Help with ice cream base problem

by Brsboarder 38 minutes ago

I just made a mint ice cream base thats currently chilling in the refrigerator. I tasted it and think it needs more m...


oferl commented 2 minutes ago

Remember Hobeau's?

by Linda 13 years ago

When we lived in NY, our favorite neighborhood restaurant was Hobeau's, which sadly has closed. Has anyone found ano...


bocon99 commented 2 minutes ago

Fun/sexy dining in Rome for honeymoon

by Elise1285 1 day ago

I will be in Rome for my honeymoon September 23-26, 2016 with my future husband. While we don't mind pampering ourse...

Multifoiled commented 3 minutes ago

Good dining near Roosevelt home at Sagamore Hill...

by gutreactions 6 hours ago

Planning to visit the Theodore Roosevelt Home at Sagamore Hill on Long Island. What are some good dining spots nearby...


Leonard J. Pugatch commented 6 minutes ago

Messini in Greektown

by TokyoTuds 18 hours ago

Wow! A spectacularly disappointing experience at Messini tonight. Please note I first moved to Greektown in 1992 and ...

prima commented 10 minutes ago

Bread for bread....

by sombiker 4 hours ago

How common a practice is it to charge for a bread basket at a pricey restaurant? We ordered main dish lunch salads. I...


sombiker commented 18 minutes ago

North Fork - reasonably nice place for early dinner with 2 young kids?

by adam 4 hours ago

Hi all! I have a tough one (or at least one that I'm not familiar enough with the North Fork to figure out). Lookin...


emarcus commented 20 minutes ago

Mint Mystery

by munchkin1 18 hours ago

I have been reading savory recipes that call for mint. (And my neighbor gave me some.) I can't seem to get beyond min...

Motosport commented 20 minutes ago

Has anyone tried Chilangos in the Highlands?

by graciegggg 8 hours ago

I just heard about this place and can't believe I haven't heard of it before. Has anyone been? Thoughts?


graciegggg commented 31 minutes ago

Last minute miracle: Tickets

by JBG89 2 hours ago

Hello all, I booked a last minute trip to Barcelona today for a birthday and wanted to see if there would happen ...


Dan Boston commented 37 minutes ago

Moving to Boston - starting list of interesting restaurants

by honkman 2 months ago

We are moving soon from San Diego to Boston and just went to Boston to find housing and schools and know now that we ...


Dan Boston commented 42 minutes ago

August 2016 COTM Winner - Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey

by Allegra_K 5 days ago

I'm happy to announce that we will be exploring Sardinian flavours next month from Elfisio Farris' Sweet Myrtle and B...


Snowflake commented 43 minutes ago

Italian Name for Tuscan Fried Vegs

by Jim Leff 2 days ago

What's the proper term for the Tuscan fritti of fried vegetables, flowers, and herbs? I've googled variations of ...

Jim Leff commented 43 minutes ago

Mexican cookbook from a Mexican Julia Child or Marcella Hazan?

by CaptCrunch 16 hours ago

Hello! I see Mexican cook over the horizon and my mind is going in a thousand different directions. I need to focu...

paulj commented 1 hour ago

Le Coucou

by mitchleeny 1 month ago

On a whim, and since Significant Eater was home from work early yesterday, we decided to walk over and see what we co...

sgordon commented 1 hour ago

Good bottled salad dressing in GTA?

by magic 1 day ago

I'm sick of my homemade dressings. Want to try some bottled ones. Problem is, most stink. Can anyone recommend so...


Sadistick commented 1 hour ago

JUNE 2016 COTM - Mozza: DOLCI

by Allegra_K 2 months ago

Use this thread for the following chapter: dolci - p.269-334 If you are the first to report on a recipe, start ...


Bookwich commented 1 hour ago

Hair Nets and gloves?

by Motosport 1 day ago

At COSTCO I noticed the "sample pushers" all wear hair nets, beard nets and gloves. At a local Mexican chain restaur...


ricepad commented 2 hours ago

North Fork Favorites!!

by Motosport 2 months ago

I've been known to bash some local North Fork restaurants and I feel a bit guilty since I DO want them to succeed. S...

Motosport commented 2 hours ago

Takoyaki London?

by galeg 4 years ago

Is there anyplace in London where I can get takoyaki-type food? I'm thinking, e.g., of octopus balls, grilled miso bl...


Foxeyblue commented 2 hours ago

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