Where do I buy currants in NYC?

by AmySowder 2 hours ago

So I'm in the food mecca of 'merica. Went to Kalustyan's. Still can't find currants. Where can I find them in Manhat...


saria commented 16 minutes ago

Chinese Crispy Roast Pig in NYC?

by r0cc00 2 hours ago

Where can I get Chinese crispy roast pig (golden skin NOT red) in NYC? Seems like the recommended HSIN WONG has clo...


saria commented 21 minutes ago

Cooking Chicken Sous Vide in Original Packaging

by zackly 3 hours ago

I have some boneless chicken thighs from Costco (see photo) that I want to cook sous vide without transferring them t...


zackly commented 23 minutes ago

Dungeness Crab Health Advisory Lifted along CA Central Coast

by Melanie Wong 14 hours ago

This is the first step toward getting local Dungeness crab back on our tables. Today the California Department ...


ricepad commented 40 minutes ago

Tough wine pairing

by offtoanywhere 16 hours ago

So I'm hosting a couple for dinner that primarily drink red wine. Easy right?? Yes, but I invited them on a Friday d...

mark_e commented 40 minutes ago

New Recipe


by Monica 2 hours ago

I love scallops but I've never actually cooked them at home. The reason for that is I am afraid I will be either und...

coll commented 1 hour ago

Where to eat near Westbury Music Fair on LI ?

by bakersma 6 hours ago

Hi .... my wife will be attending an event at Westbury Music Fair venue on Sunday afternoon 2/21. I'm looking for an...

coll commented 1 hour ago

Substitutes for "kashmiri chili powder"?

by nomadchowwoman 5 years ago

I've googled this, but since there seem to be a lot of different recs, I'd appreciate advice from CHers. I have on h...

LulusMom commented 1 hour ago

Best Restaurants on the North Shore of Boston

by purpletelescope 1 day ago

Looking for the best food on the North Shore of Boston. Fine dining and delicious grub. Just moved here and am lookin...


cjd260 commented 1 hour ago

Valentine's Day Meals

by arp29 5 days ago

Anyone making a special meal for Valentine's Day? I'm kicking around a few different options, but am not fully commit...


mike0989 commented 1 hour ago

Knife to cut through bones

by damiano 7 hours ago

Hi all, So I basically use one knife for 90 percent of all my kitchen tasks, and it is a Shun Chinese vegetable cl...


mike0989 commented 1 hour ago

Are two step microwave cooking instructions ever necessary?

by ebchower 2 hours ago

Most frozen, heat & serve food items have microwave instructions like "Microwave for four minutes, rotate, and cook a...


ferret commented 1 hour ago

Top Chef Season 13 Ep 10... Restaurant Wars, Part 2!

by chefhound 14 hours ago

I was so excited that I couldn't wait for someone else to start the post. Philip the manbun is gone! Hurray! Yip...


DGresh commented 1 hour ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - February 2016

by fldhkybnva 12 days ago

Happy February, we're moving right along through 2014! Punxsutawney Phil will soon let us know whether we should prep...


KimMae commented 1 hour ago

Top Chef Cali Last Chance Kitchen - Spoilers! Thread 1

by MplsM ary 2 months ago

I'll just post a generic Bravo Top Chef link, since I'm not sure how much mileage we'll get out of LCK. I don't think...

Worldwide Diner commented 1 hour ago

Less than 24 hours Downtown (Happy Hour/Dinner, Brunch needed)

by mcmullek 2 days ago

Snagged somewhat affordable, last-minute tickets to see Bill Maher this Sat. night so we'll be taking the afternoon t...

stevewi commented 1 hour ago

Using fresh shredded coconut in coconut cake

by AFMan916 19 hours ago

Chowhounders, So my wife has decided she would like me to bake her a coconut cake for Valentine's Day this year. ...


AFMan916 commented 1 hour ago

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