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Restaurant dilemma

caphil07 | | Sep 23, 2009 08:41 AM

My little brother is a freshman at GW. Since I also live in the city, my parents, sister and three grandparents are all coming down for GW parents weekend to see the two of us.

I am pretty well-versed in the DC restaurant scene but am having a tough time coming up with a location for dinner. Here are the general requirements:

-Price: I don't think my parents want to spend $50 or so (drinks included)

-No ethnic restaurants (Grandparents are picky eaters and prefer Italian or some version of American cuisine)

-Stay away from small plates or menus with a ton of options. My grandparents are older and can get a little overwhelmed trying to navigate large menus, or many choices. Think meat and potatoes...

-Has a wine AND liquor offering: I initially chose Ray's and thought it would be a perfect fit; however, the women in the family like vodka/tonics over wine and the men love a nice manhattan before dinner

-No Clydes Restaurant Group Restaurants. They've all done it before and want something else

Any suggestions on places that may fit the bill for this type of occasion? Everything I have come up with on my own seems to be a little out of the price range: Proof, Tosca, any steakhouse besides Rays, Tabard Inn, 701, Palena (although the cafe may be ok), Equinox...

I'm having some trouble here. Thanks in advance