The Richmond Dumplings Trail

by LotusRapper 1 hour ago

I do resent the fact that the word "dumpling" is used so ubiquitously and sometimes inappropriately. But it's up the ...

dennisthefoodie commented 12 minutes ago

September 2016 Cookbooks of the Month -- Momofuku and Lucky Peach

by blue room 2 days ago

Our Cookbook of the Month 10th anniversary choice is official now-- we're doing Momofuku by David Chang and Peter Mee...

beetlebug commented 18 minutes ago

Go to Comfort Food

by JanetJ 3 hours ago

Interested in what you go to for comfort food when you're not feeling up to par. Ours is cornstarch pudding served wa...


dreamer103 commented 19 minutes ago

Clam Box: Dissent

by Science Chick 12 days ago

I adore whole belly fried clams. Surprisingly, after more than 20 years living in the Boston area, I still had never...

mcel215 commented 24 minutes ago

Seeking old fashioned,very simple Cucumbers & Vinegar please

by AMETHYSTENERGY 8 hours ago

Can anyone suggest the very simple easy recipe for a (European?) dish (not sure what it is called) that my Mother use...


Kosherbyforce commented 27 minutes ago

Where to eat in North Fork, LI

by arudess 6 hours ago

Any recommendations for breakfast/lunch/dinner on the North Fork of Long Island?


therealdoctorlew commented 32 minutes ago

Handling the bill at a "family dinner"...who is right in this case?

by phil123 2 days ago

My sister arranged a birthday dinner at a restaurant for Dad. There would be ten people in total. Including my two ...


MikeG commented 33 minutes ago

Cut proof glove

by BluPlateSpec 4 hours ago

We're eating a lot of bagels now and I want a cut proof glove to save my finger. Any brand suggestions? Thanks.


Chazzz commented 37 minutes ago

Boozy Lunch?

by JPinDC 7 hours ago

My bff and I are going for a boozy lunch next week and I want someplace that has great snacking food and wine with be...

hill food commented 38 minutes ago

Need help with Camogli/Ligurian Coast/Genoa

by sam1 1 month ago

it looks like everyone is planning their summer trips and i need help from the board. this year, we'll be in camogli ...


sam1 commented 41 minutes ago

Please help me sort out a 4 day Montreal trip!

by poochiechow 14 days ago

My husband and I are heading to Montreal for a long weekend in a few weeks, and are really looking forward to the foo...


CaptCrunch commented 1 hour ago

FRUIT SORBET - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, August 2016

by L.Nightshade 23 days ago

Welcome to August’s Dish of the Month! This month we’ll be cooling down by making Fruit Sorbets. If you’re interest...

LulusMom commented 1 hour ago

Traveling in Italy right now (August 2016)? You can help the earthquake relief by eating bucatini all'amatriciana

by Michaelspont 3 hours ago

Some restaurants in Italy, right now mainly in Umbria, Lazio, Le Marche -- in areas close to Amatrice and other towns...

Melanie Wong commented 1 hour ago

San Francisco restaurant that serves abalone?

by Bay Gelldawg 6 hours ago

Hello. Can anyone suggest a restaurant in San Francisco that serves fresh abalone? I am not looking for Chinese f...

Melanie Wong commented 1 hour ago

August 2016 COTM - Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey: MAIN COURSES

by Allegra_K 24 days ago

Please use this thread to report on recipes from MAIN COURSES, p.156-222. If you are the first to report on a reci...

nomadchowwoman commented 1 hour ago

Did I just make a mistake?

by Quattrociocchi 1 year ago

I just cancelled my reservations for Maialino for one at Il Corso (based on my friend's adamant recommendation). Did...

Quattrociocchi commented 1 hour ago

What are you baking these days? August edition!

by buttertart 23 days ago

So here it is August already. My birthday is this month so I will doubtless spend ages deciding what cake to make fo...

buttertart commented 1 hour ago

Powdered horseradish

by kprine 8 hours ago

Where can I find a Canadian powered horseradish- the only online source I have found so far comes from China. Need it...


MikeG commented 1 hour ago

Openings and Closings, July, August, & September

by eat2much 1 month ago

It looks like Le Slang is Monklands' latest casualty. There is a sign on the door stating that the adventure has come...


foodie8 commented 1 hour ago

Haute Savoie recs? Annecy, Grenoble, Chambery

by rrems 1 day ago

My partner and I will be visiting the Haute Savoie at the end of September, and are looking for recommendations for 3...


rrems commented 1 hour ago

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