Hand Hammered Woks Comparison: Williams Sonoma and Wokshop.

by Chemicalkinetics 4 years ago

We had a couple of posts regarding hand hammered woks, and I happened to have bought two recently: one from Williams ...


toddster63 commented 8 minutes ago

What's for Dinner #393 (July 2016) - The brow moppin' edition

by ChristinaMason 21 days ago

Things have gone from sunny and warm to sweltering and humid, in my area at least! It's summertime and the livin' is....

ChristinaMason commented 9 minutes ago

Refresh on Demeyere Atlantis

by rararobb 34 minutes ago

Looks like SLT has an exclusive on a refreshed Atlantis line. It's the same cookware but the look is different. I s...


alexrander commented 12 minutes ago

Neighborhood place to make their own

by nosey 5 days ago

My parents are looking for some place that they can call their little place to go to in St. Paul or southeast Minneap...


nosey commented 14 minutes ago

Great food tour of Barcelona neighborhood!

by adambriones 3 days ago

My girlfriend and I went on an evening tour of the L'Eixample area with Alex from Aborigens (http://www.aborigensbarc...

petek commented 18 minutes ago

Seattle chef family first trip to NYC

by nrthwst 3 months ago

Me, my husband and our 3 year old daughter are traveling to NYC this summer and are trying to work out our itinerary ...


nrthwst commented 24 minutes ago

New Gallery

15 Classic Ice Cream Flavors, Ranked

15 Photos

Best places to buy local produce in Toronto, as of July 2016

by prima 5 days ago

Which stores and markets do you like the most? Lately, Fiesta Farms has been my go-to. In the past, I've liked High...


dbe24 commented 27 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? July edition!

by buttertart 25 days ago

Hi all, sorry I missed yesterday, it was a whirl of birthday activity for my 93-year-old MIL, the mighty. I made a d...

herby commented 32 minutes ago

Cuisinart Food Processor whisk, attachments

by anniette 12 hours ago

I am cleaning out kitchen drawers, and though I use my FP almost daily, and have and use two extra sets of work bowls...


alexrander commented 33 minutes ago

Sakawaya Re-opened

by milhuas3 1 hour ago

Word has it that Koki Oguchi - Bushi Udon Kappo - has reopened Sakawaya in its old location. Anybody been yet? I hear...


julesrules commented 34 minutes ago

How much food for pre- and post-concert cocktails?

by Isolda 8 hours ago

So my husband built a harpsichord and we have invited a professional musician to play it at our home. We're having 30...

Ttrockwood commented 42 minutes ago

Dagon Burmese restaurant

by hungryann 2 hours ago

Hey folks, Not sure when this opened but I just noticed it today. www.dagonrestaurant.com The menu sounds interest...

carswell commented 1 hour ago

Probably stupid question about self-cleaning ovens

by MrsBridges 3 years ago

I'm embarrassed to ask this, but here goes . . . My mother bought a new range with a self-cleaning oven back in th...


missimin commented 1 hour ago

Vegan in Montreal

by afong56 1 day ago

planning a trip to montreal in mid-august, and after doing some research here, i've compiled a list of places: la ...


mtlfoodieguy commented 1 hour ago

Myrtle Beach recos

by laurelmcg 14 hours ago

Can anyone recommend a few good, non-chain, non-touristy spots in/around Myrtle Beach? Thanks!


Panski commented 1 hour ago

Mid priced restaurants in Vancouver

by Adam_In_London 20 hours ago

We are a couple spending a few days in Vancouver in early September. Its part of an overall longer vacation and won't...

dennisthefoodie commented 1 hour ago

Christmas in July

by munchkin1 21 days ago

Probably offt opic, but I am having a Christmas in July Party . Critique welcome. My family room is way cool enough f...


Madrid commented 1 hour ago

The Costco Thread - Ontario - July to end of December 2016

by ylsf 19 days ago

This is Costco Thread for the second half of 2016 for Ontario. Discuss new food related products (food/kitchen suppli...

Charles Yu commented 1 hour ago

What are the Best 2 dishes $30 total and under before tax and tip?

by Torolover 12 hours ago

What are the BEST 2 dishes you can get $30 total and under before tax and tip, that is big enough for a meal? Please...

Ttrockwood commented 2 hours ago

I did everything wrong... a little worried.

by Bobbyisstrange 3 hours ago

The other day I picked up some NY Strip steaks...tossed them in the freezer and decided to cook them yesterday. i to...

thegforceny commented 2 hours ago

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