Pepper jelly

by JeannieB50 23 hours ago

Sometimes my pepper jelly is too thin. Could it be from chopping peppers in FP? Or could it be from not boinging long...


DGresh commented 10 minutes ago

Can I make a cheesecake without sugar?

by jacobbell 8 months ago

I want to experiment with making a cheesecake without sugar (and without any sugar substitutes) in the filling. I cou...


jacobbell commented 14 minutes ago

Need a good Sauvignon Blanc

by sparkareno 18 hours ago

I am looking for a very good SB in the $25 range, preferably something easy to find at bevmo or Total Wine store. ...

Scoutmaster commented 14 minutes ago

What are the Best 2 dishes $30 total and under before tax and tip?

by Torolover 2 hours ago

What are the BEST 2 dishes you can get $30 total and under before tax and tip, that is big enough for a meal? Please...

princeofpork3 commented 21 minutes ago

Can I use pre-peeled garlic in roasted mashed potatoes?

by nuraman00 7 hours ago

If so, can someone post a recipe, that includes the roasting garlic portion too? Thank you.

thegforceny commented 24 minutes ago

New Gallery

15 Classic Ice Cream Flavors, Ranked

15 Photos

Myrtle Beach recos

by laurelmcg 5 hours ago

Can anyone recommend a few good, non-chain, non-touristy spots in/around Myrtle Beach? Thanks!


valadelphia commented 31 minutes ago

Luke's Lobster!

by Motosport 14 days ago

Let me sing the praises of Luke's Lobster!! Chunky lobster, simple dressing, tasty, lobster rolls on a top split toa...

Motosport commented 31 minutes ago

Family Trip to Chicago

by MrsBear 9 hours ago

Hi! I'm planning a family trip to Chicago in mid-August. Coming from Toronto, we have 6 adults in our party (my par...

nsxtasy commented 33 minutes ago

How to save Salmorejo (spanish cold tomato/bread soup)??

by katesalter 2 hours ago

I followed the Saveur recipe for Salmorejo and I read "one b...

paulj commented 38 minutes ago

Looking for good worcestershire sauce

by vicwarren13 11 hours ago

Can anyone give me a source for decent Worcestershire sauce, now that Lea & Perrins replaced its great recipe with br...


GH1618 commented 1 hour ago

Trolley Car Rotisserie | Castroville

by Melanie Wong 10 hours ago

Yesterday I only made it as far as Castroville on my homeward drive before my progress came to a halt. Impenetrable t...

Melanie Wong commented 1 hour ago

Favorite smoked salmon at Russ & Daughters?

by nycguy20011 1 day ago

Every time I go to Russ & Daughters, I always get the Gaspe Nova smoked salmon because that's the one I'm most famili...

howdini commented 1 hour ago

Best part of Copenhagen to stay for food and culture near by?

by chris2269 1 day ago

Planning a trip to Copenhagen in October. What area of the city is best suited for food and culture? I do not need re...

chris2269 commented 1 hour ago

Comments please on Paris 3 day itinerary in September

by brammie 3 days ago

We as a couple will be in September for 3 days in Paris (long weekend). Based on research on previous threads on this...

John Talbott commented 2 hours ago

Paris trip in September (with shortlist of restaurants)

by ausfoodie1 20 days ago

Bonjour Chowhounders, I have spent the last few months reading the board and planning the food itinerary for our upco...

John Talbott commented 2 hours ago

Favorite Sandwiches

by Jukauz 5 days ago

I was reading an older post from 2009 here regarding Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches and got to thinking about favo...

Motosport commented 2 hours ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - July 2016

by fldhkybnva 25 days ago

We're moving right along through summer. The days are getting shorter but the party's just begun. July brings Indepen...

MplsM ary commented 2 hours ago

Casual favorites?

by anotherjennifer 9 days ago

We go to Cape Cod for a week every August and by this time of the summer there are usually many, many Cape Cod posts....


sr44 commented 2 hours ago

Leftover spinach "cream" sauce

by GeorgiaMom 3 hours ago

Last night I wasn't home & my husband cooked chicken ravioli for himself & our boys. He also made a "spinach cream sa...

Karl S commented 2 hours ago

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