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Review of The Owl in Greenville SC


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Review of The Owl in Greenville SC

JB BANNISTER | | Jun 30, 2012 07:53 AM

Molecular gastronomy in Greenville SC. Yep you heard me correct. I have been here several times and found it to be an awesome time.

I have eaten at Alenia (#1 restaurant in the US) in Chicago on 2 occasions at around $300 person. The Owl is doing this type of food for as little as $7 a dish.

Last night some friends and I had the 6 course tasting at $45 a person and we left full and happy. While there you can relax and chat openly. I think a "high five" or two was passed across the table a few times. (At Alenia you are pretty much required to be very very quiet)

Will you love each dish they bring you? I doubt it, but the point is you are trying something new and it will be prepared well. You will see how taste and appearance come together for a new experience.

THE CHEF PLATES EVERY DISH. Because of this service can back up some so don't come in there if you are in a rush.

They have lots of beer on the menu along with some wine but the bar has some really unusual and complex cocktails that are worth a try. FYI the Mixoligist (Bartender) can get backed up so be prepared if they are busy.

The crowd will have everyone from 20 year olds with strange colored hair to 60+ year old people looking for something different to. (One of the owners has blue streaks in her hair and is cute as a button.) The dress code is also as eclectic. People will be wearing shots, jeans and really nice suits. Everyone is welcome just come in with a open mind and some time to relax.

This is my longest review ever on chowhound but I am really passionate about letting people know about places and experiences that they have never had. When you leave this place I think you will have had "bucket list" experience.

Leave the attitude and stress for another place come to The Owl for something different and unusual.