours ago

Need a suggestion to make a condiment with preserved lemons

by TheEnigmaFacade 20 hours ago

maybe it's the pregnancy hormones kicking in, but i have a weird request: i was craving salt last night and ended ...


valadelphia commented 3 hours ago

Pine nut substitution?

by chinchi 4 years ago

A friend passed along an interesting sounding recipe for pasta with sardines, fennel, currants, and pine nuts. I hav...


valadelphia commented 3 hours ago

Best Local Costco Finds?

by courtneyfc 2 months ago

Last week I went to my local Costco (Richmond, CA) and discovered that they were carrying my favorite cheese, Humbold...

Motosport commented 3 hours ago

Cut proof glove

by BluPlateSpec 20 hours ago

We're eating a lot of bagels now and I want a cut proof glove to save my finger. Any brand suggestions? Thanks.

Pirendeus commented 3 hours ago

Store bought pie crust

by Shrinkrap 9 hours ago

There is an old thread, But in the end it reads "T...


dfrostnh commented 4 hours ago

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