Personal crack sauces

by arugala 1 day ago

The more I cook, the more I realize how handy it would be to make a bunch of sauces and freeze them to have them on h...


schrutefarms commented 22 minutes ago

Bellingham Indian food?

by sasha1 1 day ago

What are the choices and what do people like? I personally do not like anything I've had from the one at the Farmers...

LotusRapper commented 32 minutes ago

olive oil vs. margarine

by ronojo 6 hours ago

If a recipe calls for browning chicken in butter, do you use margarine (earth balance, etc) or olive oil instead of t...


DLovsky commented 41 minutes ago

Bodega Bay lunch this Saturday?

by grayelf 2 hours ago

SFBA Hounds, need your generous help quickish. The SO has to do an accident scene nearby at 10 on Sat and will be loo...

grayelf commented 1 hour ago

Parents 50th anniversary: Restaurant in Vancouver for 50 people?

by ellerbee 8 hours ago

Hi, Would love recommendations for around 50 people for an anniversary dinner. Chinese is always an option (we are...

LotusRapper commented 1 hour ago

Chang Sho weekday lunch buffet

by femmevox 5 months ago

Tried it today--best thing is all-you-can-eat soup dumplings--they are hot, fresh and juicy and frequently replenishe...


mmmjv commented 2 hours ago

New Recipe

Recipes from "Always Hungry" by Dr David Ludwig

by jen kalb 16 days ago

Im going to start a recipe thread here for folks that are following the new Always Hungry diet program. http://drdavi...

delys77 commented 2 hours ago

Long Island - a place unlike any other

by Gastronomos 11 hours ago

With the news printing today of Joan Reminick publishing her last review at Newsday (for a take-out gyro joint in Eas...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 2 hours ago

Demeyere, Mauviel, or Falk fry pan

by kgrey 8 hours ago

I'm starting my search for a lifelong set of cookware, and I'm starting with the fry pan. I like a BIG fry pan...the ...


gooster commented 2 hours ago

Using fresh shredded coconut in coconut cake

by AFMan916 7 hours ago

Chowhounders, So my wife has decided she would like me to bake her a coconut cake for Valentine's Day this year. ...


gooster commented 2 hours ago

Banh Mi Danvers area

by Orfan 4 days ago

I recently moved to Danvers. I am looking for Banh Mi in the area.


gracenote commented 2 hours ago

Top Chef Season 13 Ep 10... Restaurant Wars, Part 2!

by chefhound 2 hours ago

I was so excited that I couldn't wait for someone else to start the post. Philip the manbun is gone! Hurray! Yip...

MplsM ary commented 2 hours ago

Top Chef Season 13 Ep 9... Restaurant Wars!

by Shrinkrap 7 days ago

Ooooo......Marjorie! Kwame! "Harsh-edit"? Isaac....."Just like kick-ball...You've made a mistake"...Is that a thr...

MplsM ary commented 2 hours ago

Anyone been to Le Crystal for dimsum lately? Service still crap?

by KillerMing2009 12 hours ago

Hi, My parents and I visited Le Crystal about a year ago (2014/2015) and found service pretty bad - long wait for th...


chilipepper commented 2 hours ago

Novice Gets A Knife

by AOchaley 2 days ago

I've been struggling with my crappy knives lately, but I've been too nervous to pull the trigger on buying a nice one...


Chazzz commented 2 hours ago

What do I need to know about making tamales?

by AOchaley 4 hours ago

I've only had tamales maybe three times ever, but I loved them. They're hard to come by around here, so I'd like to m...


saria commented 2 hours ago

Your top tips for things that Toronto restaurants must stop doing

by KitchenVoodoo 12 days ago

I'll start with mine: 1) Don't deafen me. If you (chef, waiter) are OK about sacrificing your hearing - fine, but I...


helenhelen commented 3 hours ago

BBQ in Asheville, NC

by StrandedInYankeeLand 3 days ago

Ok. So I read a post by some Brit from like 7 years ago about BBQ in Asheville. I am not a Brit. I was raised and spe...

Hushpuppy commented 3 hours ago

Cheapest place to buy local milk?

by quadomatic 5 days ago

I was at whole foods on the UES last week and saw that they were selling quarts of local milk from Ronnybrook farms (...


hungrycomposer commented 3 hours ago

Where to go in Europe for food?

by Monica 13 hours ago

Our 10th year anniversary is coming up next year and I am planning early. Initially, we were thinking about Maldives...


Autumm2 commented 3 hours ago

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