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Joanie | | Sep 30, 2002 08:03 AM

Had a wonderful meal at Salt's in Central Sq. Fri. nite. We split spinach/goat cheese pierogis that came with a delicious mushroom sauce. The hearty bread they served was good for soaking it up. I had game hen w/ spaetzel and spinach, the hen was very good and not too hard to get at since it can be kind of small. The sauce was great but got a little rich after a while, on the buttery side. My friend loved his duck. We both got peach shortcake for dessert, nice firm pieces of peach with an almond cream. Glasses of white wine were no more than $6 which is a deal, entrees were $18-28. Service was pretty good, it's a pleasant little room but I was surprised it wasn't full at 8:30 on a Fri. nite.

Five us went to Kingfish Hall in Fanueil Hall on Sat. and that was wonderful too. Split grilled calamari w/ polenta and tomatos and that could have easily been my entree ($10). I got cornflake crusted bluefish with some good sides that are escaping me and a little lobster egg roll thing. We also had scallops, sole, tuna and swordfish and everyone was psyched with their entrees, most were in the low $20's. A mud pie was not the typical coffee ice cream in choc. crust, more a choc. dessert. Very good as was the key lime pie. Our waiter was a little goofy but decent, the place was jumping. We got to sit in one of those big banquettes which was nice and comfy.

Went to Kelly's on Revere Beach for the first time in at least a year and they've added scallop and clam rolls to the menu ($7.95 and $8.95) which are a good deal. Was gonna go the meat route but couldn't pass on the clam roll which was worth it just for the beautifully grilled bun. I think I could have a grilled buttery bun w/ tartar sauce and be happy. As everyone here knows, the clams aren't the best around but not too bad and there were a lot of them. Only a few rings and a bunch of fries. Not bad at all with the sun shining on your back. My friend swears the slice at Bianchi's is great but it looked very flat and kind of oily to me. One of these days I'll have to try one of the other places to the left of Kelly's and see what their clams taste like.