olive oil vs. margarine

by ronojo 14 hours ago

If a recipe calls for browning chicken in butter, do you use margarine (earth balance, etc) or olive oil instead of t...


ferret commented 8 minutes ago

Demeyere, Mauviel, or Falk fry pan

by kgrey 16 hours ago

I'm starting my search for a lifelong set of cookware, and I'm starting with the fry pan. I like a BIG fry pan...the ...


bkultra commented 12 minutes ago

Lunch near Northeastern U or Boston U?

by oez 18 hours ago

Hi All, where would you recommend my daughter and I lunch between our college tours of Northeastern U and Boston U? W...


lc02139 commented 14 minutes ago

Knife to cut through bones

by damiano 3 hours ago

Hi all, So I basically use one knife for 90 percent of all my kitchen tasks, and it is a Shun Chinese vegetable cl...


LorenzoGA commented 14 minutes ago

Julia Child endives

by Fuffy 1 hour ago

Can any experience cook tell me why Julia Child's endive recipe (Vol 1, Mastering the Art) cooks endives for one hour...


LorenzoGA commented 18 minutes ago

Anniversary dinner in Portland OR

by JunieB 3 days ago

My husband and I will be traveling through Portland in April and I'm looking for a nice, romantic restaurant for dinn...

JunieB commented 28 minutes ago

New Recipe

Long Island - a place unlike any other

by Gastronomos 18 hours ago

With the news printing today of Joan Reminick publishing her last review at Newsday (for a take-out gyro joint in Eas...


emarcus commented 32 minutes ago

Where to go in Europe for food?

by Monica 21 hours ago

Our 10th year anniversary is coming up next year and I am planning early. Initially, we were thinking about Maldives...

Monica commented 34 minutes ago

Banh Mi Danvers area

by Orfan 4 days ago

I recently moved to Danvers. I am looking for Banh Mi in the area.


treb commented 39 minutes ago

Joy Luck Palace

by Pookipichu 3 days ago

Any reports back on Joy Luck Palace? I'm curious on how it is.

weiland421 commented 40 minutes ago

St Joseph's Pastry alert

by gracenote 9 hours ago

It's probably time for the appearance of St. Joseph's pastry, or Zeppole. they are only available before St. Joseph's...


treb commented 42 minutes ago

Personal crack sauces

by arugala 1 day ago

The more I cook, the more I realize how handy it would be to make a bunch of sauces and freeze them to have them on h...


arugala commented 1 hour ago

Anyone been to Le Crystal for dimsum lately? Service still crap?

by KillerMing2009 19 hours ago

Hi, My parents and I visited Le Crystal about a year ago (2014/2015) and found service pretty bad - long wait for th...

KillerMing2009 commented 1 hour ago

Cutting board and cross-contamination - Is it a real issue?

by bwspot 2 years ago

So, i am in the process of getting a new cutting board. I though about going with: http://www.amazon.com/Maple-En...


momof5x commented 1 hour ago

February 2016 Openings & Closings

by MC Slim JB 14 days ago

Happy Lamb Hot Pot appears set to open soon in Central Square, kind of across Mass Ave from Mary Chung, in the old Yo...

hiddenboston commented 1 hour ago

UES Bagel search, HELP!!

by Motosport 1 month ago

I've been searching for a great bagel shop on the UES around 76th and 2nd Ave. I've tried Pick-A-Bagel on 2nd Ave wh...

Motosport commented 1 hour ago

To soak, or not to soak...black eyed peas. That is the question...

by janniecooks 2 years ago

and the answer is . . . not necessary to soak. At all. We always have black eyed peas in one form or another on New...


momof5x commented 1 hour ago

Tough wine pairing

by offtoanywhere 12 hours ago

So I'm hosting a couple for dinner that primarily drink red wine. Easy right?? Yes, but I invited them on a Friday d...


offtoanywhere commented 1 hour ago

Dredged, Sautéed Chicken Cutlets?

by DuffyH 3 days ago

For years I've been making simple flour-dredged sautéed chicken cutlets, but have often wondered if they have a prope...


DLovsky commented 1 hour ago

Where to eat near Westbury Music Fair on LI ?

by bakersma 2 hours ago

Hi .... my wife will be attending an event at Westbury Music Fair venue on Sunday afternoon 2/21. I'm looking for an...

Gastronomos commented 1 hour ago

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