Need to make Thanksgiving easier-Help!

by bblonde 2 days ago

How did my mother do it? And with kids?! So this was my first year to host both my side of the family and my hu...


masha commented 12 minutes ago

So Far I've Made (from Thanksgiving leftovers):

by monavano 1 year ago

Turkey stock, and holy heck, it smells amazing! Turkey chili. Both simmering as I type. GO!


masha commented 30 minutes ago

What are you baking these days? November 2015 edition!

by buttertart 28 days ago

Here we are into glorious fall weather in our little corner of the world, and the oven beckons (as if it doesn't alwa...

buttertart commented 42 minutes ago

Slow Food Editore - Italian Regional Cooking Dictionary

by DavyTheFatBoy 15 hours ago

I just wanted to mention that Slow Food has released a Dictionary of Italian Regional Food for the iPhone and iPad (I...

rasputina and 1 other commented 1 hour ago

Good basic mexican cookbook

by fleck 9 days ago

My son has become very interested in cooking. He asked for a food processor for Christmas! His favorite food is Mex...

Njchicaa and 1 other commented 1 hour ago

Warning About Canned Coconut Milk !

by opinionatedchef 11 hours ago

I know that the majority of you who cook with canned coconut milk- are not the people who need this warning. This is ...


DLovsky commented 1 hour ago


by iruag1 28 days ago

Hi all, I was hoping to make a reservation for Bohemian - but you need an in to get their phone number. It's my S...


iruag1 commented 1 hour ago

Cucina,E.Quogue NY

by scunge 3 hours ago

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.Thank you


scunge commented 1 hour ago

Thanksgiving 2015- Hits and Misses

by espressoiloveyou 2 days ago

What were your hits and misses this year? Hits: Sally's Baking addiction crumb apple pie and her pumpkin pie. Mol...


mushroomaffairs commented 2 hours ago

New Recipe

Turkey Pot Pie

151 Saves

Christmas in London

by ankergl 5 days ago

Hi all, I recently moved to London and I'm looking for suggestions for Christmas day as my family will be visiting...


ankergl commented 2 hours ago

Dinner ideas - help please

by Boychucker 12 hours ago

My husband and I like to eat little bites for dinner. Smoked salmon, pickled and raw vegetables, hummus, cheese, smal...

MidwesternerTT commented 2 hours ago

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