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What are some of the best cocktail bars?

by Matronix 12 days ago

My soon to be wife and I are coming to New Orleans in a week for our honeymoon. We are always up for a gook cocktail....


Woobniggurath commented 10 minutes ago

Memphis' Gus's Fried Chicken (World Famous) Coming To Los Angeles

by PaulF 8 months ago "Gus’s Fried ...


granadafan commented 11 minutes ago

What's For Dinner #386. The Happy (pick your observance) Day or Week Edition

by hannaone 21 days ago

Independence Days (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico) , Malaysia Day, Eat a Hoagie Day, National Cr...


EllenCooks and 1 other commented 13 minutes ago

Cinnamon, Oregano and Black Pepper

by timmeesue 5 days ago

I picked up these 3 spices at the store the other day: Vietnamese cinnamon, dried oregano and coarse ground black pep...

Ttrockwood commented 14 minutes ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton - Dinner Mains, Dinner Vegetable Sides

by herby 5 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Dinner Mains p. 96-155 Dinner Vegetable Sides p. 156-210 If you are the first to r...


kaymbee commented 15 minutes ago

Miso paste - tips on storage? how to use?

by masha 5 days ago

Back story: The NYT recently had an article on Asian pantry items to keep on hand for easy meals, one of which was m...

Ttrockwood commented 26 minutes ago

My home cooking always tastes better than eating out

by Bottomless_Pit 2 days ago

Suddenly, I've become obsessed with cooking at home. Call me a glutton, but I really love the taste of food. One t...


Bottomless_Pit and 1 other commented 27 minutes ago

Hello los angeles, goodbye los angeles, i miss you

by Thi N. 12 days ago

Oh god, Los Angeles, I miss you. It's been three years. I've moved to Utah. Did I tell you this? I think I forgot....


Butter Fight commented 32 minutes ago

Cake Day 2015

by TorontoJo 1 day ago

My friends and my annual celebration of cake was yesterday. This year we had 9 people and between us, we made 15 cake...

Ttrockwood and 1 other commented 33 minutes ago

Lincoln Ristorante - What a shame.

by BonVivantNYC 4 days ago

Now I understand why Lincoln Ristorante has received consistently luke-warm reviews. Despite its beautiful space, th...


BonVivantNYC commented 38 minutes ago

Limited/Unoriginal vegetarian choices in restaurants - why?

by AlexRast 2 days ago

A few trips over the last few days with some vegetarians have got me thinking about this seriously. There is, of cour...


Chowrin commented about 1 hour ago

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