I fed a vegetarian lard by mistake. Do I tell her?

by lulubelle 6 years ago

I made a big 7-layer taco dip thingy to take to movie night at a friend's house. Because a couple of people in our ...

MplsM ary commented 5 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? November 2015 edition!

by buttertart 23 days ago

Here we are into glorious fall weather in our little corner of the world, and the oven beckons (as if it doesn't alwa...

buttertart commented 8 minutes ago

Bubbles in my cake

by sweetgirl1206 5 hours ago

I have been making a banana cake that I sell on a weekly basis, so I've made sure my recipe is exact down to the gram...

hotoynoodle commented 10 minutes ago

Crap! Is my stock ruined??

by EAH 11 hours ago

I was so excited to make extra stock this year for gravy. I went to WF and purchased 2 turkey legs, 2 wings, 2 backs ...

hotoynoodle commented 16 minutes ago

New Recipe

Simple Pan Gravy

215 Saves

What wine with butternut squash soup?

by jmills 3 hours ago

We are serving roasted butternut squash soup for Thanksgiving dinner. It has a little cinnamon and curry in it. What ...


collioure commented 30 minutes ago

West Coast Alternative to Striped Bass?

by rubigeorge 2 hours ago

I grew up on the East Coast but moved to California earlier this year. My brain is telling me its rockfish (striped ...

Melanie Wong and 1 other commented 36 minutes ago

Capizzi of Staten Island

by Ziggy41 14 days ago

If you come here on the off-chance that you may see a Staten Island post, today is your lucky day. Might as well go ...


burton commented 37 minutes ago

Just five questions!

by Sarasml 1 hour ago

Hello - Thank you for answering these five questions. I love the diversity of answers on this board but I am confus...


shanefink commented 39 minutes ago

Advice for lighter weight cookware?

by Neo1 18 days ago

I would like to buy my mother some new cookware. I have done so in the past with mixed results. The main problem is t...

drrayeye commented 1 hour ago

Cast Iron Myths Debunked

by zackly 9 hours ago

Interesting article: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/11/the-truth-about-cast-iron.html

paulj commented 1 hour ago

Just five questions!

by Sarasml 1 hour ago

Hello - Thank you for answering these five questions. I love the diversity of answers on this board but I am confus...

Egg Whites in Pie Dough for Pecan Pie?

by arielleeve 7 hours ago

So I'm making pecan pie for Thanksgiving this year (first time making it, I usually do pumpkin for Thanksgiving). Hav...

geminigirl commented 1 hour ago

NEW: Grand Fare Market, Oakland - any reports?

by hhc 29 days ago

I read about the Oakland's Grand Fare Market on SFWeekly. What do hounds think of it? Things in article to try: ra...

Ruth Lafler commented 1 hour ago

ISO: Recipes using Dried Mint

by content 4 hours ago

I picked up a 1 oz bag of dried mint today, but I only need 1 teaspoon for the recipe I'll be making. I'd love some ...


boogie350 commented 1 hour ago

Openings and Closings: October, November, December 2015

by lagatta 2 months ago

Starting this a bit early. Please keep September openings and closings in the sunnier summer thread. The new format r...


lagatta commented 1 hour ago

NEWLY Closed/Changed 2015 Restaurants in Toronto, July 1 - end of the year 2015

by Dean Tudor 5 months ago

Time for another round of newly closed restaurants and/or food stores in Toronto in 2015, to the end of the year???? ...


abigllama commented 1 hour ago

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