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porkchop stuffing ideas


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porkchop stuffing ideas

Spencer | | Apr 4, 2007 08:49 PM

Went to the meat market today looking for beef cuts to bbq that I've not bbq'd before(I'm not very educated in buchery or meat cuts). I bought several roast type cuts. One was called an English something or other and it turned out to be a pork cut. After a little questioning I learn it is a roast from which they cut porkchops.
I decide I'm not bbq'ing this cut, but rather want to make some thick cut porkcops and stuff them.
Any help here? Want to know with what you folks like to stuff them. I can look up recipes if I can just get some educated ideas.
Obviously I can Google stuffed porkchops. The ideas I get here are much more reliable than random Googling.
Thanks a ton,

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