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carbon steel - sheet metal ??

by kseiverd about 11 hours ago

I'm a teacher aide and student I'm working with is going to be learning how to weld. See to recall something about u...

tanuki soup commented 2 minutes ago

No red in bolognese

by newmarket2 about 13 hours ago

A few years ago we spent a short week in Bologna. As a foodie, I was very much looking forward to enjoying what many...


allende commented 6 minutes ago

Do you add oil to cook brown rice

by gargupie 1 day ago

At home, my brown rice is always plain, but when I get tired, I would buy brown rice from Chinese take out places and...


gargupie commented 22 minutes ago

New Recipe

Red Velvet Cake

504 Saves

Junk site

by SueinSoCa 34 minutes ago

Anyone find this an improvement?

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - September 2015 [OLD]

by fldhkybnva about 1 month ago

Wow, school is already back in session and Halloween candy is already prominently placed on the aisle end caps! It's ...


walker commented 41 minutes ago

Horrible Restaurant Names

by RhonelyInsanediego 6 months ago

Place here in town called, "The Fish Bucket". Horrible right? Any food place with "Bucket" in the name sounds prett...


ricepad commented 44 minutes ago

"Prepared" foods, dishes, etc. in Bergen County

by ELA 4 days ago

OK, so let's clarify -- hot dishes/entrees, food, etc., sure that's one. Also, cold dishes, appetizers, etc., that to...


angelopat commented about 1 hour ago

When the ingredients aren't there

by Joani Macaroni over 1 year ago

Am I just unlucky with the cook/chef, or is this a new trend? If the menu says the salad has almonds, shouldn't the s...


nannygoat commented about 1 hour ago

Baked Apple Desserts - Home Cooking Dish of the Month (October 2015)

by meatn3 3 days ago

This was a close vote! Baked Apple Desserts got a last minute surge and reached the finish line narrowing beating Bra...

Caitlin McGrath commented about 1 hour ago

Brunch and Dinner at neighborhood places in Mississippi, St John and Alberta Arts areas

by tjinsf 2 days ago

Going to be Portland for a bit, have done most of the more popular tourist places. Places we like: The Farm Cafe, Ca...


tjinsf commented about 1 hour ago

New Recipe

Easy Lentil Soup

791 Saves

Limited/Unoriginal vegetarian choices in restaurants - why?

by AlexRast about 4 hours ago

A few trips over the last few days with some vegetarians have got me thinking about this seriously. There is, of cour...


ricepad commented about 1 hour ago

October 2015 COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton

by herby 3 days ago

Welcome to somewhat controversial but enjoyable and challenging COTM: PRUNE by Gabrielle Hamilton There is no index,...


nannygoat commented about 1 hour ago

How do I make my smoked salmon appetizer look appealing?

by movesalot about 5 hours ago

I am doing a very simple appetizer for a crowd with just cucumber, small slice of smoked salmon on top and a sprig of...


valerie commented about 1 hour ago

A knife like this?

by BouquiGarnet 1 day ago

I bought the serrated version of this knife a few months ago and absolutely love it! The size and shape are perfect. ...


lastZZ commented about 1 hour ago

Quiet and relaxed sushi in Manhattan

by sherrib about 10 hours ago

Hi, I am looking for a quiet and not-stuffy place with excellent sushi. Any location and price point is ok. We jus...


jba256 commented about 1 hour ago

Why is pasta so expensive?

by daves_32 about 15 hours ago

I joined the gf on a work trip to nyc this weekend. We had a great time and I will offer my reviews at a later time. ...


nannygoat commented about 1 hour ago

What happened to Financier Patisserie?

by UrsusArctos 2 days ago

I'm in NYC for just over a week. It had been 18 months or so since I was in the city with some serious time to focus...

Monica commented about 1 hour ago

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY Thread - October 2015

by fldhkybnva 3 days ago

Fall has arrived and the Pumpkinundation has begun! There are old favorites and new soon-to-be favorites, and I'm...


kt1969 commented about 1 hour ago

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