The Kilachef Saute Pan

by gooster 6 months ago

So I was one of those people who took advantage of the Kilachef offer in the other (locked) thread and picked up the ...

KilaChef commented 3 minutes ago

Empty hot sauce bottles

by causeimhungry 8 hours ago

I'm wanting to make some homemade hot sauce as Christmas gifts and I'm looking for small glass bottles. I checked ama...

heybaldy commented 3 minutes ago

Eataly (Boston MA)

by BostonBestEats 3 days ago

In case you have been living under a rock (or are still suffering from a turkey-induced coma), EATALY BOSTON opened a...


Blumie commented 4 minutes ago

Where Thickness Matters Most? S/S Clad Cookware

by hellskitchen6 1 day ago

Hey all. Quick ?. All else being equal...for the typical tri-ply SS Cookware (SS-AL-SS)...where does thickness matter...

DuffyH commented 28 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #398 (December 2016) - The Merry & Bright Edition

by ChristinaMason 5 days ago

The winter holidays are upon us - and whether that means Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, or even Kramp...

alex9179 commented 29 minutes ago

Who made this copper stockpot?

by Libranflight 1 day ago Anyone have any gu...


Libranflight commented 37 minutes ago

New Gallery

Every Single Christmas Food, Ranked

40 Photos

Uses for leftover braising liquid for lamb?

by Lemon Tart 10 hours ago

Last night I made a recipe from epicurious that I've made many times, and it's spectacular: braised lamb with star an...


ricepad commented 1 hour ago

Creating a "Recipe Binder": How to Organize?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 5 hours ago

Not sure if this is the right section for this question, but I have a bunch of cookbooks I only use a couple recipes ...


ricepad commented 1 hour ago

Tin lined Mauviel - thickness

by MartinG 11 days ago

I'm about to order a tin lined Mauviel Windsor pan. Can I expect the thickness to be at least 2,5 mm, or have Mauviel...

kaleokahu commented 1 hour ago

Edulis Responds to Online Review

by syoung 7 days ago

I don't come here often anymore so not sure if this has already been posted. I know they put their heart and soul in...


KitchenVoodoo commented 1 hour ago

What are you baking these days? December, 2016 edition!

by buttertart 3 days ago

Here we are in of the biggest baking months of the year. On a Thanksgiving trip to see my 93-year-old...

Caitlin McGrath commented 2 hours ago

Cooking from The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Book, by Deb Perelman

by Goblin 11 days ago

The Smitten Kitchen Blog and Cookbook was a very close contender for Cookbook of the Month, December 2016. Since the...

pistachio peas commented 2 hours ago

English/American pot roasts, rib roasts, Sunday dinners, etc. in NYC?

by BigBrother 1 day ago

So, been frustrated for years about this. Ironically these days, one of the hardest to find foodstuffs is one that u...

rnh17 commented 2 hours ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2016

by fldhkybnva 6 days ago

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday among loved ones and good eats. The holiday spirit is a...

Michele4466 commented 2 hours ago

Holiday Treats 2016

by Caitlin McGrath 5 days ago

As we gear up for the winter holidays, let's talk treats! Whether it's cookies, candy, savory snacks, homemade condim...

ChristinaMason commented 2 hours ago

Costco Food Finds - 4th Quarter 2016

by treb 2 months ago

Well, we're heading into the end of 2016. Holidays and food are a centric part of our lives during this time of the ...

knowspicker commented 3 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - December 2016

by MidwesternerTT 9 days ago

Let's use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week of December. Will you try Venetian cooking b...

ChristinaMason commented 3 hours ago

Spoiled yogurt in baked goods?

by AnneinAtlanta 1 day ago

Darn! I didn't realize the yogurt had gone bad until I had mixed it with my banana bread dough and put it all in the ...


tonifi commented 3 hours ago

Presentation Ideas for Christmas Dinner Pot Roast

by mmgoose 12 hours ago

For the past few years, I've taken full responsibility for choosing and cooking the Christmas menu at my in-laws' hom...

Ttrockwood commented 3 hours ago

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