Dish of the Month - Meat & Savory Hand Pies (February 2016)

by masha 11 days ago

Welcome to the February Dish of the Month, which will be Meat & Savory Hand Pies. We had an extraordinarily tight ...

LulusMom commented 12 minutes ago

Best Breakfast and Brunch in Manhattan, 2010 Version

by kathryn 6 years ago

Best Breakfast and Brunch (Updated For 2010) My favorites: French toast: Pastis (brioche) or Jane (crème-brulee...


jdbeck commented 15 minutes ago

Table Talk with Chef Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit

by The Chowhound Team 7 days ago

This is the second installment of Table Talk, and at this time, we want to welcome Chef Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit a...


Madrid commented 21 minutes ago

Anniversary dinner in Portland OR

by JunieB 4 days ago

My husband and I will be traveling through Portland in April and I'm looking for a nice, romantic restaurant for dinn...

stevewi commented 27 minutes ago

Baby Shower Menu Suggestions for 1 PM...

by mlyon 18 hours ago

Would love to have suggestions on a what to serve for a 1:00 PM shower. Am expecting up to 35 people attending, so bu...


milklady commented 34 minutes ago

4% to off-set cost of doing business?

by Egien 28 days ago

Went to Hakasan SF and had an really delicious meal. At the end we got the bill and we asked the waitress what the a...

smatbrat commented 38 minutes ago

Food Processor vs Immersion Blender

by dcsandpiper 4 hours ago

I have very little counter space but want to make some things that require a food processor (eg pesto, crust made wit...


dcsandpiper commented 1 hour ago

Heavy 14 QT copper stock pot from Brooklyn Copper Cookware

by Toronto416 2 hours ago

My second purchase from BCC arrived - a 14 QT tin-lined copper stock pot with cast iron handles. It is 9 & 3/4" wide,...


damiano commented 1 hour ago

Manicotti Filling With Flour

by zackly 3 hours ago

Lately, I’ve been adding a little Wondra flour to my filling for manicotti & lasagna. It allows the cheese to set up ...

coll commented 1 hour ago


by dkennedy 5 days ago

This will be our second quarterly Dessert COTM*, and we'll cook from the winner from March 1st through May 31, 2016. ...

pistachio peas commented 1 hour ago

Costco Food Finds - 1st Quarter 2016

by treb 1 month ago

Another New year and hopefully new adventurous finds from Costco. Please include your location as lots of items are ...


Xellosw2099 commented 1 hour ago

New Article

Used Mauviel cookware

by durhamois 3 hours ago

So I found a guy that is selling what he says is used Mauviel cookware on Craigslist. I measured with calipers, the w...


alexrander commented 1 hour ago

Dinner in Melbourne or Cocoa Beach Area

by picklelicious 24 hours ago

Hello FL hounds, i'm heading down to the Melbourne/Cocoa Beach area next week and will be taking a few people out to ...


cavandre commented 1 hour ago

Enchiladas Suizas, help needed

by zackly 7 days ago

This is one of my favorite dishes served at Mexican restaurants around here (suburban NYC). I've tried to make it sev...


medlar commented 1 hour ago

Best way to deal with a food poisoning situation?

by sfchris 3 hours ago

I know it is against the rules, so I won't name names, but a friend and I both came down with food poisoning symptoms...


poser commented 1 hour ago

Restaurants near Rue Montorgueil?

by rschwim 5 days ago

I'll be staying on Rue Montorgueil just south of Rue Etienne Marcel for a few days at the beginning of April! Any rec...

John Talbott commented 1 hour ago

Lunch near Northeastern U or Boston U?

by oez 2 days ago

Hi All, where would you recommend my daughter and I lunch between our college tours of Northeastern U and Boston U? W...

justbeingpolite commented 2 hours ago

No Bells!! No Bells!!

by Philly Ray 6 hours ago

I really hate to dance on a restaurant's grave, but I do love to read a no bell review from LaBan. This one is for B...

JunieB commented 2 hours ago

Ambiano Blender-$80.00 Vitamix knockof?

by zackly 2 months ago

They got the look down but don't know about the function. Does anyone have any experience with this blender? https...


ferret commented 2 hours ago

old fashioned doughnuts near charlotte NC

by Docshiva 2 hours ago

I love old-fashioned doughnuts, especially chocolate. They're so common in the West, but out here in Charlotte, I jus...


Docshiva commented 2 hours ago

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