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westchester easter restaurant recs?


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westchester easter restaurant recs?

unocal | | Mar 30, 2009 06:39 PM

hello all i need some help finding a good place to go w/ the family for easter dinner. it shouldn't seem too difficult to find a nice place to go, but my mother & grandmother are picky, and always patronize the same kinds of places (middle-of-the-road italian!), and i am just so bored w/ it. someone my grandmother knows suggested pinocchio's in eastchester, but i was thinking more along the lines of a place like chiboust in tarrytown. some necessities are good meat dishes, such as prime rib, filet mignon, (lobster tails would be nice too) etc., and decent sized portions since my folks eat too much! i prefer yummy healthy seafood, and would like to go to a place that uses local suppliers and ingredients when possible. also, excellent desserts are pretty much mandatory, as we're all sugarheads. we recently went to x2o for my mom's bday, and thankfully everyone was pleased. you get a lot of bang for the buck there i think, which is a rarity in these parts. btw, we live by white plains, so maybe no more than a 45 minute drive would be ideal. anyway, i hope this is not tooo much to ask...i thank you in advance!