Was New York this bad in the 1970s for milk?

by ClaireS50 3 days ago

In terms of milk? I heard stories from friends in the 1970s that NYC and NY State as a whole was a really bad state i...

coll commented 27 minutes ago

Paris Report Part - Bistro Paul Bert, L'Escargot, Restaurant AG, Chez Josephine Dumonet , Ze Kitchen Galerie

by Ciao Bob 16 hours ago

We had a great trip, despite last weeks 100 degree heat wave. We altered some of our plans to avoid super heavy meal...


VaPaula commented 1 hour ago

Which is the Best Wood Cutting Board?

by hanna6834 3 years ago

I've used plastic cutting board all my life. I want to switch over to the Best wood cutting board. Any suggestions? A...

Pirendeus commented 1 hour ago

Left cheese out overnight; unsafe?

by aynrandgirl 8 years ago

I accidentally left some still factory-sealed cheese on the counter overnight rather than putting it in the refrigera...

hill food commented 2 hours ago

What's for Dinner #394 (August 2016) - The Millions of Peaches Edition

by ChristinaMason 29 days ago

Sinking your teeth into a sweet peach so ripe the juices cascade down your chin and elbow - is there anything that sa...


Bookwich commented 2 hours ago

Old time Bronx spinach borekas (boyos)

by Elliot Piperno 17 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for the spinach borekas that were sold on Arthur Ave. in the 1950's ? Published recipes i...


dmilber commented 3 hours ago

New Gallery

Paleo-Approved Snacks

11 Photos

Restaurant Mensae

by rab28 1 day ago

Want to thank all of the Paris posters, always get valuable info, and love Mr. Talbott's blog & posts. My question is...

John Talbott commented 4 hours ago

Restaurant for dinner near CDG?

by andygottlieb 8 hours ago

Was asked at the (relative) last minute to do a presentation at a hotel right at CDG late September. Can any Chowhou...

John Talbott commented 4 hours ago

Go to Comfort Food

by JanetJ 6 days ago

Interested in what you go to for comfort food when you're not feeling up to par. Ours is cornstarch pudding served wa...


PaulaDeensButter commented 5 hours ago

Stainless steel pots and pans questions

by JamiLeigh_89 14 hours ago

Since I know that there are people out there who know much better than I do in regards to this topic, I have two ques...

hill food commented 5 hours ago

Exploding glassware?

by v2da2dl 10 years ago

Has anybody here had a glass cooking/baking dish shatter or "explode" (through no fault of your own!)? I'm researc...


randallhank commented 5 hours ago

Snacks and Meals for Non- Patient Hospital Stay

by sjd98765 8 hours ago

So my 4 month old son is having his second open heart surgery this Friday, I will be staying with him in the hospital...

hill food commented 6 hours ago

Trader Joe's - YAY/MEH/NAY Thread August 2016

by fldhkybnva 30 days ago

It’s August…already? The last days of summer are in the near future and kids will be headed back to school soon. Neve...

NuMystic commented 6 hours ago

Soda Taxes: Gaining Steam Or Getting Steamrolled?

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

"... There are studies showing, for example, if you drink two sodas a day for just two weeks, that your unhealthy cho...


bigwheel042 commented 6 hours ago

CA mangoes in season

by araminty 15 hours ago

I literally gasped when I walked into the new Whole Foods in Santa Clara... It's mango season! I know most of you...


srr commented 6 hours ago

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk food recommendations?

by ubetty 4 years ago

It's summertime and that means 1907 days ($1.00 rides on Mon and Tues) at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We're headi...


GH1618 commented 6 hours ago

Off Strip Options

by Worldwide Diner 1 day ago

I just bought a Brompton folding bike that I'm taking to Vegas. I've been to Raku and Chada St. What are some other...


Dave Feldman commented 6 hours ago

Osaka and Tokyo suggestions

by Bonniexx 12 days ago

I have the opportunity to travel to Japan in November. I'll have 2 days in Osaka and 3 in Tokyo although at least one...

Air_wick commented 7 hours ago

The New York That Was

by vikingkaj 18 hours ago

There have been disjointed posts on this topic before, but I thought it would be would be fun to start a thread on Ne...

Ttrockwood commented 7 hours ago

Midtown Manhattan Local Gems - Need Rec!

by lzglenn 17 hours ago

Hi, My sister and I are taking my mom to NYC in late September to celebrate her 70th birthday. We are staying at the ...

Ttrockwood commented 8 hours ago

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