Santoku knife from Loblaws/PC - feedback

by Pantz 9 years ago

Has anyone bought the Santoku knife being sold by Loblaws? It's very inexpensive (under $30)and manufactured in Port...


MillionsKnives commented 9 minutes ago

Should I get a saucier or saucepan?

by imanewbie 1 hour ago

Im looking for a small saucepan 2-3qt. mostly use it to make oatmeal, pasta, and also sweet sauces for baking. I want...

kaleokahu commented 11 minutes ago

Masa Sushi & Hibachi - New - Marlboro

by MarlboroMan 7 days ago

Found out about this place tonight from one of those coupon magazines. 130 S. Main Street in Marlboro, this is where ...


yCf commented 15 minutes ago

Woburn Whole Foods - Out of Onions? Really?

by grant.cook 1 day ago

This has happened a few times, so I am not flaming on a single episode, but at least on Sundays, the Woburn WF produc...


mkfisher commented 20 minutes ago

Fake lobster

by nycguy20011 1 hour ago

It's hard to believe that restaurants in NYC (or anywhere for that matter) can resort to using other ingredients othe...


small h commented 21 minutes ago

Chili Conundrum

by Munkipawse 1 hour ago

Hi All, I'm looking for some insight about chili and lunch options. I find when I am eating out at restaurants t...

mcf commented 28 minutes ago

New Gallery

Trying to pick a fry pan

by tinpanalley 38 minutes ago

Here's the trajectory I'm coming from... - Stainless steel frying pans (Cuisinart or whatever I could get my hands o...


bkultra commented 31 minutes ago

College Tour: Amherst to Wesleyan; quick, tasty bite?

by oez 21 hours ago

Hi, we have 2hrs to drive from Amherst to Wesleyan and wondering if there are any tasty spots on the way where we can...

BiscuitBoy commented 34 minutes ago

How to promote a food blog?

by NonnieMuss 2 years ago

I hope this is not against CH's policy, but I couldn't find anything in the rules about it, so here goes. I'm going ...


sr44 commented 40 minutes ago

Dante's Kitchen or Brigsten's

by villadeste92 2 days ago

Arriving in early April for my second visit to New Orleans. My traveling companions are visiting for the first time. ...


Blumie commented 43 minutes ago

New Recipe

Snacks/food items unique to Boston/MA area?

by sara89123 11 hours ago

I am trying to put together a snack gift for my food loving buddy from Boston's birthday. Any cool ideas for snacky t...


treb commented 1 hour ago

Labneh-Urgent!Seeking Retailer!

by AMETHYSTENERGY 2 hours ago

Urgent-regarding Labneh-does anyone know of any stores in the areas of CoteStLuc, Cavendish, Westminster, St.Jacques-...


lagatta commented 1 hour ago

Weekly Menu Plans - February 2016

by MidwesternerTT 17 days ago

Planning for February meals already? Will you be cooking for Valentine's Day, or making reservations? Planning may b...


masha commented 1 hour ago

Troisgros, anyone?

by Fwahgrah 2 hours ago

Hello - I'm heading for France in a month and this time will be driving past Roanne on the way south. I'd love to he...


LorenzoGA commented 1 hour ago

New Range Buying Advice

by RJHPDX 6 days ago

We are shopping for a new range, and are having a hard time getting a handle on "value." To sum up, we are looking...


wanker commented 1 hour ago

Unusual Fruits

by youngscrappyhungry 4 days ago

I'm very lucky to live near a grocery that sells international items. I'm interested to try some of the fruits there,...


pumpkinspice commented 1 hour ago

February 2016 COTM: PHOENIX CLAWS and JADE TREES by Kian Lam Kho - Chapters 6-9

by herby 9 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Chapter 6: Harnessing the Breadth of Wok p. 93-132 Chapter 7: Explosion of Wok p. 133...

Breadcrumbs commented 1 hour ago

ISO 5kg box of steel-cut oats @ Costco in GTA

by tekkamaki 5 years ago

While we were in Western Canada this summer, we dropped in a Costco in either Winnipeg or possibly Regina and found a...


sandviper commented 1 hour ago

Costco NYC (general area) sell Pork Shoulder or butt?

by olympusnyc 6 days ago

Making super bowl chili and will need pork shoulder or butt. Would you know if Costco carries? (Harlem, LIC, Yonker...

vikingkaj commented 1 hour ago

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