Chowhound Presents: Table Talk with Chef Zachary Golper of Bien Cuit

What are you baking these days? February 2016 edition!

by buttertart 14 days ago

So here we are almost in February, which is liable to be a cold month at least in my little corner of the world. Ano...


dkme commented 5 minutes ago

Best way to deal with a food poisoning situation?

by sfchris 1 day ago

I know it is against the rules, so I won't name names, but a friend and I both came down with food poisoning symptoms...

moto commented 9 minutes ago

Woburn Whole Foods - Out of Onions? Really?

by grant.cook 7 days ago

This has happened a few times, so I am not flaming on a single episode, but at least on Sundays, the Woburn WF produc...


grant.cook commented 9 minutes ago

Arabic Spice Question

by atomicpurple 3 hours ago

When I have time, I love to pop in a local arabic store for fatayer (?sp). They have amazing, delicious, wonderful s...


pumpkin donut commented 9 minutes ago

Lunar Year Customs

by T Long 5 hours ago

Apparently, it is customary on the 7th day (today - Feb 14, 2016) of the lunar year celebrations, to eat noodles for ...

mrsleny commented 10 minutes ago

Baby Shower Menu Suggestions for 1 PM...

by mlyon 2 days ago

Would love to have suggestions on a what to serve for a 1:00 PM shower. Am expecting up to 35 people attending, so bu...


mlyon commented 10 minutes ago

Le Creuset Saucepans - What Do You Use Them For?

by Libranflight 1 hour ago

Hello Fellow Chowhounders!! Happy Valentine's Day! I was just wondering what any of you out there might have us...


Libranflight commented 12 minutes ago

4% to off-set cost of doing business?

by Egien 29 days ago

Went to Hakasan SF and had an really delicious meal. At the end we got the bill and we asked the waitress what the a...


sugartoof commented 15 minutes ago

How long will a Quiche last in the fridge?

by Radical347 2 years ago

Hi, I have a quiche that's been in the fridge 6-7 days. It was store bought (from Whole Foods), frozen and thawed...

coll commented 35 minutes ago

Steak recommendation

by munchkin1 1 day ago

I am gong to be ordering a steak for the first time in probably 30 years. What is the best choice for a new "newbie"?


munchkin1 commented 35 minutes ago


Tzatziki with Pizzazi - 12 - 24 hour Dip Recipe

by kgiannakos 1 hour ago

Over the years i've been scoping out, sampling, and working on how to make the best Tzatziki dip. There many variati...

rasputina commented 44 minutes ago

New Gallery

aldolina's in woburn - damn good italian sandwiches

by rich patina 7 months ago

on main st in woburn at the winchester line. they still have the old 'christina's deli" awning up but the new owners ...


RoyRon commented 44 minutes ago

Restaurants near Rue Montorgueil?

by rschwim 6 days ago

I'll be staying on Rue Montorgueil just south of Rue Etienne Marcel for a few days at the beginning of April! Any rec...

Parnassien commented 1 hour ago

Fresh kielbasa??

by kseiverd 1 day ago

Can't remember seeing it in local market, but there it was, right there in meat case... and on sale. Since I decided...

Karl S commented 1 hour ago

Backgammon and Wine?

by Simon 1 day ago

Would love suggestions on restaurants/bars where my backgammon buddy and I can bring our portable set, get some wine ...


small h commented 1 hour ago

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: March 2016 Nominations

by meatn3 3 hours ago

Yikes! It's time to start brainstorming about the dish to focus on for next month. Daylight savings time will begi...

KitchenSlave commented 1 hour ago

Ribelle 2016: Only/Last Winter Brunch 1/10/16

by opinionatedchef 1 month ago

Rcvd a note from Ribelle today. < Our brunch service is going into hibernation for the winter. One Last Brunch Sunda...


rosulate commented 1 hour ago

Fun NYC restaurants to visit for a group of teens?

by Katrenee 3 hours ago

Hi All, So my birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'll be turning 19. I'm in search for some cool restaurants...


thegforceny commented 1 hour ago

Wine Party Planning

by Scoutmaster 2 days ago

I'm in the preliminary stages of planning a party for about ~20 people. I have several bottles of wine (no duplicate...

Scoutmaster commented 1 hour ago

No Bells!! No Bells!!

by Philly Ray 1 day ago

I really hate to dance on a restaurant's grave, but I do love to read a no bell review from LaBan. This one is for B...

JunieB commented 1 hour ago

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