Society Fair Market in Alexandria - Report

by Steve 9 months ago

My first time in this market/counter/cafe on Washington St. below King in Old Town Alexandria from the same restauran...

monkeyrotica commented 19 minutes ago

Vegetarians cheat when drunk

by Florida Hound about 13 hours ago

I thought this research was worthy of Chowhounds' consideration:


DLovsky commented 23 minutes ago

Go-to cookbooks for "must impress" dinner parties

by pistachio peas 2 months ago

I brought this up in the monthly cookbooks thread but I'm re-posting the question here as a couple other people thoug...


Querencia commented about 1 hour ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - October 2015

by fldhkybnva 10 days ago

Fall has arrived and the Pumpkinundation has begun! There are old favorites and new soon-to-be favorites, and I'm...


Querencia commented about 1 hour ago

Stuck in a soup rut

by highlyunlikely 3 days ago

My five favourite soups to make are (in no particular order): -NYT corn soup with poblano peppers -Anthony Bourda...


Querencia and 1 other commented about 1 hour ago


by Barbara Ladden 2 days ago

What restaurant in Los Angeles has the best prime rib? Please don't mention Lawry's or Taylor's Steakhouse, both of ...


foodiemahoodie and 1 other commented about 3 hours ago

anyone been to Isabella in Conshohocken?

by middleagedfoodie about 21 hours ago

No reviews that I could find, unless it's this new format which I think is a bit of a challenge.


middleagedfoodie commented about 4 hours ago

2016 Guides

by allende about 10 hours ago

The first list is out and it gets stranger by the year… and more depressing. You can get a meal, actually two meals i...


ghiottone commented about 4 hours ago

2016 Michelin Stars Are Here!

by loratliff 10 days ago


Shirang and 1 other commented about 4 hours ago

What should I order at San Diego restaurants?

by DoctorChow 10 days ago

Here's a place where we can share our favorite things at restaurants throughout the San Diego area. My first reply...

DoctorChow commented about 4 hours ago

Nakiri Knife quality

by seitenryu 22 days ago

Right now I'm looking for a nakiri to supplement my Shun santoku and paring knives. I'm torn between the Mac 6.5" Na...

drrayeye and 2 others commented about 6 hours ago

"Difficult" kids' recipes

by biggreenmatt about 21 hours ago

Arright. Here goes nothing on what may be a contradiction in terms. My 5 and 3 yr old niece and nephew are coming...


nannygoat commented about 7 hours ago

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