Roux wisk

by Freq Band 24 hours ago

This is one of my favorite kitchen tools..... a Roux wisk. Does anybody else find this tool indispensable ? (li...

Freq Band commented 8 minutes ago

Has a waiter addressed you rudely?

by purple5781 6 days ago

I am an African American man. My wife and I were out having lunch with friends who are of two different ethnicities. ...

ninrn commented 12 minutes ago

Japan Reservations (LONG philsophical post)

by jkaww 3 days ago

A few qualifiers before I get to the point: - I write this post as a person who has had the exceptional good fortune...


jkaww commented 18 minutes ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - February 2016

by fldhkybnva 5 days ago

Happy February, we're moving right along through 2014! Punxsutawney Phil will soon let us know whether we should prep...


GraceW commented 20 minutes ago

Olive oil!

by CaptCrunch 3 days ago

Hello everybody! I've never really considered olive oil proper for cooking because I was always weary of its smoke...


lagatta commented 28 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? February 2016 edition!

by buttertart 5 days ago

So here we are almost in February, which is liable to be a cold month at least in my little corner of the world. Ano...

buttertart commented 29 minutes ago

Din tai Fung comes to Bay Area

by superbigeater 11 months ago

It appears that DTF will come to Santa Clara's Westfield Valley Mall in October. It will seat about 200 people.

Melanie Wong commented 39 minutes ago

Hungarian ducks at IGA?

by lagatta 1 day ago

IGA has frozen ducks on sale in Montréal this week: 1.99lb 4.39kg. The unusual twist is that, at least according to t...


lagatta commented 1 hour ago

Help cooking Thai sticky rice

by basefilm 1 day ago

I love sticky rice at Thai restaurants. My sticky rice is not nearly as sticky, and it doesn't turn clear when cooke...


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

I'm Craving - 2016

by cstr 1 month ago

Well it's a new year, it's time to move this along. I'm barely over the holidays and I want some good Chinese/Asia...

DoctorChow commented 1 hour ago

Safe or stupid to eat venison after thawing at room temperature overnight?

by Willanoah 10 hours ago

Help! A guest (a hunter whom I do not know) presented me with a frozen leg of venison from a deer he had bagged. I ...

mcf commented 1 hour ago

New Article

Restaurants Pulling some Vegatables off the Menu due to cost

by pourboi 16 days ago

Urban Herbivore had pulled cauliflower off it menu due to the high cost... I have heard people complain about asparag...


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

Your top tips for things that Toronto restaurants must stop doing

by KitchenVoodoo 6 days ago

I'll start with mine: 1) Don't deafen me. If you (chef, waiter) are OK about sacrificing your hearing - fine, but I...


ylsf commented 1 hour ago

Kitchenaid Mixer and Dishwasher

by girlonavespa 1 day ago

I am so frustrated with the whisk attachment on my kitchenaid mixer!! The stupid thing is not dishwasher compatible a...

rasputina commented 1 hour ago

Whole annato pods?

by donamayamaya 2 days ago

Has anyone in NYC seen whole annatto pods for sale. not the seeds but the whole pods that contain the seeds?


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

Rustic main course recipes for small wedding

by Willanoah 10 hours ago

I'm catering a small wedding in my log cabin. Will be casual, 15 people, probably buffet. Suggestions or recipes fo...

SunnyCalifGirl commented 1 hour ago

Why don't grocery stores sell green tomatoes?

by mushroomaffairs 21 hours ago

I've never seen green tomatoes sold in any grocery store or farmer's market which is kind of odd considering how insa...


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

Café Boulud

by elvisahmed 10 days ago

Having dined (for a lack of better word) twice I feel strongly enough the need to share the experience I had this spo...

elvisahmed commented 2 hours ago

What are the best chef's frying pans

by jrobrob 2 days ago

I am a young home cook (and perhaps one day aspiring chef) and am looking to invest in some good quality cookware as ...

DuffyH commented 2 hours ago

What's for Dinner #389: New year, new WFD thread [Through February 4, 2016]

by grayelf 1 month ago

It's a new year for many and the last thread is starting to take too long to load. So I'm going for it! To add to the...

hannaone commented 2 hours ago

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