Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - July 2016

by fldhkybnva 24 days ago

We're moving right along through summer. The days are getting shorter but the party's just begun. July brings Indepen...


bmorecupcake commented 41 minutes ago

Self-guided San Francisco Chinatown tour

by pflow1 4 days ago

Husband and I will be in San Francisco and want to put together a self-guided tour. Any suggestions? Open to pretty m...

moto commented 1 hour ago

Need Seattle advice for NY and SF foodies

by nyperr 8 hours ago

I'm going to Seattle next week... All first time. Will be there 4 days with a group of four foodies from New York an...

babette feasts commented 1 hour ago

Venice Feedback - 2 Adults, 1 Toddler

by mudrummer 5 days ago

I feel like I have spent the better part of two days reading Chowhound posts and topics in preparation for our upcomi...

PBSF commented 2 hours ago

Favorite Sandwiches

by Jukauz 3 days ago

I was reading an older post from 2009 here regarding Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches and got to thinking about favo...

Michele4466 commented 2 hours ago

PLEASE HELP! How long can cooked meat stay out for, and still be eaten?

by violetglitter 6 years ago

So I made a small pot roast last night (late - around 10 or 11pm), and took it out of the oven to cool on the counter...


tmichelet commented 2 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - July 2016

by MidwesternerTT 29 days ago

With hot weather, holidays, vacations and summer activities, many of us may not be cooking much in July. But we'll a...


Westminstress commented 2 hours ago

Good herring

by soccermom13 3 days ago

I'd like to start eating more fish, so I'm going to try herring for breakfast occasionally. Can anyone recommend a g...


bohemianclub commented 2 hours ago

What's for Dinner #393 (July 2016) - The brow moppin' edition

by ChristinaMason 19 days ago

Things have gone from sunny and warm to sweltering and humid, in my area at least! It's summertime and the livin' is....


buckytom commented 3 hours ago

Trip to Chautauqua and Finger Lakes

by jen kalb 12 months ago

we are heading for Chautauqua NY for a week, with a couple days to meander from NYC on each end. Looking for any r...

jen kalb commented 3 hours ago

"New" Monmouth County resident suggestions and questions

by MoCoEater 3 months ago

I've been in the area almost a year, here are some of my favs and not favs. I really need suggestions for great regul...

Curlz commented 3 hours ago

July 2016 openings and closings

by total13 13 days ago

MC SlimJB and Hiddenboston seem to have left this task to others (or just disappeared in MC's case), but since a frie...


bobbidee commented 3 hours ago

The Costco Thread - Ontario - July to end of December 2016

by ylsf 17 days ago

This is Costco Thread for the second half of 2016 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen suppli...

mrsleny commented 3 hours ago

Arrow Root

by RoyRon 14 hours ago

I'm looking for a place that sells Arrow Root. I've looked in supermarkets and Whole Foods without finding it. I li...

nannygoat commented 3 hours ago

Putting pots and pans in the dishwasher- why not?

by jameshig 6 years ago

I don't understand why people get so up in arms about putting pots and pans in the dishwasher. I wouldn't put anythin...


chefwong commented 3 hours ago

Best 2 dishes for total of $30 and under

by Torolover 1 day ago

What are you favorite 2 dishes that you can get for total of $30 or less (before tax and tip)? You must feel full ...


Torolover commented 4 hours ago

Moving to Boston - starting list of interesting restaurants

by honkman 2 months ago

We are moving soon from San Diego to Boston and just went to Boston to find housing and schools and know now that we ...


VintageMolly commented 4 hours ago

Authentic Kouign Amann in Chicago

by fcale 6 hours ago

Does anyone know where one can get authentic kouign amann in Chicago? All the versions I've found so far have been pa...


fcale commented 4 hours ago

Anyone remember a rotisserie Mexican chicken place on Commerical Drive?

by brokentelephone 4 days ago

As per the topic - next door to the Belgian frites place was a Mexican rotisserie chicken place? Does anyone remember...

Scoffier commented 4 hours ago

4 downtown'ers seek suburb treats

by derekw 2 days ago

4 downtown condo dwellers want to drive out to the 'burbs for a tasty dinner, e.g. Chinese seafood or Peking Duck din...

Charles Yu commented 4 hours ago

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