February 2016 COTM: PHOENIX CLAWS and JADE TREES by Kian Lam Kho - Chapters 10-12

by herby 9 days ago

Use this thread to report on: Chapter 10: The Virtues of Slow Cooking p. 187-230 Chapter 11: The Intricacy of Boili...


kaymbee commented 5 minutes ago

Help! Where to eat without res. on VDay eve!

by elk 2 days ago

We'll be in town for one night, staying at the Radisson Blu Rittenhouse Square, and I stupidly waited too long to get...


sylviag commented 7 minutes ago

Italian Regional Cooking Classes in Berkeley

by tciccarini 1 day ago

I just wanted to share with the group two of my upcoming hands-on cooking experiences in Berkeley. Classes are intima...

tciccarini commented 11 minutes ago

Jazz Fest is coming! Need kid-friendly recos...

by j.ho 4 hours ago

Hello! We're headed down in April for Jazz Fest with our five year-old...I could use your help. We're staying in the ...


collardman commented 13 minutes ago

soho area bagels?

by cambridge00 3 days ago

Hi all, Whenever I come to NY, I love going to Russ and Daughters for their fish, but they have terrible bagels -- s...


cambridge00 commented 14 minutes ago

Nishiki Ramen

by DoctorChow 4 months ago

Just returned from Nishiki Ramen, thanks to a tip about the soft opening by RhonelyInsanediego that appeared here (an...

DoctorChow commented 15 minutes ago

New Gallery

What are the best chef's frying pans

by jrobrob 6 days ago

I am a young home cook (and perhaps one day aspiring chef) and am looking to invest in some good quality cookware as ...

mikie commented 17 minutes ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - February 2016

by fldhkybnva 9 days ago

Happy February, we're moving right along through 2014! Punxsutawney Phil will soon let us know whether we should prep...

fldhkybnva commented 20 minutes ago

Trying to pick a fry pan

by tinpanalley 3 hours ago

Here's the trajectory I'm coming from... - Stainless steel frying pans (Cuisinart or whatever I could get my hands o...


bkultra commented 24 minutes ago

Chili Conundrum

by Munkipawse 4 hours ago

Hi All, I'm looking for some insight about chili and lunch options. I find when I am eating out at restaurants t...


treb commented 26 minutes ago

How long do you cook raw chicken carcass for stock

by sepandee 3 hours ago

I keep coming up across different numbers. Jamie Oliver says 3-4 hours, but a Gordon Ramsay Youtube video says 30-45 ...


treb commented 29 minutes ago

New Recipe

Is good *BAKED* Felafel an Oxymoron?

by brooklynsabra 2 hours ago

So I usually make Joan Nathan's lovely fried felafel recipe with some small tweaks, including replacing the regular f...


treb commented 30 minutes ago

Santoku knife from Loblaws/PC - feedback

by Pantz 9 years ago

Has anyone bought the Santoku knife being sold by Loblaws? It's very inexpensive (under $30)and manufactured in Port...


chefjono commented 38 minutes ago

Looking for chocolate desserts

by dklein 2 hours ago

What are the best chocolate desserts in the area? What would you drive for? I'm not looking for bakeries/stores/etc. ...


kimfair1 commented 39 minutes ago

February 2016 Openings & Closings

by MC Slim JB 11 days ago

Happy Lamb Hot Pot appears set to open soon in Central Square, kind of across Mass Ave from Mary Chung, in the old Yo...


kimfair1 commented 41 minutes ago

Should I get a saucier or saucepan?

by imanewbie 4 hours ago

Im looking for a small saucepan 2-3qt. mostly use it to make oatmeal, pasta, and also sweet sauces for baking. I want...

mikie commented 41 minutes ago

Costco NYC (general area) sell Pork Shoulder or butt?

by olympusnyc 6 days ago

Making super bowl chili and will need pork shoulder or butt. Would you know if Costco carries? (Harlem, LIC, Yonker...

jen kalb commented 1 hour ago

The problems with food media that nobody wants to talk about

by Melanie Wong 22 hours ago

This article airs nearly every gripe I've had with the food media of today including: "...The single most importan...


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

Dutch oven equivalent that won't chip on the outside

by imanewbie 1 day ago

Hi I just bought my first Dutch oven, Tramontina 5.5quart. And I absolutely loved it!!! It was a big upgrade from my ...

mikie commented 1 hour ago

Where can I find Tesseire syrups in New York City? (Not Le DIstrict!)

by WANgue 6 hours ago

Does anyone know where I can physically score some Teisseire Fruit/Soda syrups in the New York City Metro area? The ...


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

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