Fall 2016 Deals Thread

by CenturyLife 3 months ago

Labor Day weekend is imminent, and the Summer 2016 deals thread is an unwieldy 366 posts long. So here's a new thread...


Libranflight commented 9 minutes ago

Basic, long-lived blender for soups (under $100)

by thisismakingmehungry 8 days ago

In 2003 I donated a beast of an inherited 30+ year-old blender because I hadn't used it in years. Recently I've been ...


ferret commented 14 minutes ago

Snacks for 16

by highlyunlikely 7 hours ago

I am hosting a Xmas cookie exchange this Sunday late afternoon/early evening for about 16 women. Last year I served ...

outRIAAge commented 18 minutes ago

Upcoming Weekend Trip in Boston

by MrGaglianos 2 days ago

Hey guys, I'll be travelling solo to Boston this Thursday from Toronto for the weekend! Going to see the Raptors a...


RoyRon commented 39 minutes ago

Lamb for beginners

by Boxman 2 days ago

I have decided that my next step on my journey to self-taught cooking mastery should be to learn to cook Lamb. I've n...

rasputina commented 1 hour ago

Now that Costco's vanilla extract isn't even marked as Kirkland any more...

by jnk 1 day ago

at least not in N.J. and the reviews of their "new" vanilla extract are rather poor, what would be my "next best" alt...

rasputina commented 1 hour ago

New Gallery

Unexpected Christmas Cookie Shapes

18 Photos

Slow Roasted Beef Tenderloin - Cooking Times

by edel1004 6 hours ago

Hi! I am preparing Ina's slow roasted beef tenderloin for Christmas, linked here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes...

nofunlatte commented 1 hour ago

Tokyo trip report - November sushi extravaganza

by od_sf 1 day ago

Sushi Iwa 4th visit, but first evening visit. Not quite as good as the last couple times I've gone. The shari wasn'...


Ninisix commented 2 hours ago

Cardboard take-out boxes

by highlyunlikely 7 hours ago

I am hosting a Xmas cookie exchange this weekend and am hoping to find cute cardboard take-out boxes for giving cooki...


Danybear commented 2 hours ago

Best Italian in Lower Manhattan - with fun ambiance!

by sean_f 17 days ago

Will be up in the city in December and looking for a great spot for outstanding Italian, and fun atmosphere. I always...

sgordon commented 2 hours ago

Itinerary help. 2 date nights. 2 family dinners.

by jwall4 3 days ago

Two families of 4 headed to New Orleans for a long NYE weekend. I have done plenty of research and am pretty sure of ...


jwall4 commented 2 hours ago

New Gallery

Holiday Cookie Recipes, Ranked

19 Photos

Help with choices- limited days and Xmas and Monday at that!

by mandafire 1 month ago

Coming through Paris to visit our university-aged daughter over the difficult-reservation time of Dec 23-Dec 27 (Frid...


mandafire commented 2 hours ago

Japan Trip Report Nov 2016

by _emilie_ 1 day ago

First off, thank you to all of the folks who take the time to post their trip reports here, and all of the kind folks...

_emilie_ commented 2 hours ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2016

by fldhkybnva 8 days ago

I hope that everyone enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday among loved ones and good eats. The holiday spirit is a...


51rich commented 2 hours ago

Lan Sheng Version Two

by Bob Martinez 3 days ago

I only recently found out that Lan Sheng had reopened in another location after closing last July. I had been told t...

Steve R commented 3 hours ago

Where to repair Gaggia Classic espresso machine?

by watertowngourmet 5 years ago

Can anyone point me in the direction of a skilled repair shop that can fix my Gaggia? Anywhere in Metro Boston or env...


foodenvy commented 3 hours ago

Foreigners Not Tipping

by Motosport 7 hours ago

We had Sunday brunch at Maison Kayser. It's a semi upscale French bakery and café, moderately expensive but not over...


LorenzoGA commented 3 hours ago

Saturday Dinner without the Crazy

by daves_32 1 day ago

Looking for a nice dinner recommendation for this Saturday evening. We have our favorites when we visit but we have n...


daves_32 commented 3 hours ago

What to place under a toaster oven to protect countertop?

by blustery 1 day ago

I have hardly any countertop space left and may purchase an origami folding kitchen cart with butcher block top. I k...


blustery commented 3 hours ago

Which bird to cook?

by Monica 9 hours ago

Pigeon Squab Pheasant Grouse Why should I eat chicken when I can eat these birds. Joking aside, I just roaste...

hill food commented 3 hours ago

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