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Tourist needs Chowhounders to criticise my choices


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Tourist needs Chowhounders to criticise my choices

artificialard | | Aug 26, 2007 11:06 PM

I'm a Toronto Chowhound heading to Boston with parents and have compiled a shortlist that I'd graciously appreciate any advice on. I shiver at the thought of what I would've had to endure if I didn't have Chowhound to help me!

My parents have passed their Chowish food-fussiness down to me so we can be a tough family to please, here's what I'm looking for:

-Mostly seafood as Toronto doesn't have much in the way of fresh seafood at a reasonable price

-Anything that one might find particularly in Boston. I will avoid the term 'authentic experience' (but not at the cost of food; I've ducked 12 suggestions for the Barking Crab because it seems too Touristy. Although good restos near the water would be nice.)

-Price range of 20-something to 30-something entrees

-Preferably close to the Intercontinental which is at Atlantic between Seaport and Pearl St. No car, but most places seem taxi/'T' accessible

B&G Oysters - for the oysters (duh) but seems like a favorite for lobster rolls too which I look forward to trying along with a good by-the-glass selection of white wines. How are their mains though?

Neptune Oyster - seems to be another great oyster place.

Grotto - Reads as an underdog favorite for great Italian food at a good value.

Franklin Cafe - a broader menu of mains, people saying it has good service as well...

Legal Seafood - This is a maybe because I don't really like chain-straunts. But LTK and/or the Long Wharf location are really close to the hotel and right on the nice waterfront...

East Coast Grill - for a more relaxed lunch maybe and some land-based food if we get tired of seafood

Bartley's Burger Cottage - if we're in the area I'm a big burger fan and beyond some very upscale places in Toronto there doesn't seem to be a good place for what is a very utilitarian dish (to me)

Now we're (Asian) and would love to try sushi in a sea-side town. From what I can tell it's between Douzo and Ginza. I'm leaning towards Douzo as it seems to have more of a modern edge in decor and food but I'd definitely go with the better food quality choice...

Ice cream - apparently Boston is an ice cream capital of some sort and my father's a big fan. Toscanini's comes up often. Is there a place in Boston near the water that would be good for an after dinner walk? Or just the best in Boston-proper? ETA: Emack & Bolio's?

Any tips as to what to order at what place, when to go, and which Japanese place to choose, or any other places that you think I might like based on my choices here would be extremely helpful, thanks greatly and do contact me if you ever need some excellent choices for Toronto!

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