Problems with cleaning a SS pan set


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Problems with cleaning a SS pan set

J_Tay81 | Sep 2, 2013 08:22 PM

I purchased a set of SS pans, and I followed the directions outlined in this video to season them:

The technique worked well, and during cooking I had nary a problem. BUT, the bottoms of my pans stained a brownish color, I assume, from high heat (see the pic).

I am currently soaking the pans in Palmolive to try to remove the discoloration and re-season the pans as necessary.

Is this discoloration due to using too high of a heat? I was at setting 2 out of ten on my range! At setting 3, the coconut oil I used was smoking!

Will any oil do in terms of seasoning a SS pan? I initially did it with extra virgin olive oil, but may try it with the coconut oil once the stains are gone.

Normally, stains wouldn't bug me, But I live in an apartment with little storage space, so the pans reside on an open shelf that guests walk by often.


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