Suggestions for February trip to Manhattan

by Morninggal 2 days ago

I need ideas for restaurants in Manhattan for upcoming February weekend for my husband and me. We've enjoyed Minetta ...

Peter Cuce commented 9 minutes ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: February 2017 NOMINATIONS

by herby 1 day ago

Welcome to the nomination thread for February 2017 Dish of the Month! If you’re new here, or if you just want a r...

MidwesternerTT commented 14 minutes ago

What's in your Monthly Rotation?

by bblonde 6 days ago

One of my food resolutions this year was to create and stick to a good repertoire of foods to come back to month in a...


ad7yn commented 36 minutes ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - January 2017

by fldhkybnva 21 days ago

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017! I hope that you enjoyed the holiday season though I imagine many are looking for...

RussTheRaccoon commented 1 hour ago

What's for Dinner #399 (January 2017) - The Bone-Chilling Edition

by ChristinaMason 20 days ago

For many of us, January is one of the coldest, snowiest winter months. And depending on your political persuasion, t...

ChristinaMason commented 1 hour ago

Fashionably late Trip Report (SouthEast Road Trip - very long)

by Yuv83 20 hours ago

So 3 months ago my wife and I went on a fairly long road trip through the Southeast. Starting at DC, all the way to S...

hill food commented 2 hours ago

Question about water chesnuts

by mastrude 17 hours ago

I recently read in a trendy Chinese cookbook that canned water chesnuts are dog food, and the only good ones are fres...


FillmoeSF commented 2 hours ago

The Best Sichuan I've Ever Found in NYC

by Jim Leff 1 month ago

Legend of Taste 2002 Utopia Pkwy, Whitestone, Queens 718-423-4888 Good photos on Yel...

howdini commented 2 hours ago

New Ramen place downtown across from Ace Hotel in the old Alma space?

by xxedgexx 1 day ago

Does anyone have any info? Excited to have another ramen place very close. I was sad when Anzutei bailed.


xxedgexx commented 2 hours ago

Borough Furnace Braising Skillet

by yeldogt 12 hours ago

Anybody have one? I happen to have one of the original skillets from a couple of years ago -- we use it often. I c...


yeldogt commented 2 hours ago

Planning meals in Paris

by Hunterb31 6 days ago

We'll be in Paris April 20-24, including a Sunday. Meeting friends for first two days. We are staying in hotel on Rue...


rrems commented 3 hours ago

fresh turmeric root... how to use it?

by luckiestduck 5 years ago

I impulsively bought some fresh turmeric root as a friend was espousing its various health benefits. I have no idea w...

Ttrockwood commented 3 hours ago

How is it called?

by Fangejt 1 day ago

Silly question - I know I heard the name before but I've forgotten. How do you call flour mixed into melted butter? I...

LaLa commented 3 hours ago

Help with Mexico City restaurant itinerary

by tjgoing 12 hours ago

My wife and I will be staying in Condesa for a week next month. I've already obtained reservations at the places tha...


tjgoing commented 3 hours ago

Help with selecting a new cooking range

by NYCDeke 1 month ago

I have a Bertazzoni range. I love the look of it; it like its cook-top performance; I do not like the oven. I am con...


NYCDeke commented 4 hours ago

Weekly Menu Plans - January 2017

by MidwesternerTT 24 days ago

Let's use this thread to share concise weekly dinner menus for each week of January. Will you be joining in the Coo...

pistachio peas commented 4 hours ago

January 2017 COTM -- SIMPLE: Pulses; Pasta & Grains; 72-121

by blue room 21 days ago

Use this thread for reports from SIMPLE. Please don't copy recipes verbatim. You can go back to the main reporting ...

alex9179 commented 5 hours ago

Ingredient List for Sausage & Meatloaf mix

by Jane135 8 hours ago

Hello! Can anyone help me please with finding the ingredients in Morton's Sausage & Meatloaf seasoning mix please? It...

Jane135 commented 5 hours ago

Live uni San Francisco

by abypmua90 23 hours ago

I'm going to San Fran for the first time and currently looking for a place that serve live uni.. please helpppp!!

Civil Bear commented 5 hours ago

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