Lily with Nuts Italian Ice Recipe?

by bocce 5 years ago

I'm originally from Bronx, NY and there is a pastry shop that makes an Italian ice called Lily with nuts. Its creamy...


Gigi20 commented 7 minutes ago

Where to buy hotdogs in Vancouver (like to take home)?

by brokentelephone 13 days ago

Who sells good beef hot dogs anymore? The supermarket brands are so bad in Vancouver, the Eppies or Omnitzsky aren't ...

Scoffier commented 9 minutes ago

Cookbook of the Month VOTING - August 2016

by Allegra_K 11 days ago

Onward to the voting round for the next installment of the COTM. The nominations were fairly straightforward this tim...

JoanN commented 10 minutes ago

Sicily Still on my Mind - The Report

by Ziggy41 11 days ago

The follow up to Sicily on my Mind We had an incredible time, an...

Kurtis commented 13 minutes ago

Favorite Sandwiches

by Jukauz 8 days ago

I was reading an older post from 2009 here regarding Olive and Cream Cheese Sandwiches and got to thinking about favo...


munchkin1 commented 20 minutes ago

Refrigerator Pickles - Heating the Vinegar?

by nickdziegler 10 hours ago

Hello, I have been looking at recipes for refrigerator pickles, and they mostly seem to call for heating the vineg...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 31 minutes ago

Help in identifying bakery in Rome

by Charles Yu 18 hours ago

Hoping fellow hounds can provide me with the name and address of a 'supposedly best' traditional cake and bakery in R...

Charles Yu commented 35 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #393 (July 2016) - The brow moppin' edition

by ChristinaMason 23 days ago

Things have gone from sunny and warm to sweltering and humid, in my area at least! It's summertime and the livin' is....

nannygoat commented 1 hour ago

Mint Mystery

by munchkin1 1 day ago

I have been reading savory recipes that call for mint. (And my neighbor gave me some.) I can't seem to get beyond min...

nannygoat commented 1 hour ago

Spartacus - Durham, NC - closing on June 26

by ToothTooth 1 month ago

After 23 years in business, Spartacus to close on June 26:


durhamois commented 1 hour ago

Messini in Greektown

by TokyoTuds 1 day ago

Wow! A spectacularly disappointing experience at Messini tonight. Please note I first moved to Greektown in 1992 and ...


julesrules commented 1 hour ago

Wings! Lets talk about Westchester and The Hudson Valley's best wing spots

by ryanallday 24 days ago

Hey everyone. As my partner and I get ready to relaunch our yearly tour/crawl of the areas best wing spots, we are ju...


ryanallday commented 1 hour ago

What cookbooks have you bought lately, or are you lusting after? July, 2016 edition!

by buttertart 27 days ago

New, old, Apicius...what are you succumbing to or thinking about getting? What of your books are you rediscovering, ...

buttertart commented 2 hours ago

What are you baking these days? July edition!

by buttertart 27 days ago

Hi all, sorry I missed yesterday, it was a whirl of birthday activity for my 93-year-old MIL, the mighty. I made a d...


smilingal commented 2 hours ago

Mexican cookbook from a Mexican Julia Child or Marcella Hazan?

by CaptCrunch 1 day ago

Hello! I see Mexican cook over the horizon and my mind is going in a thousand different directions. I need to focu...


CaptCrunch commented 2 hours ago

Has anyone tried Chilangos in the Highlands?

by graciegggg 1 day ago

I just heard about this place and can't believe I haven't heard of it before. Has anyone been? Thoughts?


graciegggg commented 2 hours ago

Has anyone had an Impossible (vegan) burger?

by polishjeweatswonderbread 2 hours ago

See article.


Sam I Am commented 2 hours ago

Philipiak Milano - Anyone know anything about this Italian stainless cookware line?

by omotosando 1 year ago

Anyone know anything about Philipiak Milano stainless cookware? According to an article in today's Wall Street Journ...

kaleokahu commented 3 hours ago

North Fork Favorites!!

by Motosport 2 months ago

I've been known to bash some local North Fork restaurants and I feel a bit guilty since I DO want them to succeed. S...

Motosport commented 3 hours ago

Need Cheap Eats Baltimore and Environs

by Steve 10 days ago

I will be working in Baltimore for the next two weeks, and I am looking for exciting and wonderful cheap eats. Lunch...


Steve commented 4 hours ago

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