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What's wrong with the Farinata?


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What's wrong with the Farinata?

Mister Meatball | | Apr 1, 2011 09:52 AM

I've been making farinata for about a year now, every time successfully (http://bit.ly/hEZv6Q).

However, four friends have been trying very hard to do so and, even with multiple attempts, have been unsuccessful. I'm wondering if any CHers have experienced similar trouble with the item.

A few facts worth noting:

All 4 friends are very accomplished cooks, one could be a professional pizzaiolo or baker.

2 of the four use chickpea flour provided by me, so it's the same exact flour I use.

1 of the four has the exact same wood oven that I have.

Somewhere in these several attempts should have been at least one successful outcome!

I'm missing something here. Any idea what it could be?