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Prune review

jrnlmkr | Jul 15, 2012 07:00 AM

I've been to prune a couple of times before and never liked it as much as others do. I have friends who call it their favorite restaurant, but my first two visits were fine, nothing to rave about. So, recently, when my boyfriend and I found ourselves hungry and walking by prune, i decided to be open minded and give it another shot. we had a great meal and i can't wait to go back.

we sat at the bar and were promptly ignored by the bartender who was fawning over a friend seated at the next barstool. (note to servers and bartenders everywhere: if you are going to give someone the vip treatment, try not to let the guests in the next seats feel like second class citizens. they notice. i promise they notice.)

i am now addicted to the fried chickpea bar snacks we were served while we waited for our apps. the bread we were served was delicious. the buttery head-on grilled shrimp was possibly the best thing i've eaten all year. our salad was better than anyone can expect a salad to be. a fred flintstone sized pork chop came instead of the mackerel we ordered. ( i told you the bartender was distracted.) luckily, it was absolutely delicious and a thousand times better than the same pork chop i'd had the last time that came dry and tough.

when the bill was offered, our entree was left off--the bartender apologized for her mistake and despite our protests insisted we not be charged.

(on one of my earlier two visits, i ordered the best pimm's cup i've ever had. it was big and gin-y and sweet but not too sweet. it tasted faintly of cucumber and ginger just as it should, but unlike a lot of mediocre pimm's cups, it packed a punch from a generous pour of good gin. i dream of prune's pimm's cup and if the bar wasn't so small, would probably find myself there, drinking one more often.)

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